EPT San Remo: There will be casualties

April 18, 2009

ShootingStar George Danzer, who like Tom McEvoy has grown a beard since we last saw him, is among them. Danzer went quietly, no fuss, the only noise being a long sigh as he passed by on his way to explaining himself to friends.

Christophe Gross had been an easy to spot feature of Chad Brown’s table, but he’s gone the way of Danzer. It’s getting tough for Brown. The Team PokerStars Pro just moved all in with his last 3,000, showing two red tens when everyone folded. He plays on.


Christophe Gross

Brown might not be planning to leave any time soon but if it does happen he’ll find notable company on the rail though in the shape of William Thorson. Like Lellouche earlier, Thorson began today as one of the finalists from last season but his bid to improve on that is no more. All-in with ace-king an opponent called with pocket nines which held firm on the flop, turn and river.

Another Team PokerStars Pro was in the thick of it two tables along. Marcin Horecki was staring at a board of Q♦3♥J♦10♦8♦, arching forward from his position in seat one to see the 1,900 bet in front of seat ten. Horecki folds.


Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki

Tom McEvoy just defeated a button raise to win a pot from the small blind. It’s one of many. The former World Champion now sits with more than 23,000.


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