EPT San Remo: Day 2, level 15 live updates (2,000-4,000, 400 ante)

April 18, 2010


9.30pm: Day done
That’s it. A full wrap is on its way, where you’ll find Dmitry Stelmak at the very top of the counts. He has 670,000; that’ll be your leader. Find out all the others in moments over on the chip count page. Can you wait that long? –HS

9pm: Last six hands
Tournament director Thomas Kremser has stopped the clock and announced all tables will be playing six more hands before play ends for today.

8.55pm: Chip leader to out
Michael Eerhart started today as chip leader but news has just reached us that he has recently been eliminated. From nearly a quarter of a million chips to out in less than six levels. –MC

8.50pm: Talk of a double-up
PokerStars qualifier and EPT live commentator Ilya Gorodetskiy has doubled-up through Ramzi Jelassi. Sat with only 60,400 he open shoved for 60,400 from under-the-gun. Jelassi called from the big blind but soon saw he was dominated. Gorodetskiy opened A♥K♠ to the Swede’s K♦Q♠. The board ran A♣2♠2♣3♦J♣. Jelassi down to 135,000. –MC

8.45pm: Bust outs and hunters
Luca Pagano is out. The key hand was the one reported at 8.15pm and he couldn’t stretch his short stack into day three. Humberto Brenes is also now on the rail, put there by Maurizio Baravalle’s A♦Q♦. (Brenes had K♣Q♣).

Much better news for Mattias de Meulder, who now has about 450,000. The other Team Pros in the field still are Sebastian Ruthenberg, Jason Mercier, Arnaud Mattern, ElkY, Jude Ainsworth, Nacho Barbero and Thomas Bichon.

The first four of those are also former EPT champions seeking that first double title. Also in that particular hunt are Allan Baekke, Harrison Gimbel and Thang Duc Nguyen. It could be on, folks, it could be on. — HS

8.35pm: Double up for Thorson
Dag Martin Mikkelsen was in the cut off and made it 10,000 only for Jens Thorson to make it 25,000. Call. The flop was 6♠3♠2♦ and Thorson bet 36,000. Mikkelsen raised up to 150,000. It effectively put Thorson all in – and he did just that. Mikkelsen called:
Thorson: J♥J♦
Mikkelsen: 7♥6♥
Nothing changed on the turn and river, and Thorson shot up to 310,000. Mikkelsen down to 70,000. — SY

8.30pm: Loud meets quiet
Peter Hedlund, by far the loudest gentleman in the room, has now moved to the same table as Jude Ainsworth, very likely the quietest person in the room. Team PokerStars Pro Ainsworth will be pleased this is the last level of the day. — SY


Jude Ainsworth

8.25pm: Angry Agrello
Maurizio Agrello was not a happy bunny after doubling-up Kevin Eyster. Agrello opened the pot with a raise to 12,000 from the cut-off before Eyster moved all-in for 70,000 from the next seat. Agrello thought for around two minutes and then made call for less than a third of his remaining stack. Showdown:

Eyster: 8♣10♣
Agrello: A♣K♠

The board ran 10♦3♣7♠4♣6♦. Eyster hit his ten to double-up much to the annoyance of Agrello. He shouted something over to a friends two tables along in a very animated manner and then sat down and shook his head for the next two minutes. –MC

8.22pm: ElkY speaks
And the proof is right here in this video…

8.20pm: Chip leader thwarted
Alexander Roumeliotis was in the small blind and opened to 14,000. In the big blind was another big stack in the shape of Steven Gross, who made it 38,100. Roumeliotis was not to be outdone, betting  90,000. But it did not end there – Gross moved all in for around 350,000.

Roumeliotis folded, and Gross showed the mighty Q-8 offsuit – as you do. Roumeliotis turned over one card, a red 8, and joked: “I had a kicker problem.”– SY

8.20pm: Bryn Kenney busts
Kenney made it 8,500 and was re-raised to 21,500 by Salim Ghozali, which Ronny Kaiser called. Kenney then moved all in and only Kaiser called:
Kenney: A♣Q♥
Kaiser: A♠K♣
The flop was an emphatic A♥4♣K♥, and the 5♥ turn and 10♣ river changed nothing. Kenney is out. — SY

8.15pm: Pagano in trouble
After another brilliant tournament as both player and organiser, Luca Pagano might not make the money. He’s just lost a fair chunk of his stack to Erik Tamm of Sweden, defending his big blind and going to a flop of Q♦9♠8♠. They made their way to a turn of 3♣ and Pagano check-called Tamm’s pot-sized bet of 26,000. The river came 5♣ and Pagano led at it for 37,000. Tamm looked as though he might actually fold here, but eventually called and forced Pagano to table his busted draw with A♠J♠. Tamm’s pocket aces were good.

Pagano has about 45,000 left. — HS

8pm: The last level
Don’t get us wrong, we do like poker, but we like players being eliminated even more. And today has been all about eliminations; so many that we barely saw the poker through all the whooping delight.

As we enter the last level of a six-level day, there are 226 players remaining. Let’s not forget, we started with 627, meaning we’ve lost 401 players in 375 minutes, an average of more than one every sixty seconds.

“That’s the way we roll,” says Luca Pagano.


Luca Pagano on day two at EPT San Remo


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