EPT San Remo: Day 5, level 26 updates (25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante)

April 20, 2010

ept-thumb-promo.jpg6.05pm: Dinner
And with that, they leave for a dinner break. We’re chip counting at the moment, and the accurate stacks will appear on the chip count page. Join us again in one hour. — HS

6pm: Super call
Toni Pettersson had raised two hands in a row to 155,000 and got no takers. He tried for the third time, but this time Michael Piper had had enough – he raised to 340,000. Pettersson called. Both checked the 9♠3♦J♠ flop. On the J♣ turn Pattersson checked, Piper bet 285,000 – and Pettersson check-raised to 570,000 (he actually made it 460,000 but had to increase it to the correct amount).

Piper thought for a moment or two before announcing he was all in – more than covering Pettersson. But the Finn made a quick and brilliant call:

Piper: K♥10♠
Pettersson: 4♠4♦

The pocket fours were good, but he had to dodge a king, a ten or a queen, which would fill Piper’s straight. The river was A♦ and Pettersson doubled up to 4.5 million. Piper dropped to 3 million.


Toni Pettersson

“Very good call,” said Piper. Indeed it was. — SY

5.58pm: Weird one on the featured table
Ramon Cserei’s pre-flop raise was called by both Jakob Carlsson and Allan Baekke, taking them to a flop of 3♥A♦5♦. Cserei bet 225,000 and only Carlsson called, taking them to a 4♠ turn. Cserei bet 435,000 at that, but again Carlsson was a non-believer and called. They both checked the 5♣ river and went to showdown. Against many commentator’s expectations, Carlsson’s A-J was better than Cserei’s K-J – a bluff in other words. — HS

5.55pm: Five betting
Allan Baekke opened to 135,000 but Erik Tamm socked it right back at him, with a three-bet to 325,000. Baekke wasn’t done, making it 585,000, but Tamm didn’t believe that ether, shoving all in for his dominant stack. Baekke backed away sheepishly. That doesn’t happen very often. — HS

5.50pm: Keeping the pressure on
Michael Piper is using his chip leading stack very well to extend his advantage. Giuseppe Diep opened the pot with a raise to 135,000 that was called by Toni Pettersson before Piper re-popped it to 400,000. It was enough to scare both players off the pot. Piper up to 5.5 million now. –MC


Michael Piper

5.45pm: Don’t blink
Liv Boeree opened for 115,000 from the small blind with no action before her. Toni Pettersson was in the big blind and called for a 9♣K♠Q♣ flop.

Boeree then made it 130,000 which Pettersson called for a 4♠ turn. Boeree check-raised Pettersson, making it 385,000 after the Finn’s initial bet of 145,000. Then she started staring at him with determined eyes, big, blinking, scary eyes.


Liv Boeree


Toni Pettersson

Pettersson sat still, possibly with his eyes closed, and eventually passed, leaving the pot to Boeree who now has around 3,600,000. Pettersson drops down slightly to 2,300,000. – SB.

5.40pm: More for Stelmak
Dmitry Stelmak is not one to let the button pass by. On this occasion he made it 115,000 and Guiseppe Diep called from the small blind on his left. The flop was Q♥7♥A♠, Diep bet 170,000 and Stelmak called. On the 8♦ turn Diep checked. Stelmak wanted to know how much he had behind – it was around 900,000. With that, the Russian bet 230,000 and Diep folded after a little agonising. — SY

5.35pm: Cserei assumes featured table lead
Ramon Cserei has just taken a pot of about 2.5 million, principally from Erik Tamm. It puts Cserei into the chip lead on the featured table, and pegs back the Swede. Four players went to a flop of 8♣6♣9♣ and they all checked – in order: Tamm, Cserei, Alexey Rybin and Jakob Carlsson. The turn was 8♠ and Tamm bet 250,000 at it, which Cserei and Rybin called. The river was 2♠ and Tamm now bet 550,000. With Rybin still to act, Cserei called. Rybin now got out the way.

Cserei had flopped a flush with K♣3♣, while Tamm had flopped two pair with 9-6. It wasn’t good enough. — HS

5.25pm: Five million dollar man
Mohsen Tayfeh has been eliminated by Michael Piper after a pre-flop all-in show down. Tayfeh opened the pot with a raise to 115,000 from second position to face a re-raise from Piper on the button. It was to 265,000 and Tayfeh quickly moved all-in for 1.3 million when the action got back to him. Call. Showdown:

Tayfeh: 9♣9♠
Piper: J♣J♥

The board ran 7♥K♣7♠8♣K♦ to send the German home in 16th place netting him €35,000. Piper now the clear chip leader on 5.1 million. –MC

5.20pm: Off we go then
After another “10 minute break” that took about half an hour, we return. Erik Tamm is back on the featured table (which you can watch on EPT Live) and he was straight back in the action. Tamm raised to 120,000 from the hijack, Ramon Cserei called from the cut off and the flop came 4♣10♦8♦. Tamm bet 175,000 at it and that was enough. — HS

5.15pm: Counts
The full chip counts for the last 16 players have recently been updated. The British duo of Michael Piper and Liv Boeree lead the way, with Erik Tamm the only other player with more than three million.

5.05pm: And another: Slowly moving up
Players are still on a break as the tables are consolidated. But this is another slice of action from shortly before:

Atanas Gueorguiev has seen his 500,000 stack increase to 815,000 without showing down a hand. Being the short stack at the table he only had one move and that was all-in. Three times in one orbit his chips went over the line and three times he managed to take the blinds and antes. If he keeps going like this he’ll be back in this in no time. –MC

5pm: One from before the break: Pettersson getting involved
Toni Pettersson is starting to open up a bit more than usual. First he opened for 135,000, but was then forced to fold when Guiseppe Diep moved all in from the small blind.
Next hand Dermot Blain made it 125,000 under the gun, and only Pettersson called from the big blind. On the 2♣Q♥J♠ flop Pettersson check-called Blain’s 180,000 bet. Both then checked the 8♦ turn, and on the J♣ river it was Pettersson who applied the pressure, betting 225,000. Blain quickly folded. – SY

4.55pm: Breaking a table
We’ve lost eight players, leaving us with 16. They’re breaking a table and we go down to two. That will take about 10 minutes. Full chip counts and line-ups will be on their way. — HS

4.50pm: Berende busts
Ramon Cserei has become executioner in chief here this afternoon and he has now sent Paul Berende to the rail. Berende, short stacked, moved all in from the button with A♥2♦. Cserei didn’t take long to call the 425,000 with A♠7♥ and although there were a lot of split pot outs on the Q♥9♥Q♥ flop, the 4♠ was not good for Berende, and if he thought that was bad the 7♦ river was terminal. Berende departs in the same manner he has played the whole week: with a smile. — HS

4.48pm: Video
Here’s the video intro of the day…

4.45pm: Boeree blazing
Liv Boeree just moved up to around 3,800,000 after a pot against Giuseppe Diep. Diep had opned fro 115,000 from under the gun which Boeree raised to 275,000. Diep then insta-called for a flop of K♣J♣7♠.


Liv Boeree

Boeree then bet 265,000 when Diep checked. No insta-call this time. Instead, Diep stared intently at Boeree for a few minutes, ultimately passing. – SB.

4.40pm: All in Nguyen. Out.
Ramon Cserei raised to 125,000 and Thang Duc Nguyen shoved his short stack all in – a raise of 425,000. Cserei took a while but called and was ahead with A♦6♥ against Nguyen’s K♥Q♠.

The flop was bad news for Nguyen: A♠9♦9♥ and he was drawing dead by the 6♠ turn. Nyugen, one of two former EPT winners still alive at the start of the day, will not be making it two. That leaves Allan Baekke as the only man capable of reaching that landmark. — HS


Thang Duc Nguyen

4.38pm: Tamm settles at new table
Erik Tamm has moved from the feature table to one of the two outer tables – and he’s quickly putting his big stack to work. Claudio Piceci raised to 110,000 and it was folded around to Tamm in the small blind, who raised it up to 290,000. Call.

On the 2♠5♦A♣ flop Tamm bet 275,000, sending Piceci into the tank. He looked disgusted with life… and mucked. — SY

4.36pm: Pettersson makes a stand
Toni Pettersson made it 135,000 before Dmitry Stelmak re-raised to 275,000 from the button. It was folded back to Pettersson who was having none of it… raising it up again to 535,000 total. Stelmak looked interested, asking for a count of Pettersson’s remaining stack, but upon discovering it was 1.7 million he decided to muck. — SY

4.35pm: Rybin raises the river stakes
Alexey Rybin, our day 1a chip leader, is still battling hard here in San Remo – and he’s got some game. This one seemed innocuous until it all went nuts on the river. The board was K♣5♣10♦4♦A♦ and there was only 310,000 in the pot. Rybin checked and Thang Duc Nguyen bet 140,000. Rybin didn’t much believe that and moved all in for 1,905,000 – a check-raise all in on the river. Phew.

Nguyen took a long while about this decision, during which time Rybin smiled, wriggled, sat back, sat forward, and then showed a 2♦ once Nguyen folded. Who knows. — HS

4.30pm: The Stelmak stare
Dmitry Stelmak opened from the cut off for 115,000 and Liv Boeree called from the big blind. The flop came 9♥A♣2♠. Boeree checked and Stelmak bet 125,000 which Boeree then called. The turn came 6♦ which both players checked for a 3♥. Boeree now bet 225,000 sending Stelmak into the tank.


Dmitry Stelmak stares down Liv Boeree

He stared at Boeree while fiddling with the chips he’d arranged for the call. When he did call Boeree showed 3♠[3. Stelmak pulled a face and Boeree pulled in his chips. – SB.

4.25pm: The tune of the chip leader
Michael Piper has taken over the chip lead with 3.8 million in chips after eliminating Kadir Karabulut. Piper raised to 110,000 and then called the 700,000 all-in re-raise from Karabulut in the big blind.


Kadir Karabulut eliminated from EPT San Remo

Piper tabled A♥A♦ to Karabulut’s K♣Q♠ and the board ran 6♣J♠3♣9♥K♥. Piper survived a sweat on the river and continued his fine day five form. –MC


Kadir Karabulut: out in 19th

4.20pm: Two for Tayfeh
Mohsen Tayfeh is almost solely responsible for all the action on his table with little getting beyond one of his pre-flop all-ins. First Giuseppe Diep opened for 120,000 from under the gun before Tayfeh moved all in on the big blind for 850,000, getting no takers.

Then, following a bet 125,000 from Liv Boeree and a Toni Pettersson call Tayfeh moved in again for a little more than a million, again from the big blind. Boeree asked for a count but folded, as did Pettersson. – SB.

4.15pm: Berende bounces back
Paul Berende has all but tripled up, coming from slightly behind to get his stack back to around 400,000. Erik Tamm raised to 125,000 and Berende moved all in, for only 20,000 more. It would have been a mandatory call for Tamm had he had the chance to make it, but Ramon Cserei re-raised to about 300,000 to isolate. Tamm got out the way and it was Berende versus Cserei.

Berende: K♦Q♦
Cserei: A♣10♠

The flop offered no help to Berende: 9♠5♥3♥ and he got up to leave. But he was sitting back down after the turn and river came K♥Q♣ and he survives. — HS

4pm: Off we go again
Tournament staff have coloured up the red 1,000 chips and we’re off again with blinds at 25,000-50,000 and a 5,000 ante.

Jacob Carlsson flew out the blocks, raising to 115,000 from early position, but facing a three-bet to 270,000 from Allan Baekke. Carlsson four-bet shoved and Baekke quickly folded. — HS


Jakob Carlsson

3.52pm: Details of the king’s demise
Toni Pettersson finished the job against Ronny Kaiser – going to a flop slightly behind, but hitting the right card at the right time to take it down.

Pettersson made it 100,000 pre-flop from the cut off and Kaiser three-bet to 210,000 from the button. It was just the two of them to a flop of 10♣7♦5♥ and after Pettersson checked, Kaiser moved all in. Pettersson called.

Pettersson had A-10 and had spiked top pair. It was better now than Kaiser’s A-Q and the turn and river bricked. Kaiser departs while the Finn is flying. — HS

4.50pm: Break’s over
Players are returning from the first break of the day. Just 19 players remain.


PokerStars Blog reporting team in San Remo (in football formation):Simon Young (sweeper), Howard Swains (midfield playmaker), Marc Convey (flamboyant winger) and Stephen Bartley (unused sub).


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