EPT San Remo: Final table, level 33 updates (125,000-250,000, 25,000)

April 21, 2010


6.50pm: Dinner
That’s a one-hour dinner break, folks. I’m sure the players did not want to halt proceedings, so one can only imagine the guys and gals on the TV set wanted their food. — SY

6.45pm: Boeree celebrates centenary with big pot
This was the 100th hand of the final table, and Boeree made the most of it. Jakob Carlsson had bet 525,000 and Boeree called to see a 4♦10♠2♦ flop. Boeree then check-called Carlsson’s 600,000 bet, and that slowed them down to a check apiece on the 6♥ turn.

The river was 5♥ and now Boeree led for a bet of 1.5million. Carlsson re-raised to 3.9million, but after asking for a rough count of his stack, Boeree announced she was all in. Carlsson soon mucked. He’s down to 8million now – Boeree climbs to 28million. — SY

6.35pm: Big pot swings Boeree’s way
This is turning into a decent heads-up battle. Liv Boeree started this one with a raise to 550,000 and Jakob Carlsson called. The flop was 2♣10♣A♠ and Carlsson check-called Boeree’s 675,000. The process was repeated on the 5♠ turn, when Carlsson check-called Boeree’s 1,325,000. And guess what? That’s it – Carlsson check-called Boeree’s 2,800,000 bet on the J♠ river as well.

Carlsson: A♣8♦ for the flopped top pair
Boeree: 3♥4♥ for the turned straight

That sends her up to 23.5million compared with Carlsson’s 13.6million. — SY

6.25pm: Boeree takes small one
This is a pretty small pot, especially by the standards of this final table. Boeree limped from the small blind and Carlsson checked. That in itself was rare enough. The flop came 5♥7♣5♦ and Carlsson bet 325,000. Boeree called. The turn was J♣ and Carlsson then bet 700,000. Boeree called that too. The river was 2♣ and that flush card slowed them both down. They both checked.

Carlsson made to fold, but then decided to show his 8-6. Boeree tabled Q-7 and if the high card wasn’t good enough, the pair of sevens was. — HS

6.20pm: Boeree’s bullets
The stacks are almost level again after Boeree took down a nice pot. Carlsson raised to 600,000 and was called by Boeree to go to the 5♣J♦4♠ flop. Boeree took up the reigns from here and fired three bullets. A 750,000 bet followed by a 1.7 million bet on the 2♦ turn and a 3.5 million bet on the A♠ river. Carlsson called the first two bets but the river bet was too much and he folded. Boeree up to 18 million, Carlsson down to 19 million.

6.15pm: Carlsson regains lead
Jakob Carlsson is raising every hand pre-flop, this time making it 600,000 from the button/small blind. Boeree called and they went to a 8♣3♣9♣ flop, which Boeree checked. Carlsson bet 700,000 and Boeree called that too, taking them to a 8♠ turn. Suddenly there were all kinds of possibilities and it got a bit tricky. Boeree checked, Carlsson bet 1.6 million but Boeree was going nowhere. She raised to 3.6 million, asking another two million chip question.

Carlsson, who has been making his decisions pretty swiftly today, slowed right down to ponder this one. Eventually he decided to move all in – was this the end of the tournament?
No, is the simple answer to that. Boeree folded. Carlsson regains the chip lead with 22,500,000 to Boeree’s 14,700,000. — HS

6.15pm: Try the Pro quiz
How will you match up with the Pros in this fun quiz? Click the little white triangle to find out…

6.10pm: Chips leveling up
Beoree opened to 550,000 from the button and then called Carlsson’s three-bet to 1.7million from the button. The flop came down 7♠9♣5♥ and the young Swede kept the pressure up with 1.9 million bet. Boeree let it go pretty quickly. Beoree down to 19,675 million to Carlsson’s 17.6 million. — MC

6pm: Boeree caught ‘at it’
Liv Boeree raised to 550,000 and Jacob Carlsson called. Both checked the 10♥K♣3♣ flop. On the 2♣ turn Carlsson made it 700,000 and Boeree called. The river was 10♦ and Carlsson checked and Boeree bet 1.3million. Carlsson thought for only a moment before making the call – and Boeree insta mucked without even seeing his hand. — SY

5.55pm: Here we go
The players are back, and heads-up is under way. Second hand, Jacob Carlsson makes it 600,000, Liv Boeree re-raises to 1.8million – fold. — SY

5.35pm: Short break
The players have taken a short break before commencing heads-up battle. Back soon. — SY


Liv Boeree

5.30pm: Heads up chip counts
Liv Boeree: 23,215,000
Jakob Carlsson: 14,065,000

5.27pm: Toni Pettersson out in third, winning €420,000
Jakob Carlsson decided to sit this one out from the small blind, which gave Toni Pettersson and Liv Boeree the chance to go at it. And go at it they did. Pettersson raised to 600,000 from the button, and Boeree three bet from the big blind, making it 1.5 million. Call.

The flop came 4♠K♦3♠ and Boeree bet another 1.5 million at that. Pettersson was a complete non-believer and raised to 3.2 million. That put nearly 8 million in the pot – and the fear of god up everyone in the audience.

Boeree broke the tension after a three-minute stare-down by announcing that she was all in. Pettersson called, but was left uttering a word that your mother wouldn’t say when Boeree tabled 3♣3♥. Pettersson’s K♥Q♦ was not good enough. The A♦ turn left the Finn drawing dead. He was gone in third, winning €420,000. — HS


Toni Pettersson

5.20pm: Carlsson can’t get anything through
Liv Boeree raised her button to 550,000, but found Jakob Carlsson in the big blind. He three-bet to 1.4 million and Boeree called in position. That took us to the first flop since the break, which came 5♦2♣K♥.

Carlsson checked, Boeree checked. The turn was J♠. Carlsson also checked that, but Boeree didn’t. She bet 1.4 million. She won. — HS

5.20pm: More Pettersson agro
Undeterred by that misstep on the last hand, Jakob Carlsson raised his button to 575,000. Toni Pettersson wasn’t a pushover this time either, however, and after waiting for Boeree to pass her small blind, the Finn moved about 4 million over the line. Er, fold, said Carlsson. — HS

5.16pm: How many millions?
First hand back with these monstrous blinds and Toni Pettersson raised to half a million. Half a million! That’s a min-raise, by the way. Jakob Carlsson, in the small blind, three-bet to 1.4 million and Pettersson called. (Liv Boeree didn’t actually lick her lips, but she might have done.)

The flop came 4♣7♠A♣ and Carlsson bet 1.3 million. Pettersson stared down his Nordic adversary, and raised. He made it about 3 million, and that was good enough. Carlsson folded. — HS

5.14pm: Play begins
Cards are back in the air.

5.10pm: It’s level 33
It’s three handed in San Remo as the chase for that €1,250,000 continues.

Those players are as follows:

Jakob Carlsson – 19,345,000
Liv Boeree – 10,450,000
Toni Petterssen – 7,485,000

And although chips have been changing hands as though they’ve just been deep fried, it’s that man Carlsson who has the asbestos hands. He’s managing to cling on to the most of them for the longest time.

Let’s see if that continues. — HS


Three handed in San Remo


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