EPT San Remo: Day 2, level 12 updates (1,000-2,000, 200 ante)

April 17, 2010


4.46pm: Level over
15 minute break before we’re back for level 13.

4.46pm: Cascarino out
Tony Cascarino got his 40,000 all in with J♣Q♣ on a 6♠9♣2♣ board but was up against Bardetsky Stanislav’s pocket kings. The flush did not appear on the A♠ turn or 10♠ river and the former pro footballer was off. — SY

4.45pm:Mercier triples-up
Not Jason but Isabelle Mercier has tripled-up. She and Enrico Castaldi were similarly short-stacked and moved all-in pre-flop and got custom from the larger stacked Oliva Alioscia. Three-way show down:

Mercier: [a][a]
Castalsi: [8][8]
Alioscia: Q♥Q♠

The board ran 7♣10♣J♦4♣6♥ to send the 85,000 Mercier’s way. Castalsi had a slightly shorter stack than the Canadina and was eliminated. –MC

4.40pm: Huge pot for Thang Nguyen
We go on and on about the chance of there being a double EPT champion. Thang Duc Nguyen is not often a name that comes out that often in those discussions, but the former EPT Baden winner (season 3) is putting on a charge today, now up to 310,000.

Much of that came just now when Filippo Bisceglia, an Italian, bluffed off his entire stack to the German.

The flop was 8♥6♦Q♠ and Bisceglia bet 12,000. Nguyen raised that up to 25,000, and then Bisceglia, an Italian, moved all in – for around 100,000 total.

“All in?” asked Nguyen. “I call!”

And he turned over Q♦Q♣ for the flopped set. “Yessss!” he shouted triumphantly. Even more so when Bisceglia could only show A♦7♥.

The 3♦ turn settled it, and the 3♥ river filled up Nguyen’s full house. — SY

4.40pm: McPhee pays the price
Kevin McPhee is out of EPT San Remo. On a flop of 4♠3♠J♣ the money went in, McPhee’s first, backed by A♠2♠ for flush and straight draws. Calling was Per Albin Linde, armed with K♠10♠ which made for a pot worth 240,000.

“I’m drawing dead,” said Linde prematurely as the turn card immediately brought a 10♣ to make a pair for Linde. A blank river sent McPhee to the rail. If there is to be a double winner in San Remo, it won’t be the champion from Berlin. – SB.

4.35pm: Bertrand and Baekke
Allan Baekke and Bertrand Grospellier just strolled through a pot together, Baekke starting things by making it 4,000 to go from the cut off, ElkY then calling from the big blind.

The flop came 10♠A♥5♦ which both checked. On the K♣ turn card both checked again. Then on the 4♠ river ElkY bet 5,700 getting an insta-fold from Baekke. No messing. – SB.

4.30pm: Sevens come from behind for Vinklarek
Poker puts you through the ringer. It’s a game of agonising decisions, possibly costing or making you thousands, and taking one path over another can sometimes mean the difference between reaching the Emerald City, or having your eyes pecked out by flying monkeys. Metaphorically, of course.

But it’s also a game that can offer second chances, and “wrong” decisions can turn out to be “right”. Take this example of a hand between Ondrej Vinklarek and Ryan Bambrick, where Vinklarek went through all the emotions attendant on any specific hand, then ended it with elation tempered perhaps by a nagging sense of guilt.

Vinklarek had a single yellow chip out in front of him – a raise to 5,000 from the button. Ryan Bambrick, from the big blind, had a far bigger pile of chips in front of him – a total of 102,000, comfortably covering Vinklarek.

Vinklarek took a long, long while to think about calling for his tournament life, but eventually did throw out all his remaining chips and turned over 7♣7♦. Bambrick opened his 8♥8♣.

Vinklarek was devastated and the vultures began to circle. But the dealer emerged on his side and the window card was 7♥. The rest of the board ran 10♣2♥3♠J♥. Vinklarek thumped the table and Bambrick began the process of counting out the chips to hand over. — HS

4.15pm: Luca news…Luca news…Luca news…
We’ve been treated this week at Casino San Remo to a ticker service running on screens in the press room updating us on eliminations and major double ups. The service is being provided by a team of Italian oompa loompas, hired by Pagano Events, the empire of the Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano.

There must have been rejoicing in the ranks at this nugget on the breaking news feed: “Luca Pagano double up, 99 against A-9. Luca on 80,000 chips now, table 15.”


Luca Pagano

I guess that’s self explanatory. Thanks for the service, Luca. — HS

4.10pm: Help from Holland
Team PokerStars Pro Joep van den Bijgaart was one of the players that helped James Demspsey reach the 300,000 mark. The two players were heads-up with the board reading Q♠A♦8♥5♠ and Dempsey (big blind) check-called a 18,800 bet from Van Den Bijgaart (mid-position). Both checked the 2♥ river and Dempsey’s A♣J♠ beat the Dutchman’s 6♠6♥. Vab Den Bijgaart down to 120,000. –MC

4pm: Up the English
Two English players are sharing the same table quite happily. James Dempsey is going along very nicely, now with around 300,000, while Liv Boeree has just doubled up to more than 90,000.

Urs Kohler started it off, min raising to 4,000 under the gun. Boeree called from the seat to his left. On the 4♣9♠3♦ flop Kohler made it 9,000 and Boeree flatted. The turn was A♥ and both checked. On the J♠ river Kohler made it 17,000 and Boeree moved all in for 41,000 total. Call!

Kohler: 4♠4♥ for the flopped set
Boeree: 9♥9♦ for the higher flopped set. — SY

3.55pm: Another one bites the dust
Francesco Trimboli does the walk of shame. He pushed for his last 25,000 with A♥10♦ but was called by Holger Kanisch with 9♣9♠. Trimboli was playing catch-up, but the board ran J♦2♥J♥9♥2♣ sent him packing. — SY

3.50pm: Monte Carlo for Moreira de Melo
On a board of 6♣Q♣5♥2♠ Fatima Moreira de Melo was about to be eliminated, only she didn’t know it yet.

She’d made it 22,000 to go, before Giuseppe Pantaleo raised her all-in. Moreira de Melo called showing K♣K♦ but had run into Pantaleo’s 3♥4♥ straight.

Pantaleo was apologetic. “I’m sorry,” he said. “It was the perfect turn.”

Moreira de Melo found no cause for him to apologise. “It’s okay,” she said. “That’s what you get for slow playing.”


Fatima Moreira de Melo: out

Moreira de Melo then wished players good luck and left for the rail. – SB.

3.45pm: Swede on Swede
Welcome to all casual Google surfers looking for some hot Scandinavian action. You got it. Ramzi Jelassi has just soared to 302,000 after knocking out his fellow Swede Anton Wigg. Wigg, who won in Copenhagen recently, has lost some of his mojo: he bluffed all in on a board of 8♠8♦4♣J♦A♣. One problem: Jelassi had A♠8♣.

What, you don’t mean that kind of hot Swede on Swede action? — HS

3.35pm: Back for more carnage
Players are filtering back for the start of level 12. We’ve had two 75-minute levels and already the 620 starting field has shrunk to just 414. A tap into our trusty PokerStars Blog HQ calculator reveals that is a death rate of 1.4 players every minute!

Alexey Rybin is our current chip leader with 380,000, but not far behind is Team PokerStars Pro ElkY on 360,000.

Our Swedish blogger, Lina Olofsson, chatted to ElkY at the break (goodness knows how he understood her), and he revealed: “I am sick.” Not ill, just sick in the poker sense. He has busted two players already, adding to the alarming rate of attrition.

Here’s a photo of Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes, still going strong on around 65,000. — SY


PokerStars Blog reporting team, in order of next birthday: Simon Young (today – yippppeeee), Marc Convey (who cares), Stephen Bartley (about any), Howard Swains (of them).


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