EPT San Remo: Day 3, level 20 live updates (6,000-12,000, 1,000 ante)

April 18, 2010


8pm: That’s your lot
We’ve come to a halt after five levels of play. A full wrap of the day’s events will be with you shortly, while the chip count page will be updated very soon. — SY

7.45pm: Baekke shows class
PokerStars qualifier Paul Berende is down to 415,000 after losing a big pot to Allan Baekke. Baekke started proceedings with a raise to 26,000 and then called Berende’s 65,000 three-bet. The flop came 7♦Q♥8♦ and Baekke check-called a 85,000 bet. He then called a 155,000 bet on the A♠ turn to go to the A♦ river. Baekke took up the reigns here and led for 273,000. The bet prompted a insta-fold from the Dutchman. Berende down to 415,000, Baekke up to 1,250,000. –MC

7.35pm: Thorson power
A big hand strips Dmitry Stelmak of any claim to the chip lead and instead leaves Jens Thorson among the contenders as the day approaches its last few hands.

Thorson bet pre-flop which Stelmak called from the button for a flop of 7♥K♣A♦. Thorson bet again, 34,000 this time which Stelmak called for a 9♥ on the turn.

Now Thorson bet 67,000 and again Stelmak called for a 7♥ river. Thorson again came out betting, 165,000 which sent Stelmak into the tank. When he called the movement of his hand suggested he was calling before he changed his mind. Thorson showed 7♠7♣. Stelmak pushed his cards to the dealer.

Thorson is up to 1,250,000. – SB.

7.25pm: Six river card
James Sean Williams has been eliminated by Per Albin Linde. All was looking good for a Williams double-up when he revealed 8♣8♥ to the Swede’s 6♠6♦ but the board had a nasty sting its tail. It came 4♥3♦Q♠7♣6♥. Linde up to 1,150,000 as a result. –MC

7.15pm: Pettersson’s pot
Toni Pettersson opened from the button with a raise to 30,000 and got a call from Giuseppe Pantaleo in the small blind. On the J♦6♣6♦ flop, Pantaleo check-called Pettersson’s 42,000 bet. Both then checked the 7♣ turn and on the 5♥ river Pantaleo check-called Pettersson’s 55,000.

Petersson showed J♣K♥ and that was good enough to take the pot. — SY

7.10pm: Bichon be gone
Thomas Bichon is the latest player to fall – extending a miserable day for Team PokerStars Pro. He had dwindled to a short stack and three-bet all in after Luigi Pignataro had opened from the cut off. Bichon had A♦9♠, Pignatoro had pocket tens and there was not enough help on the board to keep Bichon alive. He becomes our 77th place finisher. — HS

7pm: Pettersson on the double
Toni Pettersson has doubled up. He raised to 30,000 and Ondrej Vinklarek shoved for about 400,000, covering Pettersson. Everyone else got out the way and Pettersson’s call was quick enough to suggest he might have a hand like K♦K♥. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what he had. Vinlarek had A♦Q♣ but the board bricked. Pettersson’s stack totalled 224,000 and he now has double that. — HS

6.55pm: Flopped
Mattias de Meulder just took a serious knock to his fortunes. A pre-flop move with ace-ten backfired against Luigi Alessandro’s ace-seven when a seven hit the flop. De Meulder drops down to 240,000. – SB.

6.50pm: No more white knuckles
Michel Abecassis called from the small blind and Pierpaulo Fabretti checked his option in the big. The flop came 10♦J♣5♦ which both players checked. The turn followed 9♦ which again both players checked before a 6♦ river card. Abecassis fired out 32,000 and Fabretti passed.

Abecassis started today on around 95,000 and at one point today was down to 65,000. Now the Frenchman has more than 800,000. – SB.

6.45pm: Last level of the day
After the second day of lunacy in San Remo, we have reached the last level of Sunday. There are 80 players still in with a chance of winning this one, about 14 thousand who have bust and departed, and about 100 others who have bust but made some money.

They are prizewinners and are on the prizewinners page.

Put it this way, if everyone in this field had driven to the casino on a scooter, this parking lot would now be empty.


Motorbikes in San Remo

PokerStars blog reporting team (in order of comfort on a scooter): Simon Young (aging mod, owns a Vespa); Marc Convey (Croydon hooligan), Howard Swains (never tried, but would give it a go); Stephen Bartley (“These are lawless streets; do you think I’m mad?”)


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