EPT San Remo: Day 2, level 14 live updates (1,500-3,000, 300 ante)

April 17, 2010


7.50pm: Break time
That’s the end of the level. Players are now taking a 15 minute break before playing the last level of the day.

7.50pm: Abecassis survives a little longer
Shortly after ElkY took chips from Ascari Michel Abecassis moved in behind an Allan Baekke raise. It was less than 30,000 which Baekke, admitted he was priced in to call, and Abecassis saw the funny side. He turned over J♣J♦ to Baekke’s A♥10♠.

The board ran 8♠7♠2♠10♦Q♥. Abecassis doubles up to around 60,000. – SB.

7.47pm: ElkY floors Ascari
On a board of 2♠Q♠A♥J♣2♥ Elky had bet 44,400 with a little more than 100,000 in the middle. Still in the hand with his was Luca Ascari, with an Italian rail bulging a few feet away.

Ascari took his time, irking a few players but called the bet before the floor could arrive to berate him as well. ElkY showed A♣J♥ to Ascari’s J♦Q♣. ElkY up to 300,000. – SB.

7.45pm: Little Thorson loses a chunk
Jens Thorson is down to around 90,000 after losing a chunk to Dutchman Ton Kleijnen. The river was out giving 6♣7♦Q♦8♣K♦ board and Kleijnen bet 35,000. Call. Kleijnen flipped over A♦6♦ for the nut flush and the pot. -MC

7.43pm: Flopped full-house no good
Salvatore Chillemi is out after flopping a full-house. Daniele Lanza was his opponent in the hand and it all went in pre-flop. Chillemi opened J♠J♥ to his countryman’s K♣K♦. The door card came J♦ but the next two cards were K♣K♥! The next to cards were irrelevant and we’re down another Italian down. –MC

7.41pm: Chop it
There was 95,000 in the middle for a pot that threatened to get huge. The board was J♠9♥6♥6♣ and Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier checked. Atanas Gueorguiev took a significant time before checking behind. On the 7♦ river Mercier checked again – and again Gueorguiev checked behind after some deliberation.

Gueorguiev turned over first, revealing A♥K♥ – and Mercier showed A♦K♣. Chop it up. – SY

7.40pm: Hedlund silenced – for now
Peter Hedlund, who has polished off the bottle of wine he received barely 30 minutes ago, was being told off by tournament staff for not stacking his chips. They were an ugly mess, and Dermot Blain for one was saying he wanted to know how much he could be playing against in a pot.

Hedlund is ‘refreshed’, and talking non stop. To the mighty relief of everyone around him, his table has now been broken and Hedlund is being dispatched to another part of the room. Pity the eight poor souls where he sits down. — SY


Peter Hedlund’s ‘stack’

7.35pm: Shark left hungry
Humberto Brenes is down to his last 20,000. He was facing a shove from Peter Krikkay on the button and turned to his neighbour asking: “Where are you from?” Krikkay said: “Hungary.” And Brenes, without missing a beat, said: “Ze shaaark iz ‘ungry.”


Ze chaark

Brenes called, but he was left only with fish-food when his A♣10♣ couldn’t connect with the flop and lost to Krikkay’s 6♣6♦. — HS


Humberto Brenes

7.30pm: Ruthenberg doubles
All the money went in on the turn, with four cards out: 4♣8♠4♠7♣. Sebastian Ruthenberg was one of the players getting his chips in and he had almost the same sized stack as Serge Madec. Ruthenberg’s hand was better, though. He had J♣J♦ to Madec’s 8♣5♥. The 2♦ on the river was good only for Ruthenberg. He has about 150,000 now. — HS

7.25pm: ElkY the action magnet
A huge crowd found its way to ElkY’s table – it’s where you’ll find a good deal of the chips, as well as Allan Baekke and the Team PokerStars Pro. Taken in isolation, this hand wasn’t really all that fascinating, but ElkY is such a magnet, no one can really resist.

He was one of three players paying about 7,100 to see a flop of K♣K♠3♠. Luca Ascani was under-the-gun, Domenico Tresa was in the big blind and ElkY in the cut off.

After the first two checked, ElkY bet 9,300. Only Tresa called and the two of them went to a 5♦ turn. Tresa checked and ElkY bet 18,700. Tresa dwelled for long enough that he ended up facing a floorman’s clock. But eventually he folded and ElkY, perhaps playing to the crowd, showed him a bare 9♣. I’ve no idea what that means. — HS

7.15pm: Luca ducks Nguyen
Among those in the running for a second EPT title is season three Baden winner Thang Duc Nguyen. He just featured in two hands albeit with good and bad fortune.

In the first hand he re-raised Erik Tamm’s button raise of 32,000 to 80,000 from the small blind, forcing a fold from Tamm. Nguyen showed him kings.

Then a bigger hand, this one featuring Team PokerStars Pro/ local legend/ crowd favourite/ boss, Luca Pagano who raised to 9,500 from under-the-gun. Nguyen was waiting in the cut off and called for a flop of K♦8♣6♠.

Pagano was first to act and bet 12,000. Nguyen called and the turn came 2♥. Both checked this time and got a 9♠ in return. By now crowds had gathered around the table, mostly folks who’d ignored the polite request not to invade the tournament area and had instead hurdled the barrier.

Pagano pushed in another 26,000. Nguyen announced call and Pagano turned over his A♦K♠. Nguyen showed nothing and paid off Pagano, who now moves up to 125,000. Nguyen still strong though, with around 400,000. – SB.

7.05pm: End of his Dias
Andre Dias’ tournament is over. He pushed his last 46,000 into middle when it was folded around to him on the button. PokerStars qualifier Michael Piper was at in the small blind and he re-raised all-in. The big blind folded pocket deuces to leave it as heads-up showdown:

Dias: A♠10♦
Piper: A♦J♦

The board ran A♥6♦2♣4♣9♣. Dias failed to hit his kicker, wished everyone luck and made his exit. –MC

7pm: Wasek down
A shout of disappointment from across the room reveals the crestfallen, huge figure of Artur Wasek, the Polishman who final tabled EPT Berlin. He won’t repeat that here, the shout was the man mountain’s roar as he exited the tournament.– SY

6.55pm: Aces unchallenged
Kevin Eyster made it 19,400 pre-flop and was called by one-time chip leader Alexey Rybin. Matteo Andrea Grimaldi then moved all in for 167,000 – more than enough to send the other two packing. Grimaldi showed A♠A♣. — SY

6.50pm: Ciao El Bona
For all the much storied efforts of Luca Pagano, Dario Minieri et al., the moment Italian poker really hit the headlines was in Prague in December 2008 and a final table that has etched itself into the memory of all EPT followers.

Of the eight players, three were Italian, including the final two. Salvatore Bonavena outlasted Massimo di Cicco heads up to become the first – and still the only – Italian EPT champion. How the bleachers bellowed and bustled.

With approximately a third of the San Remo field being Italian, hopes were high that they might crown their second EPT champion this week. But if they do, it won’t be Mr Bonavena. He is now entertaining the crowds in the bar area, still a legend but now on the rail. — HS


Salvatore Bonavena in San Remo

6.40pm: Giaroni still dreaming
Gianni Giaroni has doubled his stack up to 75,000. He moved all-in from mid-position and was called by Jimmy Tobias Ostensson in the next seat. Giaroni tabled K♣Q♥ to the Swede’s pocket tens and the board ran 8♠K♥7♦7♥K♦. Giaroni’s supporters were delighted he made a full-house to keep his hopes alive. –MC

6.30pm: The chase to the bubble
Let’s get on with this one. With all these players marching out the door, someone has to be getting their chips. At the break, it looked like the principal benefactors are this little lot:

Allan Baekke – 510,000
Ramzi Jelassi – 500,000
Jakob Karlsson – 470,000
Dermot Blain – 410,000
Alexey Rybin – 400,000
Otto Sandstrom – 400,000

This is the penultimate level of the day as we will end when we reach the close of level 15. Currently there are 275 players remaining, which represents a quite staggering rate of eliminations, even taking into account our location. We could easily reach the bubble of 185. — HS

Mattias De Meulder, the Team PokerStars Pro from Belgium, is also still continuing:


Mattias de Meulder

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of predictions for players left at the end of the day): Marc Convey (199), Stephen Bartley (187), Howard Swains (187), Simon Young (185).


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