EPT San Remo: Day 5, levels 27 & 28 live updates (40,000-80,000, 5,000 ante)

April 20, 2010


9.40pm: Break
That’s the end of the level. There will now be a 15-minute break for the players. Not for us, though, we’re seeking out the chip counts. — SY

9.34pm: Carlsson doubles
Jakob Carlsson doubled up to more than 2million after open-shoving and getting called by Ramon Ceserei. Carlsson had pocket threes and was racing against Cserei’s A♦Q♥. The board ran 2♠J♦5♠K♠K♦ and that was good for the double through. — SY

9.25pm: No third bullet
Liv Boeree has added even more chips to her stack and they’ve come from the stack of Dmitry Stelmak. He raised to 180,000 from the hijack and Boeree called from the button to go to the 5♠5♥2♦ flop. Stelmak continued the aggressive line with a 270,000 bet that Boeree called. The turn came Q♦ and Stelmak fired again for 450,000. Call. The river came 10♥ and after a long tank Stelmak couldn’t find another bet and checked. Boeree checked behind and took the healthy pot with 8♣8♥ as the Russian could only produce A♣9♣. — MC

9.18pm: Baekke out
Allan Baekke is out. After being crippled by Claudio Piceci a short while ago, the fatal blow was dealt by Alexey Rybin. Baekke shoved for his last 240,000 and was called by Rybin and Ramon Cserei. Rybin bet at the 4♣Q♣2♠ flop, Cseira folded, leaving a showdown:

Rybin: 2♦2♥ for a set
Baekke: Q♦8♥ for top pair

Baekke need a lot of help, but the turn was 9♣ and river 5♠. Baekke leaves with €50,000, and the double EPT winner curse remains. — SY


Allan Baekke

9.15pm: Boeree bouncing, up to more than five million
The Boeree momentum continues tonight. She opened from under-the-gun for 180,000. Per Linde looked at his cards and announced “all-in”. The action reached Giuseppe Diep. “All-in?” he asked, seeming interested. But he folded and the action moved back to Boeree.

Boeree had her headphones on and perhaps didn’t realise she was shouting when she said “call”, flipping over her K♣K♠. Linde turned over J♥J♣ and Boeree could only do her best to hold back a grin.

The flop was harmless, coming 7♦6♥6♣. The turn came Q♦ which Boeree later said nearly gave her a heart attack. But even if it had been a jack the river would have rescued her. Boeree closed her eyes and waited for Fifth Street – K♦.

When she opened her eyes Linde was out, while she had a stack of more than
5,200,000. – SB.


Per Linde

9.10pm: Big queen, little queen
Claudio Rinaldi raised to 185,000 from early position and Toni Petterssen called from the small blind. They were alone to a flop of 7♠K♥2♥, which they both checked. The turn was Q♣ and Petterssen bet 160,000, which Rinaldi called, taking them to a 3♣ river.

Petterssen checked and although Rinaldi postured as if to bet, he eventually checked behind and showed A♥Q♠. Pettersson showed his beaten Q♦10♦ and Rinaldi scooped a small-ish pot. — HS

9.07pm: Baekke crippled
Allan Baekke will need to perform a minor miracle to win this event and achieve EPT history as our first double champion, let alone back-to-back winner. He has just lost most of his stack in a flip with Claudio Piceci from Italy. Baekke had opened for 175,000, Piceci re-raised to 450,000 and Baekke quickly moved all in for 1,620,000.

Baekke: 5♠5♦
Piceci: A♣K♦

The flop was quick and painful for the Dane, coming J♣9♣A♠. The turn was 10♣ leaving Baekke with just one out, but the 3♦ river was not it. Baekke down to 400,000, Piceci up to 3million. — SY

9.05pm: Want to play for stacks?
Claudio Rinaldi raised to 180,000 from the cut-off and then faced a re-raise to 600,000 from Dmitry Stelmak in the small blind. It was a hefty re-raise from the Russian and proportionally larger than he normally raises. He may well have been sending a message to his Swiss opponent that he was willing to play for stacks if necessary. Whatever the message Rinaldi didn’t want to continue and let it go. –MC

9pm: Wham, bam, thank you Tamm
Wham! As reported earlier Erik Tamm lost a monster pot to Alexey Rybin on the river. Bam! It’s happened again, but this time Claudio Piceci’s rivered pair did fatal damage to Tamm’s stack – he’s out.

Piceci had opened from the small blind for 190,000, then Tamm pushed for 735,000. Piceci called. Piceci had J♠9♠ and Tamm was ahead with K♥Q♠. Tamm was the man at risk, and he looked safe on the 3♠A♦6♣ flop, and also on the 7♥ flop. But then disaster struck on the river again when the J♥ landed to shoot Piceci into the lead.

Tamm leaves in 14th place for €40,000.– SY


Erik Tamm

8.55pm: Battle of Diep
Again Giuseppe Diep moves all in for 1,090,000. Players think about it but no one calls and Diep takes his chips back. — SB.

8.50pm: Stop the Russian
Claudio Piceci opened with a 185,000 bet and Alexey Rybin said: “OK, let’s see a flop.” He called and the flop was J♦2♥K♥. Rybin checked and then Ciceci moved all in for 1,185,000 – that was way too much for even the chip-monster Russian to call. — SY

8.45pm: Chopping
There was momentary excitement on the outer table involving the table newcomer Per Linde, moved from under the television lights after Dermot Blain’s elimination. But then it fizzled out.

Toni Petterssen raised to 215,000 from the cut off and Linde shoved all in from the big blind. He had something like 2.1 million. Petterssen barely blinked and called – in fact the whole thing took less than about 10 seconds.

However this one wasn’t much to write home about. (Or even to write here about.) Linde had A♥K♣ against Pettersson’s A♣K♥ and although the flop of 2♣5♣5♦ gave a backdoor flush draw to Pettersson, it did not come. The turn of 2♠ made the Q♦ river irrelevant. — HS

8.40pm: Dermot dusted
After doubling-up Claudio Rinaldi a while ago Dermot Blain needed to get some chips from somewhere and the only way he was going do that was to risk some of his stack. He decided to risk all of it with an all-in push from early position. Dmitry Stelmak made a
quick call from the next seat and everyone else folded. Showdown:

Blain: 6♣6♦
Stelmak: A♣Q♥

The board ran Q♠2♠3♥K♦9♦. A queen on the flop was enough to end it for the last
remaining Irishman. He takes home €35,000 for finishing 15th. –MC


Dermot Slain Blain

8.36pm: Tamm shoving…
… and getting no callers. — SY

8.35pm: Pettersson bettersson
Liv Boeree bet pre-flop and was raised by Toni Pettersson to 165,000. Boeree called for a flop of A♣A♥6♦. Boeree checked to Pettersson who bet out, enough to force a fold from Boeree. — SB.

8.26pm: Two shoves
Per Albin Linde open shoves two hands in a row and gets no callers. He’s on around 1.6million now. — SY

8.23pm: Level up
We’re now in to level 28, with blinds of 40,000-80,000 and a 5,000 ante. — SY

8.22pm: Rinaldi on the rise
Claudio Rinaldi opened two pots out of three. He was three-bet out of one of them, but doubled up on the second. On the first occasion, Rinaldi raised to 140,000 and Giuseppe Diep, in the small blind, made it 475,000. Rinaldi folded. But a couple of hands later, Rinaldi opened to 140,000 from under-the-gun and Dermot Blain, one seat to his left, re-raised to 375,000.

Michael Piper asked for a count of Blain’s chips. “Two-point-one million at the start of the hand, give or take,” said Blain. Piper folded.

Rinaldi did not fold. He moved all in for about 900,000 total. Blain snap called. Rinaldi had A♥K♠ and Blain, covering his opponent, had 8♠8♦. Rinaldi wasn’t done yet, though. The flop came A♠5♣Q♥ and the ace vaulted him into the lead. The turn 6♣ and river 7♦ did not change anything and Blain began the arduous task of counting out the double up.

He is down to slightly more than a million; Rinaldi moves to more than two million. — HS

8.20pm: Double up for Georgiev
Anatas Georgiev doubled up to 2.2 million after catching another helpful card for an at-risk player on the feature table. He had shoved for 1,105,000 and was called by Per Linde. Lind was ahead with J♦J♣, up against Georgiev’s A♥10♣. But the flop was a helpful A♣K♥3♣ and the 6♥ turn and 7♥ river kept Georgiev in front. — SY

8.12pm: Piceci folds (again)
Not for the first time Claudio Piceci open raises then folds when faced with an all-in shove – this time from Anatas Georgiev. — SY

8.10pm: Three-bet does the job
Liv Boeree was just forced off a pot by the short stack at the table Giuseppe Diep. Boeree opened to 130,000 from under-the-gun before Diep made it 325,000 to go. The raise represented about third of his stack and made his move looked very strong. It was too strong for the Brit and she folded. — MC

8.06pm: Sick river sends Rybin to chip summit
Alexey Rybin takes a massive chip lead after a cruel river that sent Erik Tamm to short-stack territory. The two big stacks on the feature table clashed when Allan Baekke made it 135,000 and Tamm re-raised to 375,000. Unexpectedly, Rybin announced he was all in for 3,170,000.

Baekke quickly folded, but Tamm made the call:

Tamm: Q♠Q♣
Rybin: A♥Q♥

The board ran 10♦2♦7♥10♠ meaning Rybin needed an ace, and only an ace on the river to save him from elimination. Sure enough the river was A♠ and that sent the Russian up to a hefty 6,545,000. He celebrated by ordering a large brandy. I think Tamm needs one more. — SY

8.05pm: Nothing to report
A quiet spell on the outer table except for Giueseppe Diep’s all-in for a little more than 500,000 which found not takers. – SB.

8pm: More shoving
As the blinds eat in to the shorter stacks, shoving is becoming more common. Allan Baekke just did it with no takers, and then Claudio Piceci moved all in for 1,120,000 after Atanas Georgiev opened for 140,000. Georgiev folded. — SY

7.57pm: Allan Baekke
The great Dane talked to our video team a short while ago…

7.55pm: Blain squeezes out Piper and Stelmak
You don’t get much for free when you get to this stage of a tournament, not even a flop from the button. Dmitry Stelmak raised to 145,000 from under-the-gun and Michael Piper called on the button. Dermot Blain, in the big blind, sensed a squeeze opportunity and moved all in for about 1,500,000. Stelmak was again forced to back down, and Piper didn’t much like it either. He folded and Blain stacked a quick 300,000. — HS

7.54pm: Anti-climax
The last fifteen minutes of the outer table has been all raise and take but we did just have a three-bet all-in and a call. It was an anti-climax though as both players had ace-jack and the pot was chopped. Dermot Blain opened the pot with an early position raise to 150,000 before Giuseppe Diep re-raised all-in for another 520,000.

The Irishman has made a lot of lay downs to three-bets throughout the day but he wasn’t going to let that continue forever and he made the call. Both players smiled when they saw each other’s hands and they chopped the blinds and antes between them. -MC

7.46pm: Piceci folds
Allan Baekke raised to 135,000 and Claudio Piceci woke up with a re-raise to 350,000. But when Baekke responded with a shove of more than 2million, Pecici let it go. — SY

7.44pm: Pot to Stelmak
Toni Pettersson opened for 165,000 and was called by Dmitry Stelmak on the big blind. The flop came A♥6♠K♥. Stelmak checked and then called Pettersson’s bet of 140,000. On the turn card 7♣ Stelmak checked again and then called Petterson’s bet of 260,000. Then on the 8♣ river both players checked, Stelmak turning over A♣4♣ to win the pot. – SB.

7.40pm: Double up for Georgiev
Atanas Georgiev moved all in with A♦4♠ and was called by Ramon Demon Cserei with A♥Q♠. Georgiev was at risk, but the board of 7♣5♠6♠10♥8♦ made him an unlikely straight, doubling him up to 1.1million — SY

7.32pm: Tamm takes some
Erik Tamm takes some of Alexey Rybin’s recent ill-gotten gains. He and Rybin saw a 10♣5♣J♣ flop. Tamm checked, Rybin bet 250,000 and Tamm check-raised to 600,000 – call. Both checked the 4♥ turn, and on the 10♥ river Tamm bet 800,000 and that was good enough for the pot. — SY

7.30pm: Boeree comes out firing
On the first hand back from the break on the outer table, Liv Boeree made a raise from the cut off and was three-bet out of it by Toni Pettersson on the button. However, Boeree was undeterred and got it all back, with interest, after her own three bet on the next hand.

Dmitry Stelmak raised from under-the-gun, making it 150,000. Boeree re-raised to 400,000 and it was folded back to the deliberate Russian, who took a moment before calling.

The flop came 8♦5♣Q♦ and Stelmak checked. Boeree didn’t; she bet 500,000. Stelmak again took his time but let it go. — HS

7.20pm: Drama straight away
A major hand to kick things off after dinner. Alexey Rybin open raised and Jakob Carlsson re-raised to 310,000. It was folded back to Rybin who wasted no time in moving all in – and Carlsson called quick as a flash. Rybin’s holding took everyone by surprise:

Carlsson: Q♠Q♥
Rybin: 3♥4♥

But the flop brought instant drama, coming A♣10♥5♥, giving loads of outs for the Russian – any two for the straight or any heart for the flush. The 8♣ turn was a brick, but the 6♥ river made him the flush and an unlikely double up to 3.6million. Carlsson drops to 1.2million. Easy game. — SY

7.16pm: Off again
And now we are off again.

7.15pm: Premature
Well that was a bit premature. Some of the TV crew are still eating or something, so we haven’t yet started again. It shouldn’t be too long. — HS

7.05pm: Action resumes
Players have retaken their seats and we’re ready to go again. We’re down to the last 15 and seven more will leave before we set our final table.

Owing to the dinner break, we’re a little off schedule with blind levels. We’ve actually played about 15 minutes already of level 27 (blinds 30,000-60,000, 5,000 ante) but we return at that same level for the next hour or so. As ever, follow all the action right here.

The full and accurate chip count for this level can be seen on the chip count page, where you’ll notice that the fearsome play of the Finn Toni Pettersson has taken him to the top of the leaderboard.


Toni Pettersson, ahead in San Remo


The outside of Casino San Remo as sun sets

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of money won backing Dave the Horse in his debut victory in Brighton): Stephen Bartley (£15 approx); Howard Swains, Marc Convey, Simon Young (equal: zilch).


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