EPT Prague: The best Who’s Who list in the world….ever!

December 02, 2009


The “who’s playing” post has become a staple of PokerStars Blog’s EPT main event coverage, so much so that we’re thinking of releasing a “Best Of The PokerStars Blog’s Who’s Playing Today At This EPT” compilation album.

If we did, today’s “Who’s Playing Today At This EPT” post would be track one: it’s a dyed in the wool, stone-wall, bona fide classic. It might, in fact, be the Best Who’s Playing Today At This EPT Post In The World …. EVER!

Really. Cop a load of this.

Playing today:

Boris Becker: Former tennis great and PokerStars SportStar
ElkY: His mother possibly still calls him Bertrand, but for everyone else he’s simply four letters of fear.
Dario Minieiri: The Italian tyrant has the highest ratio of column inches : physical inches of any poker player. Diminutive but utterly brilliant copy.
William Thorson: Just call him William. It will be enough.
Johnny Lodden: Fresh from a Sunday Million final table, the Norwegian Team PokerStars Pro is another irresistible EPT force.
Sebastian Ruthenberg: EPT Barcelona champion, bracelet winner, and arguably the best player from the newest hotbed of poker talent.
Jude Ainsworth: Team PokerStars Pro’s Irish star.
Noah Boeken: Former EPT Copenhagen champion and another Dutch master.
Rino Mathis: Another recent Team PokerStars Pro recruit, a Swiss on a roll.
Carter Phillips: Rarely has an EPT field been so ruthlessly demolished as it was in Barcelona this season. The destroyer? Carter Phillips.
Benny Spindler: What does it take to get Annette Obrestad on tilt? It’s not easy, unless you’re the uber-aggressive Benny Spindler.
Luca Pagano: It simply isn’t an EPT without Pagano – and the significant chances are that he’ll go very deep.
Thierry van den Berg: Most of the Dutch contingent player yesterday; today’s hopes are in the more than capable hands of Van den Berg.
Darus Suharto: World Series Main Event Final table? “Been there,” says Suharto…
Alexander Kravchenko: …”Yeah, I’ve been there too,” say the Russian Team PokerStars Pro…
Huck Seed: … “Me too,” says Seed, who won the big dance in 1995, among five bracelet-winning tournaments.
Jeff Sarwer: The way the former chess prodigy is going, he’s going to be topping these who’s who lists within months.
Tomas Brolin: Former Swedish international footballer, who last week celebrated his 40th birthday. More to celebrate in Prague?
Vikash Dhorasoo: Another former international footballer, this time from France.
Salvatore Bonavena: El Bona himself; the defending EPT Prague champion.

And that’s before we even mention the former EPT Vienna champion Pascal Perrault, the online tournament phenom Laurence “rivermanl” Houghton, the British bracelet winner Praz Bansi, the French EPT dervishes Ludovic Lacay and Antony Lellouche, this year’s highest placed female finisher at the WSOP Leo Margets, and any number of other superstars, who will no doubt surface before the day is done.

Hold on.



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