EPT Sanremo: Rumen Nanev navigates his way to victory in Event #27

October 11, 2012


Rumen Nanev has been a player that flies under the radar. He’s twice made deep runs in EPT main events in the last couple of season (21th at EPT Barcelona, 18th at EPT Deauville) but hasn’t grabbed the headlines. There has been no overnight chip leads, no final tables, no ridiculous look-at-me blow ups or amateur dramatics. Nanev has just gone quietly about his business. Well, that’s about to change.

Step forward Rumen Nanev, winner of Event #27 and €7,600. OKay, it’s not the biggest score of the Bulgarian’s career – he finished fourth in a EPT side event for €61,140 – but this is his first recorded live win. Congratulations, Rumen Nanev, we salute you.

R RUMEN NANEV WINER EVENT _ 27 Manuel Kovsca   DSC_5709.jpg


Rumen Nanev

Event #27, 11 October
Buy-in: €330
Game: NLHE/PLO turbo
Players: 75
Prize pool: €21,825

1. Rumen Nanev, Bulgaria, €7,600
2. Szabolcs Mayer, Hungary, €4,800
3. Pier Paolo Ruscalla , Italy, €2,850
4. Miguel Silva, Belgium, €2,070
5. Andras Kovacs, Hungary, €1,545
6. Claire Renaut, France, €1,100
7. Pietro Calo, Italy, €980
8. Aleksis Tsaousidis, Greece, €880

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