EPT Prague: Day 3, level 18 updates

December 04, 2009


Updates from day 3, level 18 of EPT Prague, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc “The Conv” Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest selected chip counts are on the chip count page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. Full details of the payout structure and prizewinners is on the payout structure and prizewinners page.

Level 18: 4,000-8,000 (1,000 ante)

5.55pm: And relax…
Yet another level drifts by. Players are taking another break.

5.50pm: Avit-then Avitan
On a flop of 2♣5♦J♣ Eyal Avitan made it 42,500 from under the gun. Konstantin Maslak called for a 5♥ on the turn. But Avitan likes to use big guns and made it 79,500 to play. Too rich for Maslak who passed.

5.45pm: Holik out
Czech player Jiri Holik is all in for 82,000 and finds a caller in Konstantin Maslak. But he will wish he hadn’t:
Holik: 10♠10♣
Maslak: J♥Q♥
The board ran a rather convincing J♣J♦2♠K♣7♦, and that was that.

5.40pm: Eiler ups
Not sure how this happened yet, but Andreas Eiler has come from nowhere to having more than 900,000. A double must have come his way. Will chase.

5.35pm: Priyan de Man
Priyan de Mel has doubled up. He opened for 20,000 under the gun plus one and was called by Eyal Avitan. Then it got to Jerome Zerbib who raised to 90,000. De Mel moved all in for a further 95,000, forcing Avitan to pass. Zerbib called though showing A♣Q♣ to De Mel’s K♦K♠. The board came: 9♥10♠3♠4♣5♣. De Mel up to 370,000 as the table breaks.


Priyan de Mel

5.30pm: Bubble-time
Remember the bubble? No? Well refresh your memory then:

Watch EPT 6 Prague: Bubbletime on PokerStars.tv

5.25pm: Horecki getting back on track
Yury Kerzhapkin is one of the latest fallers in the continuing flurry of bust-outs. Marcin Horecki opened the pot with a 17,000 raise from the cut-off that was called by both blinds to see the 6♣2♥3♠ flop. Bastian Trachte led out for 38,000 before both players moved all in behind him forcing him to fold. Trachte’s was only for 59,000 but Horecki’s was for 174,000. Trachte’s had 2♠4♣, somewhat behind [Horecki’s J♦J♥. The turn came 10♥ and river 6♦ to end it for the Russian. Horecki’s stack is back on right track and up to 330,000.


Marcin Horecki

5.20pm: Crashing and burning
The tournament cash-desk crew had a leisurely first few hours today, but in the past hour or so the eliminations have been coming so thick and fast that there are sparks coming out of their abacuses.

Only 41 players now remain, which means 12 have busted in the first 30 minutes of level 18. A couple of them went like this:

Kristoffer Edberg’s nines lost to Juha Lauttamus’s kings. Lauttamus opened for a standard raise of 22,000, a player to his left called, and Edberg moved in for 200,000. Lauttamus called and those cowboys were good on a blank board.


Kristoffer Edberg

Moments later, Michael Schulz followed Edberg to the cash desk when he re-raised all in over the top of Laurence Ryan’s pre-flop raise. Schulz’s 8♠8♥ was outraced by Ryan’s A♠K♣ on a board that came 10♥A♥9♠5♥2♣.

5.18pm: Skampa doubles
Home favourite Jan Skampa has put himself in a great position to make a deep run. The student from Prague is now on more than 650,000 thanks to this double up.

He made it 16,000 from the cut-off, Zbib Ayman re-raised to 60,000 from the small blind, and then Skampa pushed all-in for 325,000 total. Insta call from Ayman, and they were on their backs:

Skampa: A♣A♥
Ayman: Q♥Q♣

The board ran 6♦3♣K♦K♣4♠ and Skampa raked in the lot. Ayman, meanwhile, was left with small change only.

5.15pm: Fort Boyard
On a board of K♠6♣7♦A♣ Sebastien Boyard made it 35,000 which Eyal Avitan check-called in the big blind for a Q♠ on the river. Avitan bet 75,000 which Boyard called showing A♦7♥. Avitan mucked and Boyard banged the table in celebration. He’s up to 450,000 now.

5.12pm: Pagano power
Luca Pagano opened for 18,000 which Marcin Horecki raised 35,000 more form the big blind. Pagano called for a flop of 3♣10♥5♠. Horecki now started counting out a bet. “Don’t count too much,” joked Pagano as Horecki made it 50,500 to play. Pagano immediately announced he was all-in, prompting Horecki to fold. Pagano up to 650,000 now.


Luca Pagano

5.10pm: Queens outrun
Andrej Nagy bets and is met by a 213,000 all-in from Evgeniy Zaytsev. Call! Q♥Q♦ for Nagy, and 8♣8♦ for Zaytsev. The latter lets out a little yelp after seeing that, but he was much happier when the board ran K♠7♠6♠8♠J♦. He’s up to 430,000 while Nagy slips to 75,000.

5.05pm: Not this time, Pieter
Frank Calo, a PokerStars qualifier from the US, bet out from under the gun but Team PokerStars Pro Pieter de Korver made it 24,000 more. Calo thought for a while, then went to push his remaining 150,000 over the line.
Before he’d done that, de Korver’s cards were already in the muck.

5.02pm: Double de Mel
Priyian de Mel has been looking for a spot to get his chips in but that can be difficult when the table is aggressive and you don’t have that much fold equity. So when it was folded around to him on the button he open pushed for 85,000. Marcin Horecki cold called from the next seat and it looked as if the big blind was interested but he folded. De Mel stood up and sighed as he opened 4♣5♣ and saw Horecki’s A♥10♥. He needed not to worry though as the board ran 3♦9♣5♠K♣3♥ to pair his five for a double through to around 180,000.

5.00pm: Raising raising raising
Yann Brosolo and Jerome Zerbib just got into a pretty big pre flop raising war and it looked at one point as if we were going to have our first pot worth over a million. Brosolo opened with a raise to 17,500 before Zerbib three-bet to 60,000. Brosolo tried to use his chip lead stack with a four-bet to 155,000 but Zerbib was having none of it and five-bet to 350,000. Brosolo though for a while but ultimately folded

4.55pm: Levi all-in
Nicolas Levi just moved all-in for 106,000. Gustav Ekerot was next to him and called. J♣8♠ for Levi, A♥K♥ for Ekerot. The board brought relief and then disappointment: J♦2♠10♣5♥A♦. That’s Levi out.


Nicolas Levi

4.50pm: Tero-fied
On a flop of 7♥Q♠8♦ both Juha Lauttamus and Tero Huttula checked for a 10♦ on the turn. Huttula then bet 18,000 which Lauttamus raised another 51,000 on top. Huttula passed. “Good fold” said Lauttamus, showing ten-eight..

4.35pm: Level over gallery
The 54 remaining players are on a 10-minute break, giving us the chance to take a look at a gallery of bewitching Prague at night, courtesy of Neil Stoddart.







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