EPT San Remo: Day 3, level 19 updates (5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante)

April 18, 2010


6.41pm: Break time
That’s the end of another level. Players are taking a 15 minute break before returning for the last level of the day.

6.40pm: Dominated
As the level comes to an end Papesch Domi has been eliminated.

Michael Piper opened for 23,000 from under the gun. Paul Berende called before Domi moved all-in from the big blind for 174,000. Piper asked for a count before folding but Berende called turning over Q♦J♦ to Domi’s 8♥A♣.

Domi stood up for the board and wouldn’t be sitting down again. The board ran out J♣9♦7♣J♥5♠.

6.38pm: Dag doubles
Dag Martin Mikkelsen has more than doubled-up to 550,000 through fellow Scandinavian Jensen Brink. It all went in pre-flop with Mikkelsen holding big slick to Brink’s queens. A king on the flop was enough to send the pot Norway’s direction. Brink very short now. –MC

6.35pm: Nice flop
The flop was 4♦4♣J♥ and Dag Martin Mikkelsen, Paul Valkenburg and Heinrich Mario Umber Di Santo managed to get all in after limping in pre-flop. Mikkelsen had both players covered and Di Santo covered Valkenburg…

Di Santo: K♠J♦ for top pair
Mikkelsen: 4♠9♣ for trips
Valkenburg: J♦4♥ for the full house

The turn was 5♥ and river 7♠ and Valkenburg tripled up, leaving Mikkelsen to win a small side pot from Di Santo, who busted. — SY

6.32pm: Dempsey out
James Dempsey is out. We did not see the action but he had pocket queens against Dmitry Stelmak’s 10♦J♦ – and Stelmak hit two pair on the flop. The turn was a king, adding an open-ended straight draw as outs for Dempsey, but he bricked the river. — SY

6.30pm: Baekke keeps dream alive
Allan Baekke is up to 800,000, doubling up with pocket queens against an ace-queen, all in pre-flop.

Baekke continues to keep alive the hopes of becoming the first double EPT champion and, by extension, the first back-to-back winner.


Allan Baekke

Harrison Gimbel can also win his second EPT of the season. He remains in the hunt having ridden a short stack for what seems like days. — HS

6.20pm: Odds and ends
Double ups for some all-ins, no takers for others. Jensen Brink gets the former when his K♥6♥ caught a six on the flop against A♥J♥. Mark Petersen moved all-in for 116,000. Nick Schulmann asked for a count but passed. Petersen lives on. – SB.

6.15pm: De Meulder wins Team Pro clash
Mattias De Meulder raised to 27,000 from the button. He’s been doing that a lot. His Team PokerStars Pro colleague Pierpaolo Fabretti called from the big blind and it was one of those team-mate-on-team-mate clashes.

The flop came J♣Q♦10♣ and Fabretti check-called a bet of 32,000 from De Meulder, taking them to a 4♣ turn. Both checked that, taking them to a K♥ river. Fabretti checked again and De Meulder bet 47,000, which the Italian called.


Mattias De Meulder

De Meulder showed A♦K♠ and the flopped nuts was good enough. — HS

6.10pm: The show’s over
Peter Hedlund is out after losing a race. He got his last 100,000 chips in the middle with 3♠3♦ and was called by Mohsen Tayteh with A♠K♣. The board ran Q♣6♠J♦10♣K♥ to give the German a Broadway straight. Hedlund voiced his frustration at being eliminated the first time he was all in and then added “Give me that #### money so I can buy a car and get home.” It’s a pretty long drive back to Sweden but flying’s still not an option. –MC

6.07pm: It’s Luca Pagano
The Italian Team PokerStars Pro has just written a book about his poker life. Here he talks about his tome…

6.05pm: Swedes, Swedes, Swedes
So far in San Remo, Swedish players have shown some of their EPT seasons one and two form, where they were undoubtedly the dominant force. In Jakob Karlsson, Alexander Roumeliotis, Erik Tamm and Jens Thorson, they have four of the top six players.


Jakob Karlsson

It’s not been so great today for some other Swedes however. Peter Hedlund has now bust – details to follow – and Chris Bjorin is down to about 190,000 after tangling with Michael Piper. Piper fired 149,000 into a pot of about 200,000, with this board out: 10♥3♦Q♠10♠2♦. Bjorin called for about half his stack and Piper showed 10♦9♦, which was good. — HS

6pm: Stelmak rising again
Dmitry Stelmak has won two nice pots to take him up to million…

Hand 1
He raised to 22,000 under the gun and got a call from Jens Thorson on the button. The flop was A♥7♦8♠ and Stelmak made it 38,000. Call. On the K♥ river Stelmak kept it up with an 85,000 bet – but this time Thorson had seen enough and mucked.

Hand 2
Stelmak and James Dempsey were staring at a 7♦5♣7♥ flop. Dempsey bet 36,000 and got a call. Both then checked the A♥ turn, then Dempsey quickly checked the Q♦ river. Stelmak bet 55,000 and Dempsey made a reluctant call.

Dempsey: K♥K♠
Stelmak: A♣J♥ for the top pair. — SY

5.57pm: A hand. Today
Chris Bjorin bet 29,000 and got a call from Papesch Domi. On the 5♠10♣A♥ flop Bjorin checked then folded when Domi bet 30,000. — SY

5.54pm: How many Twits?
Talking of Italians busting out, over on the PokerStars Twitter the twits are debating how many Italian players will make it through day three. There are FPPs up for grabs. Check it out at @PokerStars.

5.50pm: The mighty fall
Wait for it – Gianni Giaroni is out. The distinguished Italian moved all-in from the big blind for 162,000 behind a bet of 23,000 by Paul Berende. Berende called, one eye closed and ready for impact. He needn’t have worried too much. Giaroni showed A♣4♣ to his own A♦Q♣. The board ran Q♦7♥J♦K♣K♠ sending Giaroni to the rail. – SB.

5.48pm: No ceasing for Abecassis – ing
Michel Abecassis’s survival story continues. He opened from the cut off for 24,000 and was called by Tomi Aalto in the big blind. On the flop of 3♣3♠Q♥ both checked for a 3♦ turn. Aalto checked again but Abecassis bet 33,000, good to take the pot. His stack is now up to more than 300,000. – SB.

5.45pm: Riou Domi-nated
Julien Riou has been eliminated by Papesch Domi. Action folded around to Domi in the small blind and he set his short-stacked opponent all-in with A♣K♠. Domi looked down at A♠6♣ and snap-called. The board ran 10♦4♦9♥8♦J♦. -MC

5.40pm: Million chip man
Alexander Philip Roumeliotis is up to 1.1 million after eliminating Patrick Carron. All the chips went in pre-flop with Roumeliotis holding ace-jack to Carron’s king-jack. Roumeliotis flopped a straight on the [q][t][k] flop and the American failed to find the cards to chop. –MC

5.35pm: Hedlund on the slide
All is not well on planet Hedlund. “I need a beer now, desperately,” said the gregarious Swede. He had just been three-bet out of a pot pre-flop by Giuseppe Diep – Hedlund raised to 26,000, Diep re-raised to 70,000 and Hedlund folded.

It got worse a couple of hands later, though. Lars Magnussen was all in for about 20,000 and Hedlund called the small shove. Hedlund had A♣2♥ to Magnussen’s A♦6♥ and Hedlund thought they were due a split pot. But the board was mostly low and Magnussen won it. A small table beside Hedlund’s chair bore the brunt of his frustration.

Hedlund now has a short stack of his own. — HS

5.30pm: End of the road for Mercier
Is this the end of Jason Mercier’s hot streak? He has just been rivered by his Team PokerStars Pro colleague Thomas Bichon in a pot of close to 350,000. And the next hand he was out.


Jason Mercier: Out

It was folded to Mercier on the button and before acting, he asked Bichon, in the big blind, for a count. Bichon told him he was playing roughly 170,000. Mercier raised to 20,000 and after the small blind folded, Bichon thought for a while before moving all in.

“Can you give me an exact count?” Mercier said. It was precisely 171,000 and Mercier called. Bichon had been caught at it and was forced to show K♣4♥. Mercier had him dominated with K♠J♥.

The flop and turn looked like they would send Bichon to the door: 6♦Q♠5♦9♠ but the 4♠ on the river was the killer.


Thomas Bichon: On the up

That allowed Bichon to breathe again, but it put Mercier on the ropes. He moved all in after that with 5♣5♦, for his last 114,000. Paul Berende called with A♦10♦ and the board came 7♦A♠J♥Q♦8♦. If the ace wasn’t enough, Berende also made a flush.

Mercier, who took down the $25,000 Bounty Shootout at NAPT Mohegan Sun last week, is not going to win his second EPT. — HS

4.16pm: State of play
We’ll play the full five levels today regardless of how many players remain. But a noticeable drop in the elimination rate occurred in the last level, with just 15 eliminations rather than the 40 we’d grown accustomed to. — SB.

4.15pm: Back from the break
Players are returning from the break for the fourth level of day. 105 players remain.


Remember everyone, no flash

PokerStars blog reporting team in San Remo (in order of players still playing with their specific hair colour): Simon Young, Howard Swains, Marc Convey (Dull lifeless ‘dark’ hair: 74), Stephen Bartley (Vibrant red: 2).


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