EPT San Remo: Level 23 updates

April 22, 2009

Live updates from level 23 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table.

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Blinds: 10,000-20,000 (ante: 2,000)

7.10pm: End of the level
Constant Rijkenberg takes the last pot of the level. Players are now on a one hour dinner break.

7.05pm: Sibione eliminated
A bad day for Germany continues with the news that Pietro Sibione has just been eliminated. Ovidiu Balaj made it 50,000 from the button, Sibioni moved all in from the big blind, something like 380,000. Balaj snap-called with pocket kings and was never in trouble against Sibione’s K-Q. Sibione leaves in 21st.

6.55pm: Action and inaction
The outer table is considerably less action-packed than the featured table, mainly because either Dragan Galic or Sami Kelopuro is raising every single pot and no one wants to tangle. Kelopuro has gone from around 300,000 to 600,000 without a showdown, simply by pinching blinds and antes. Representative of the tighter style being played by the others on the table, Giani Giaronni periodically reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper on which he has scrawled the payout structure of the tournament. He then counts the remaining players to figure out what kind of payday he’s looking at.

7pm: The horror
Alex Fitzgerald make a bet of over 100,000 before Constant Rijkenberg moves all-in for a whopping 1,385,000 with a flop of 10♣5♣Q♣ already on the board. It would be all-in for Fitzgerald to call but he can’t do it, eventually folding only to be shown K♥10♠ by Rijkenberg.

6.55pm: Niemi all-in
Kalle Niemi moves all-in with A♥7♦. Constant Rijkenberg, the table’s designated caller, obliges, showing J♦Q♠. When the flop comes A♣5♠7♠ if ends the hand. the 8♣K♠ on the turn and flop change nothing. Niemi doubles up.

Earlier today the video blog team caught up with William Reynolds…

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6.50pm: Jerney shown the door
Katalin Jerney moved all-in, looking fo a vital double up. She held A♣8♣ and when William Reynolds called he showed pocket sixes. The board came 4♠7♦Q♣6♥Q♦. It was over on the turn and Jerney became our 15th place finisher.


Katalin Eszter Jerney

6.45pm: Argento and Rijkenberg get busy
On a flop of 4♠2♠4♥ Argento checks to the Dutchman who bets 72,000. After checking the translation of how much Argento calls. The 9♦ hits the turn and again Argento checks. This time Rijkenberg makes it 145,000. Some thought followed but not enough to convince him to call. Argento folds, showing the A♥.

6.40pm: A monster
Katalin Jerney made a 70,000 bet pre-flop. It looked like everyone would pass until the action reached Pierre Neuville. He moved all-in with 9♥9♠, with Jerney insta-calling with A♦A♣. The 9♣10♥Q♠ flop helped Neuville no end. Jerney clasped her hands in hope, but none came. The Frenchman doubles up.

6.35pm: LarsLuzak takes on Galic
Sami Kelopuro made it 50,000 from mid-position, Dragan Galic bumped it up to 110,000 and Kelopuro, aka LarsLuzak, moved all in for another 400,000-odd. Galic, who had shown kings about two hands before, this time must have had significantly less as he folded.

6.30pm: Good to be here
Whatever happens to Pierre Neuville today, it’s a vast improvement on his position yesterday. At one stage he was all-in for 14,000 on the bubble. He doubled up as another player exited, saving him a trip home empty handed. Now he’s in the last 16.

He just took a knock at the hand of Giuseppe Argento. On a flop of 10♥J♥2♠ Neuville bet 75,000 and was called by Argento, as had happened pre-flop. On the 3♣ turn Argento moved all-in, forcing Neuville to pass.

6.23pm: No messing about
Katalin Jerney opened the betting with an all-in move for 614,000. Good for the blinds.

6.20pm: New table line-ups

Featured table

Gustav Sundell – 1 742 000
Alex Fitzgerald – 1 062 000
Pierre Neuville – 409 000
Giuseppe Argento – 681 000
Katalin Eszter Jerney – 574 000
William Reynolds – 878 000
Kalle Niemi – 256 000
Constant Rijkenberg – 1 644 000

Outer table

Gianni Giaroni – 780 000
Ovidiu Mihai Balaj – 804 000
Stefan Raffay – 64 000
Sami Kelopuro – 397 000
Danilo D’Ettoris – 711 000
Pietro Sibione – 432 000
Rasmus Åkerblom – 360 000
Dragan Galic – 1 170 000

6.16pm: Raffay routed
Stefan Raffay is out. Coming back from the break he had just 60,000 so it was a big ask. That leaves 15 players.

6.15pm: We’re back
First hand after the break, Gustav Sundell makes a standard raise. Giuseppe Argento moves all-in for 679,000. It’s good.

6pm: Redraw
They’re down to two tables and a redraw is taking place. Check out the prizewinners to date.

5.45pm: Down to two tables
Steven Silverman moved all in with 8♣8♦ but ran into Gustav Sundell holding K♥K♦. With the chips in Silverman’s fate hung in the balance. The board came 6♥9♣4♦9♠10♥ and the American was out in 17th place.


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