EPT Prague: Final table, level 30, 31 &32 updates (blinds 100,000-200,000)

December 18, 2010


9pm: Roberto Romanello wins EPT Prague and €640,000
Roberto Romanello opened to 575,000 from the button and Emiliano Bono three-bet to 2.475 million. Romanello quickly announced that he was all-in and his Italian counterpart made the call just as quickly.

Romanello turned over 10♠10♣ and Bono showed A♦J♣ to set up a huge race for the title. Romanello looked understandably apprehensive given how well Bono has flipped in the last couple of days. To be fair to Bono he had been a game opponent and had gambled when he felt he had to. This was to prove the biggest flip of all.

The flop dropped down 10♦4♣4♦ giving Romanello tens full and the Italian Bono very few outs. The 5♥ on the turn sealed it and the Welshman burst into tears overcome with emotion, unable to see the 4♥ dealt to the river. It was a fair result and Bono gave Romanello a hearty handshake with a wide smile, as he should given that he takes home €435,000 himself.

A very worthy winner, Romanello takes the trophy, glory and €640,000 – or will when he can dry his eyes. Amazing scenes.

A full wrap of today’s final will be with you shortly. — RD

8.50pm: Romanello wins
Romanello wins a race to take down EPT Prague – details to come! — SY

8.47pm: Bono bets for the pot
Roberto Romanello raised to 475,000 on the button and Emiliano Bono called to go to the 6♥5♦7♦ flop where he check-called the Welshman’s 625,000 continuation bet. Both checked the J♥ turn before a 500,000 Bono bet on the 8♥ river was good to get Romanello to fold. — MC

8.38pm: No change in chips as blinds go up
As we go into the 100,000-200,000 level we find ourselves at pretty much the same spot as when the heads up began. Roberto Romanello is on just shy of 11 million and Emiliano Bono is on 6 million. Bono won the last pot before the blinds increased with 6♥7♣ on a 5♥7♥8♠3♣8♣ flop. Bono check-called 160,000 on the flop and a further 160,000 on the river. Romanello showed pocket deuces. — RD

8.30pm: Three-betting or no betting
Emiliano Bono treated Roberto Romanello to a bit of the old three-betting before the Welshman did it right back to him the next hand. Neither player had the goods to continue and folded.

The next hand Romanello limped in from the button and Bono checked. Both players checked down the Q♠5♥10♥K♦2♠ board. Bono showed an ace but Romanello took the pot with 5♣3♦. — MC

8.20pm: Another one for Bono
Emiliano Bono just three-bet Roberto Romanello’s 355,000 button raise to 855,000. Romanello dragged his cards towards him and looked at them again before tossing them towards the dealer. He never really looked like playing on.

Apart from that hand it has mainly been raise and takes. — RD

8.15pm: Romanello gets some back
Roberto Romanello has won his first post-flop pot of this heads-up duel. He raised to 370,000 from the button and Emiliano Bono called to go to the 8♦6♥2♣ flop. The action was checked to the 9♥ turn where Bono led for 420,000. Call. The river came A♥ and the Italian check-folded to Romanello’s 1.135 million bet. — MC

8.10pm: Bono slowly catching up
Emiliano Bono is slowly catching up with Roberto Romanello. A few blinds have been traded with button raises and both post-flop pots being pushed towards the Italian. A simple 450,000 continuation bet on a 3♣A♣7♠ flop was enough to win one pot while Bono check-raised the turn of a 3♠2♠5♣A♥ board from 175,000 to 420,000. Romanello passed. — RD

8pm: Bono wins the first pot
The first hand of heads-up play went to the Italian, Emiliano Bono. He raised to 380,000 from the button and Roberto Romanello called. There was no more betting until the river when the board read 4♦3♣3♦9♥K♦ and Bono bet 450,000 when checked to him. Romanello folded quickly. — MC

7.54pm: Running
Heads-up play has begun

7.45pm: Heads up stacks
We’ve had a small break before the heads up with Roberto Romanello leading with 10.13 million and Emiliano Bono chasing with 6.8 million. — RD

7.40pm: Bono bounces Horecki
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has been eliminated in third place by the charmed Emiliano Bono. Bono raised to 385,000 from the button and quickly called once Horecki moved all-in for about 1.5 million chips. Romanello folded from the big blind in between.

Horecki: A♥K♣
Bono: A♣J♦

The board ran 10♣A♦8♥2♥J♠. There was a stunned silence rather than the usual raucous celebrations from the Italian. He offered his condolences to the understandably gutted Horecki before the reality that he’s heads-up for an EPT title set in. Horecki is €247,000 richer but he’ll just be think of what could’ve been for the moment. — MC


Marcin Horecki looks stunned…


… before Emiliano Bono and Roberto Romanello offer commiserations

7.35pm: Horecki out…
… details coming.

7.32pm: Horecki in real trouble
Marcin Horecki is down to around 1.6 million, just ten big blinds while Roberto Romanello has regained a convincing chip lead. Horecki had limped from the small blind and Romanello had checked. Both players checked the flop before Horecki led 180,000 into the 9♦10♦K♣4♦ board and Romanello raised it up to 595,000. Horecki made the call.

The Team PokerStars Pro checked the A♠ river and Romanello slowly stacked out 1.495 million and pushed it across the line. While Horecki didn’t snap call he didn’t take long to push 15 green and black 100,000 chips forward. Romanello showed J♦3♦ for the flush. — RD

7.20pm: Romanello doubles Bono
Earlier on we saw Marco Leonzio snap call for his tournament life with queen-jack and now Emilliano Bono has done the same. He raised to 370,000 from the button before calling all-in when Romanello shoved.

Bono: Q♦J♣
Romanello: A♥10♠

The board ran J♠5♥3♦K♥10♦ to double Bono up to just over six million. Romanello drops back to 7.5million. — MC

7.12pm: Horecki staying focused
Marcin Horecki looks like a man fighting the effects of final table frustration. The Team PokerStars Pro is in a horrible spot at the moment with Roberto Romanello on his left. While Bono seems largely content to pass a lot of hands their equal stack sizes means that the Pole has to be extra careful when raising from the small blind into Romanello’s big blind as the Welshman is more than happy to either apply pressure pre-flop with his monster stack or call in position.

Either way it’s not great for Horecki.

Here’s a quick video update from the man himself… — RD

7pm: Off again
Three-handed play has restarted and we’re now on huge blinds of 80,000-160,000 and a 20,000 ante. — SY

6.42pm: Break
That’s the end of the level. We’re now on a 15-minute break. — SY

6.38pm: The scores on the doors
A quick appraisal of the chip stacks shows that Roberto Romanello is leading with around 10 million chips to Horecki’s 3 million and Emilliano Bono’s 3.6 million. If Romanello should be the next player to win a large all-in he would have an almost unassailable lead in the heads up. Should Horecki double through he stands a great chance to take on Romanello. If it’s Bono who makes it to the heads-up he will have to open up his game, he’s been playing incredibly tight and has been managing to find hands when absolutely necessary. — RD


Martin Horecki

6.25pm: Great call by Romanello
Roberto Romanello just made a great call against Marcin Horecki to seize firm control over this finale. He raised to 245,000 from the button and Horecki defended from the big blind to see the Q♣6♣7♠ flop where the action went check-check. The turn came 5♥ and Horecki took over the initiative with a 265,000 bet was soon facing a raise to 575,000. Call.

The river came an interesting looking 2♣ and Horecki led for 680,000. This sent Romanello so deep into the tank he needed a special blind of nitrox to keep breathing. He emerged and made the call. “Nice call,” said Horecki as he slid his cards into the muck. Romanello tabled 9♦7♦ to take the pot and move to over 11 million in chips. Horecki was left with 3.2 million and Bono is still singing with 3.8 million. — MC

6.15pm: Three, two, one…
We’re still waiting for that car crash to take place with the last six pots being settled pre-flop. Roberto Romanello has taken three post, Emilliano Bono two and Marcin Horecki just one. — RD

6.12pm: How do we get home
Team PokerStars Blog is starting to get seriously concerned about how we get home, with snow causing chaos at airports back in the UK. I don’t want to spend Christmas in Prague. — SY

6.10pm: Romanello gets value
Roberto Romanello managed to get some value out of Marcin Horecki on the river with a sneaky little bet. The pot started with a Horecki small blind completion and a Romanello check to a 2♥5♦10♥ flop. Horecki check-called a 180,000 bet here and a 335,000 on the 8♥ turn. The river came 9♠ and Romanello bet a relatively small 205,000 prompting the Pole to say: “Why so much?”

Romanello didn’t respond and Horecki made the call after thinking for another minute. Romanello tabled Q♠9♥ for a rivered pair and it was enough as Horecki folded. — MC


Roberto Romanello

5.57pm: Nothing to see here
After pointing out that more people were watching the €300 Random Bounty tournament a few feet away, Marcin Horecki made a bet that stuck, the first in a while, getting a call from Emilliano Bono in the big blind. The flop came J♣10♦8♣ which both players checked for a9♦ on the turn. Again Bono checked to Horecki who bet 330,000. Bono passed. – SB

5.52pm: Dynamics
It’s an interesting three-way dance here with Marcin Horecki and Roberto Romanello both seeming to be chasing the win more then Emilliano Bono. It makes for some interesting dynamics, particularly between Horecki and Romanello.

Romanello opened for 300,000 from the button and was called in the big blind by Horecki. The Team PokerStars Pro led 305,000 into the 5♠3♣3♠ flop and Romanello grabbed two large stacks of orange 25,000 chips and raised to 1.275 million. Horecki passed. Romanello is on a little over 7 million now. — RD

4.42pm: Cagey play
The first few hands of three-handed play has been a cagey affair. No flop has been seen and only one raise was put in. The other three hands were all walks for the big blind. It won’t stay that way for long. — MC

5.37pm: Down to three
Scratch another. Peter Skripka is our fourth-place finisher, calling the all-in move of Marcin Horecki. Horecki, in the small blind, showed K♠10♠. Skripka in the big blind showed 7♣K♥.

There was no messing around with the board, a straightforward flop of 10♣10♥2♠ to give Horecki a set. The turn A♦[ and river J♥ made no difference. Skripka out. Horecki up to around 5,500,000. — SB


Peter Skripka

5.34pm: Man down, man down!
Details to come, but his first name is Peter. His last is Skripka. — SY

5.30pm: Players are back from break
The four remaining players are back in their seats after the short break. Check the chip counts here. With just under 17 million chips in play we have 140 big blinds left on the table. — RD

ept prague_final table_snow.jpg

The PokerStars Blog’s enemy: snow is nobbling our flight home

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT Prague (in order of what type of cake they would be): Rick Dacey (Cheesecake), Simon Young (Currant bun), Marc Convey (Fishcake) and Stephen Bartley (Gingerbread). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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