EPT San Remo: Day 4, level 21 live updates (8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante)

April 19, 2010


1.30pm: Break time
Players are on a 15 minute break.

1.28pm: Two minutes, two all ins
Two all-ins inside the last two minutes of the level, two calls and both featuring queens against tens and a significant turn card.

In the first Mohsen Tayfeh knocked out Per Linde when his queens made a set on the turn to send Linde to the rail. In the second Yury Kerzhapkin busted with the tens against Ramon Cserei queens. Again Cserei hit a third queen on the turn. – SB

1.25pm: Thang down, but not out
Thang Duc Nguyen, winner of EPT Baden in season 3, is down to 450,000. He had opened for 42,000 in early position and Dmitry Stelmak made it 112,000 from the small blind. Nguyen called. On the 5♦A♣2♣ flop Stelmak wasted no time in betting 170,000, which Nguyen called.

The turn was K♥ and Stelmak eyed up Nguyen’s stack. “How much do you have left?” he asked.

A quick count by the German revealed 450,000. “OK. I am all in.” That sent Nguyen deep in to the tank – he was in agony, but let his hand go. — SY

1.22pm: Thorson again
Jens Thorson has a wide range, so when he does play with a decent hand it pays off. On this one Dermot Blain raised from the button to 42,000 and Thomas Swensen re-raised from the small blind to 123,000. Lurking in the big blind was that man Thorson, who raised again, this time to 220,000.

Blain got out of the way, but Swensen was committed, and pushed his remaining 200,000
over the line.

Thorson: A♥K♥
Swensen: A♦Q♥

The board ran 9♦A♦4♠2♥10♥, knocking out Swensen and pushing Thorson up to two million. — SY

1.20pm: One more Pro to go
Pierpaolo Fabretti is the latest and second to last Team PokerStars Pro to bust. He was short-stacked and in push mode. He’d managed to get a couple of shoves through but this time he found a call from Dmitry Stelmak with 7♦7♥. The Italian was way behind with 5♣5♠ and failed to improve on the 9♠2♥3♠9♦J♦ board.


Pierpaolo Fabretti: He was still in at this point

Matthias De Meulder is now the sole representative of Team PokerStars Pro. –MC

1.16pm: The end of aLFioSn0b
And this might be a touch predictable after the laudatory post from 1pm. Alfio Battisti is out. He and Michel Abecassis were at a flop of 6♣J♥7♠ and Battisti bet 41,000. Abecassis raised to 91,000 and Battisti snap-shoved for about 300,000 more. Abecassis called.

Battisti: A♣7♦
Abecassis: 6♥6♦


Alfio Battisti

Battisti hit another seven on the river, but by then it was too late. It also filled up Abecassis and he now moves close to a million as Battisti hits the rail. — HS

1.15pm: Heinze in the soup
Heinz Kamutzki moved all-in from the small blind with no action before him. Giuseppe Pantaleo was in the big blind and called, showing J♥J♣. Kamutzki had 4♥4♦. The board came K♣J♠K♥6♦8♥. Kamutzki is out. Pantaleo moves up to around 1,100,000. — SB.

1.12pm: Uhrskov off
Allan Baekke opened for 35,000 and was called by short stacked Claus Uhrskov in the cut off. Next to act was Tobias Huber on the button who raised to 105,000. When the action reached Baekke again he passed but Uhrskov called with the last of his stack.

Huber showed 6♣5♣ against Urhskov’s A♦A♠. The flop gave Huber outs though, coming 10♦7♦4♦. The 7♥ on the turn changed nothing but the 3♠ on the river ended Uhrskov’s tournament. – SB.

1.11pm: Video
Here is the video intro of the day..

1.10pm: Wrong move buddy
Danilo D’Ettoris has been eliminated by chip mountain Jakob Karlsson. The river was out leaving a K♥Q♣J♣5♦K♠ board and there was around 100,000 in the pot. Karlsson bet 56,000 and D’Ettoris moved all-in for 176,000. Karlsson let out a sigh as if he knew he was beat but made the call with A♦Q♦. D’Ettoris could only show 9♣7♠ though and left the table. –MC

1.05pm: Goodbye, ta-ta, Auf Widersehen, ciao
As expected, it’s been another rush for the door this afternoon. So far, the following players have gone broke today.

58 – Luigi Alessandro, Italy, €16,000
59 – Matteo Grimaldi, Italy, €16,000
60 – Gordon Vayo, USA, PokerStars player, €16,000
61 – Domenico Tresa, Italy, €16,000
62 – Antonio Pezzi, Italy, €16,000
63 – Andreas Martens, Germany, €16,000
64 – Mark Petersen, Denmark, €16,000

65 – Joe Serock, USA, €13,000
66 – Fabrizio Ascari, Italy, €13,000

See how they fit in on the full prizewinners page. — HS

1pm: aLFioSn0b in the real world
Alfio Battisti, the Team Online Pro, is no stranger to the deep stages of live tournaments either, as his second place in Warsaw this season will testify. How he does it is not too dissimilar to his friend and compatriot Dario Minieri. In short, he plays every single hand, from any position, but plays them hard.

Here are four hands in the company of Battisti, from under-the-gun-plus-one, under-the-gun, the big blind and then the small blind, ie, the four “worst” positions at the table.

First up, Battisti made it 36,000 to go from that early spot and Vincenzo Pisano called from the small blind. The two of them saw a flop of 3♣4♥4♣ and Pisano checked. Battisti bet 45,000 and won it.

On the second hand, Battisti raised again to 36,000 from under-the-gun and Ronny Kaiser called from the cut off. The flop was 10♠9♠J♦, which they both checked, and then the turn came 3♦. Battisti checked and Kaiser bet 44,000, which persuaded Battisti that this one was done.

Next hand, Battisti had the big blind. Iulian Iacob raised to 35,000 from the cut off and Battisti called. The two of them went to a flop of A♠10♣A♣ and Battisti checked. Iacob bet 40,000, which Battisti called, and they went to a 7♥ turn. Battisti checked again, Iacob bet 60,000, and that was enough for the Italian.

Another hand was quickly along, of course, and this one was opened from early position to 36,000 by Claudio Piceci. Kaiser three-bet from Piceci’s left, making it 75,000 and the action folded around to Battisti. He thought for a moment before four-bet squeezing all in, asking a question for about 300,000.

This was a perfect squeeze because Piceci clearly wanted to call the loose and aggressive Battisti, but kept glancing to Kaiser to his left, wondering what the Swiss player would do. Eventually Piceci laid it down and Kaiser insta-mucked behind him. Piceci was visibly furious with the tough spot he’d found himself in, while Battisti silently raked in the pot. — HS

12.55pm: Hold the Vayo
Gordon Vayo was the next to move all-in, for 242,000, closely followed by Dominico Tresa for 160,000. Atanas Gueorguiev asked for a count, first of Vayo then of Tresa’s stack before calling and turning over J♠J♣. Vayo showed 8♥8♣ and Tresa A♦J♥.

The three of them waited for the board: 6♥3♦9♥K♥5♣. It sent both Vayo and Tresa to the rail and their combined stack’s to Gueorguiev. — SB.

12.50pm: Boreeing Thorson
Liv Boeree opened for 36,000 pre-flop from early position and got a call from Jens Thorson. The flop came K♣4♥A♠. Boeree bet 42,000 which Thorson called for a 6♣ turn card. Both checked for a 2♠ river. Boeree had another pop at it, betting 53,000 which was enough to deter Thorson. – SB.

12.45pm: Thorson snags another
Jens Thorson, who looks and also plays like his older brother, the Team PokerStars Pro William, is still building his stack. On this one he raised from the button to 31,000 and got a call from Lulian Lacob in the big blind.

Both checked the 9♥K♥6♥ flop and the 5♠ turn. But on the 6♠ river Lacob checked and Thorson made it 65,000. The Romanian gave it a few minutes before calling – then mucking when Thorson turned over 6♦8♦ for rivered trips. — SY

12.35pm: Short stacks go at it
Vincenzo Pisano has been eliminated by Oleg Vladimirovich Tuntsev. Both players had lost chips since the start and their positions were looking precarious before the hand unfolded. Pisano open shoved when the action folded around to him on the button before Tuntsev moved in as well from the small blind. Showdown:

Pisano: J♠10♠
Tuntsev: A♥8♠

The board ran 5♠7♣8♣5♣4♦. Tuntsev made two-pair that he didn’t need to make and he celebrated by pumping his fists and shouting “Yes, yes, yes”. The chanting was paused to shake Pisano’s hand and then it was back to “Yes, yes, yes.” Tuntsev up to 275,000. –MC

12.25pm: The Rugini regime
Another all in, this time by Emanuele Rugini. He shoved with A♠Q♠ and was called by Nicholas Sforos with pocket fours. The flop of 6♣5♠6♥ was no good, but the Q♦ on the turn made the Italian smile and a film crew descend on him for an impromptu interview to camera. – SB.

12.20pm: Serock grounded
Joe Serock moved all in pre-flop with pocket tens only to run into the pocket queens of Matthias De Meulder. The board ran 9♥8♦J♦7♥K♦ leaving Serock with almost nothing, a small amount that Serock lost in the very next hand. Serock out, De Meulder up. – SB.

12.15pm: We’re off – and Baekke flies out the blocks
Allan Baekke hasn’t hung around this morning and may have assumed the chip lead. He has just eliminated one of the Italian players, Fabrizio Ascari – although he was made to sweat.

Ascari raised to 45,000 from the button and Baekke called from the small blind. The flop was 8♣9♣Q♥ and all the money went in. Ascari, with 463,000 at the start of the day, was behind but had outs. He had A♥K♥ to Baekke’s K♣Q♣. The turn and river were 3♠J♥ and so Ascari bust.

Baekke moves to around 1,900,000 – and to the top of the pops again. Anyone who remembers Snowfest will tell you that once he’s at the top, Baekke doesn’t much like going downward. — HS

11.30am: The speediest day
Morning all and welcome to day four of EPT San Remo. In many ways, this is a bonus day, specific to this location. Ordinarily on the European Poker Tour, a starting field can be sliced to a final three tables in four days – two day one flights and regular days two and three – but the expected vast turnout here meant that organisers added another few levels to the schedule to help us chop down to the final 24.

As it happens, we might not have needed it: even by San Remo standards, the rate of eliminations here has been sensational and we begin today with 66 players. Only 42 need to bust before we have those final three tables. It shouldn’t take long.


Just a sleepy marina town, where they play mad poker

If you’re just catching up, I suggest you read yesterday’s wrap and the one from the day before to find out how we got here, and then take a look at the chip count page, which will help identify those remaining players. Then their seating allocation is on the seat draw page. Winners so far are on the prizewinners page.

Play starts again at noon today and might not last long. Don’t blink.

PokerStars Blog reporting team in San Remo (in order of menu selection in marina-side restaurant): Stephen Bartley (41), Howard Swains (43), Marc Convey (55), Simon Young (68).


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