EPT Prague: Tournament rules

December 01, 2009


The measured, calming tones of the EPT Tournament Director Thomas Kremser welcomed us to Prague this afternoon and ran through the details of today’s play.

As has become standard, we’ll be playing eight one-hour levels with no dinner break, taking us through to about 8.45pm. There will be a three 15-minute breaks, after levels two, four and six. And then it’s off into the night for flagons of pils.

Players begin with stacks of 30,000 chips and the blinds are at 50-100 for the first level. The full tournament structure can be seen on the EPT tournament structure page.

Our coverage on PokerStars blog works like this. For the first couple of days, we’ll be interspersing live hand updates with feature posts. This kind of thing is what we mean by hand updates, and this is what we mean by features. Look out for everything throughout the day.

We have approximate chip counts from some of the notable players over at the chip count page, which are updated regularly and will become full and exhaustive at the end of the day.

A crack (cracked?) team of video bloggers are out and about, chatting to players, recording hands and generally interjecting, all in the name of PokerStars.tv. Head on over there for televisual needs.

Other than that, sit back and enjoy the frolics.



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