EPT San Remo: Day 4, level 23 updates (12,000-24,000, 2,000 ante)

April 19, 2010


Level end. Join us in level 24.

4.30pm: Swissy times in right
Claudio “Swissy” Rinaldi is right back in this after doubling-up through Paul Valkenburg. Valkenberg raised from the small blind and then called Rinaldi’s 390,000 chips shove from the big blind. Showdown:

Rinaldi: K♠Q♦
Valkenberg: A♠J♣

The board ran K♣10♣2♣2♠8♥ to see Rinaldi come from behind to double-up whereas Valkenberg is down to 400,000. Rinaldi came into today as the short stack but he’s right back in this now. He has had a string of cashes all over Europe and with The Conv’s seal of approval he is now one to watch. -MC

4.25pm: Baravalle bids bye-bye
Maurizio Baravalle is the latest Italian player to head home. He open shoved from early position for his last 250,000-ish. Alexey Rybin called and all others got out the way, leaving the two of them to a flop with Baravalle’s life on the line.

Rybin: 7♦7♣
Baravalle: K♦Q♦

That was as close to 50-50 as you can get and this time Rybin won the flip. The board ran 8♣5♣5♦6♠10♥ and that was that for Baravalle. He clapped his hands three times, then dusted them against one another as if a magician proving he was holding nothing, then said: “Bye guys,” shook everyone’s hand, and left. — HS


Maurizio Baravalle

4.20pm: Robbin Rybin
Alexey Rybin opened for 60,000 and Jens Thorson called form the big blind. The flop came K♠K♦J♠ which both players checked. The turn came J♣ and Thorson bet 65,000. Rybin then raised to 200,000 which Thorson called. The river came 6♥ which again each player checked. Thorson showed Q♦Q♠ to Rybin’s 5♥A♣. – SB.

4.15pm: Big battle of blinds doubles up Berende
It was folded around to Jakob Karlsson on the small blind and he put out well over half a million, covering Paul Berende. The Dutchman thought for a few minutes but made the call.

Karlsson: A♦4♦
Berende: A♥7♦

The board ran 2♣6♣7♥8♦A♠ and Berende doubled up to more than a million. — SY

4.10pm: Tadini halts Stelmak
Anas Tadini opened for 52,000 and Dmitry Stelmak called from the big blind. Both checked the 6♦5♦4♥ flop and the 10♦ turn. But on the A♦ river Tadini made it 76,000 and Stelmak called. Tadini turned over A♣K♦ for the nut flush. — SY

4.05pm: Slow for biggies
Paul Berende opened for 57,000 under the gun and only Jakob Karlsson called from the big blind. Both checked the 5♦6♦7♠ flop, and also the 3♠ turn. On the 3♦ river Karlsson bet 68,000 and Berende called.

Berende: J♠J♣
Karlsson: K♣K♠ — SY

4pm: Evening up the stacks
Jens Thorson raised from under-the-gun to 46,000 and was called by Maurizio Baravalle in the next seat before Ramon Demon Cserei three-bet to 155,000 from the hijack. Alexey Rybin then quickly moved all-in from the cut-off for 556,000. Thorson and Baravalle folded but Rybin made the call. Showdown:

Cserei: A♠K♠
Rybin: 9♥9♠

The flop came Q♣6♣8♠ and it was at this point that Cserei started yelling for an ace and this prompted Rybin to yell “No ace, no jokerstars” in response. The turn came K♠ to open up more out for the Romanian but they all failed to come in on the 4♣ river.


Alexey Rybin

Both players around the 1.2 million mark now. –MC

3.50pm: Quads accounts for Sforos
You’re never too far behind pre-flop with ace-king, but things can sure look bleak when your opponent flops quads. Nicholas Sforos has just been sent to the rail when this precise thing happened. Claudio Piceci was the benefactor.

Jakob Karlsson raised for the fourth pot in succession, making it 53,000 from the cut off. Sforos shoved from the button for about 300,000 and the action passed through Michael Piper’s small blind to Piceci in the big.

He called, which gave Karlsson an opportunity either to come along too or get the hell out the way, and he chose the latter path. That left Piceci’s J♦J♠ against Sforos’ A♥K♠ – a flip, in other words.

But the flop was an emphatic J♥10♦J♣ and Piceci let out a yelp of celebration. Sforos leaves us as Piceci becomes the highest-ranked home player left in the field. — HS

3.50pm: The downfall of Mauro Stivoli
First Stivoli had A-Q but was up against the all in of Ronny Kaiser who had Q-Q. The board ran 2♠9♦5♦10♦3♣ and Kaiser doubled, leaving Stivoli with just 90,000.

Next hand Giuseppe Diep opened with a raise to 75,000 and Armando Graziano bumped it up to 178,000. Stivoli then moved all in for his last 90,000 leaving Diep with a big decision to make. He put his headphones on and grimaced as his mind whirred. Eventually he elected to fold.

Graziano: K♠K♥
Stivoli: 2♠5♣

The flop came A♦Q♦5♠ and Diep let out a yelp, presumably having folded an ace. But the K♣ on the turn made a set for Graziano. The river was 8♣ and Stivoli was out – and Diep was a relieved man. — SY

3.48pm: Blain picks it off
Dermot Blain and Kadir Karabulut both checked a J♦K♣Q♥ flop, and the A♣ turn. On the J♠ river Karabulut bet 155,000 and Blain made a reluctant call. He was correct, though, as he had A♠Q♠, besting Karabulut’s pocket nines. — SY


Dermot Blain

3.45pm: Pignataro might fly
Thang Duc Nguyen bet 52,000 and faced a re-raise to 330,000 from Luigi Pignataro. Nguyen announced all in and Pignatara called off his last couple of hundred thousand.

Nguyen: A♠Q♦
Pignataro: 10♣10♦

The board not only helped Pignataro – it made him a full house on the river. It ran J♣7♣8♦J♠10♠. Nguyen is now down to 450,000. — SY

3.42pm: Baekke again
Dermot Blain opened for 55,000 and got a call from Michel Abecassis before Allan Baekke bumped it up to 175,000. Only Abecassis called.

The flop was 3♦3♣A♠ and Baekke continued his aggression, making it 180,000. That was too rich for the Frenchman, who folded. — SY

3.40pm: Little big Thorson takes over chip lead
Jens Thorson, the younger taller brother of William, has taken over the chip lead, just, after winning a 1.3 million pot from Ramon Demon Cserei. Thorson raised and was called by Cserei on the button to see a 7♣10♥7♠ flop. Thorson continued with a 65,000 bet. Call. The turn came 4♦ and no slowing down the Swede who bet 145,000 and was called again. Thorson emptied the clip on the 3♠ river with a 360,000 bet. The Romanian called but mucked upon seeing his opponent’s 7♥6♠ for trips. Thorson up to 2.75 million now. -MC

3.35pm: Tayfeh two million
Michel Abecassis opened a pot for 57,000 and was re-raised by Mohsen Tayfeh to 145,000. Abecassis called for a flop of 5♣10♦10♣.

Abecassis checked and Tayfeh bet 175,000. Abecassis called for a turn card J♣. Again the Frenchman checked before Tayfeh slid out a tower of orange chips worth 500,000. Too much for the Frenchman, who slips down to around 850,000. Tayfeh though is up to nearly 2,000,000. — SB.

3.30pm: Rusconi roasted
Aaaaand another one bites the dust. This time it’s Dario Rusconi, who moved all in when it was folded to him in the small blind. Only problem: Giacomo Rosa had A♦Q♠ in the big blind and that stayed ahead against Rusconi’s K♣7♣.

Rusconi’s all in was about 450,000, so that goes onto Rosa’s total as Rusconi goes looking for his €22,000. — HS

3.10pm: Sure enough, level 23
The big player countdown clock shows that 36 players remain heading into level 23. Twelve will depart in the coming couple of levels (probably) and that will end the day.

Dmitry Stelmak and Jakob Karlsson have now wrestled the chip lead back from Allan Baekke, although there is plenty of play left in this one, no matter the insanity of the action.

Head over to the prizewinners page to see who has bust and when they did it.


Jakob Karlssen

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