EPT San Remo: Level 27 updates

April 23, 2009

Live updates from level 27 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table.

The latest chip counts are available on the chip count page.

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 (ante: 5,000)

4.28pm: End of the level
Rijkenberg takes the last hand of the level uncontested. Players are now on a 15 minute break.

4.25pm: Incoming
The chips are flying around like nobody’s business. On a flop of 3♠10♥2♣ Rijkenberg, Galic and Reynolds check for a Q♠ turn. Rijkenberg checks before Galic bets 125,000. Reynolds though re-raises to 370,000 before Rijkenberg moves all in. Galic steps aside but Reynolds calls, showing 10♠10♣. Rijkenberg shows K♠Q♦, drawing dead for the 8♣ river. It’s a pot worth 4.5million to Reynolds.

4.20pm: No love lost
Rijkenberg opened the betting under the gun, getting calls from Galic and Sundell in the big blind. On the K♠5♠3♠ flop it’s checked to Galic. Sundell passes but Rijkenberg calls for an A♦ turn. Rijkenberg now leads the betting, making it 325,000. Galic calls for the 2♠ river card. Now Rijkenberg bets 500,000. “Same amount as yesterday” he says, referring the the hand last night which cost him over a million chips. As Galic thinks Rijkenberg calls the clock. Galic folds, possibly the best hand, asn Rijkenberg shows K♦10♥.

4.16pm: Dragan back
Dragan Galic opens the betting from the button for the first time in a few hands. He gets no takers either. Good for the blinds and antes.

4.14pm: Another pot for Reynolds
Reynolds opens the betting again but gets no takers.

4.10pm: Three way action
A three way pot develops. Reynolds starts by making it 120,00 pre-flop which Sundell and Rijkenberg call. On the 3♣10♠K♣ flop all three check for a 3♠ on the turn. Sundell makes it 300,000 and the others pass.

4.05pm: Bet, raise, fold
Sundell bets 125,000 which Rijkenberg raises to 325,000. After some thought and a slight smile from the Dutchman, Sundell folds.

4pm: Back to normal
A calmer pot follows. Sundell bets 120,000 pre-flop which Reynolds calls for a flop of A♣9♠7♠. Reynolds then bets 145,000, good for the pot.

3.55pm: Ovi Balaj eliminated in sixth place earning €229,000
It’s the end of the road for Balaj, although it came after a dose of bad luck. He moved all-in with 9♦9♠ and Reynolds did the same with 6♥6♠. The flop ended the hand, 6♦2♠3♥. “Don’t re-suck me please” said Reynolds and the gods stayed true. Five players remain.

3.48pm: Alex Fitzgerald eliminated in seventh place earning €171,000
Alex Fitzgerald’s final table knew he had work to do today and the five hands he played each involved him moving all in. In his last hand he shoved for 135,000 which Galic and Balaj called. Galic made it 150,000 on the 3♠2♦10♥ flop forcing Balaj to pass. Galic then turned over J♣10♠ against Fitzgerald’s K♣9♦. The turn and river, Q♣A♦ couldn’t help the American. Six left.


Alex Fitzgerald

3.45pm: Fourth time lucky?
Fitzgerald plays his fourth hand, another all in. Only this time it comes behind an all-in move by William Reynolds for 585,000. Reynolds shows J♠J♥ to Fitzgerald’s A♥K♥. Reynolds is covered and doubled up when his jacks held up on a 6♠10♥2♠8♣2♥ board. 1,258,000 to Fitzgerald.

3.44pm: Fitzgerald all in
Three hands played by Alex Fitzgerald, all three have been all-in moves. None have found any callers and the American takes the blinds and antes.

3.40pm: Constant calling
Niemi moves all in and may have shuddered when Rijkenberg called. He was ahead though, A♥K♣ to the Dutchman’s K♥J♣, but in previous hands that hasn’t meant much. The board runs out Q♠8♣2♥10♦5♥ and the Finn, playing his first ever live event, doubles up.

3.35pm: Hold on tight
The biggest hand of the tournament and the ballsiest. Rijkenberg raised to 125,000 which Reynolds re-raised to 332,000. Rijkenberg then re-raised all-in which is called in a flash. Reynolds shows A♥K♣, Rijkenberg sheepishly turns over Q♦J♠. It’s a 3,800,000 pot. The flop though not only kisses Rijkenberg on the lips, it asks him for his hand in marriage, landing 9♥10♠8♦. Reynolds takes it s best as he can as Rijkenberg can’t believe his luck. The turn and river change nothing. Rijkenberg shoots up to nearly 4million.

3.30pm: Same again
Rijkenberg does the same on the next hand, a 125,000 pre-flop bet that gets no takers.

3.26pm: Big and small
Dragan Galic takes the first pot after a short break, a min-raise that’s good for the blinds.

3.22pm: All-in
Niemi takes the blinds and antes having moved all-in for 465,000.

3.18pm: Chip counts
Updates chip counts are now available on our chip counts page.


3.15pm: First hand back
The first hand of the second level of the day and the first hand for Ovi Balaj. He moves in for a little less than 500,000 with A♠Q♠ and is called by Rijkenberg holding A♦7♣. The flop comes 7♠10♠3♦ giving Rijkenberg the lead but giving Balaj the flush draw. He misses the flush but his the Q♥ on the turn, doubling up.


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