EPT Prague: Day 3, level 17 updates

December 04, 2009


Updates from day 3, level 17 of EPT Prague, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc “The Conv” Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest selected chip counts are on the chip count page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. Full details of the payout structure and prizewinners is on the payout structure and prizewinners page.

Level 17: 3,000-6,000 (500 ante)

4.40pm: Break it up
Level 17 is consigned to the history books. Time to look forward instead to level 18. That’ll be in a few minutes.

4.35pm: Nice call, sir
On a K♠10♦K♦9♦ board Daniel Drescher bets 15,500, then calls when Jiri Holik makes it 20,000 more. On the 6♦ river Holik bets 50,000, and Drescher, with only around 85,000 left makes a great call – no sooner had he pushed his chips over the line than Holik had mucked.

4.30pm: Tsyfanskiy flushed out
Fabrizio Baldassari has just accounted for David Tsyfanskiy after both players flopped top pair aces but Tsyfanskiy rivered the flush. They both checked the flop of 4♦A♦10♥ but then Tsyfanskiy moved all in for his last 100,000 on the 4♥ turn. Baldassari called and tabled A♥7♥, which was behind Tsyfanskiy’s A♣9♠. But the 3♥ rivered and Tsyfanskiy whimpered like an ailing puppy. Baldassari’s supporters’ “Vamos,” was suitably muted.

4.25pm: Rui the day
Rui Cao’s stack never recovered from losing that 400,000 pot earlier and now he’s been eliminated. Jakob Carlsson opened with a raise before Cao moved all in from the button. Call. Carlsson opened A♥J♥ to Cao’s Q♦K♣ and the board ran 8♣K♥8♥3♥9♠. Something for everyone on the flop but a little more of something for Carlsson on the turn. Flush good for the Swede to rake in the pot.

4.22pm: The Lauttamus system
Every time I stop by Juha Lauttamus’s table he has more chips, but when I watch him play a hand he seems to lose a load. It’s like he has a trust fund of something. Well, that stops here (and also in a previous hand we reported, but you get the point.)

On a board of Q♠J♣9♦2♣ Lauttamus made it 63,000 which Kristoffe Edberg, who’s been duelling with Lauttamus all day, called for a 9♣ on the river. Both check that and Lauttamus scooped a big pot with Q♦J♠. That took the Finn to 650,000.

Back to usual on the next hand though, a bet of 16,500 from under the gun by Lauttamus which George Secara called for a flop of 6♥10♥J♦. Lauttamus made it 22,500 which Secara raised to 50,000. That’s enough of that. Fold.

4.20pm: Lewis on the move
Shout out here for members of the Blonde Poker forum in the UK, who are cheering on Brit Toby Lewis. Lewis started with 191,600 chips today, and is now the proud owner of 510,000. A chunk of that came just now in a hand against the chip leader Yann Brosolo (now on around 690,000). Brosolo bet 16,500 and that was called by Lewis from the big blind. Both checked the K♥9♥4♦ flop, but on the 2♦ turn Lewis made it 21,500 – call. On the 3♠ river he reached for 58,000 and tossed them in the middle.  Brosolo thought about it, then thought about it some more before calling.

Lewis: 9♦9♠ for the set
Brosolo: K♦6♦ for top pair and missed flush

Happy days for Lewis.


Toby Lewis

4.15pm: Going Apo
Apo Arslan is all for 62,000, and gets a call from Dario Nittolo, who’s A♠Q♦ is crushing the all-in’s A♥10♥. The board ran 7♥4♦Q♠Q♥J♣ and Arslan is no more.

4.10pm: Italians
Do you remember the first Italian winner of an EPT event? Yep, it was right here last year in Prague, and in this video Dario Minieri remembers the day:

4.00pm: Bit chilly in here
There was a raise from Karl Heinz Klose in first position that Jan Skampa called from mid position along with both blinds. Skampa took up the initiative on the K♦3♣3♥ flop but he soon folded after Roberto Masullo called from the big blind and Klose raised to 45,000. The small blind had folded in the middle of this but there was no folding for the remaining two players after the turn came 6♦. Masullo moved all in with 10♠3♦ and was snap called by Klose with K♠K♥. The river blanked and Masullo made a quiet and dignified exit. Hold on a minute, Masullo’s Italian. What am I talking about? What really happened was that he jumped out of his seat, cursed the heavens in his native tongue all while moving his hands back and forth from his mouth. Klose up to 350,000 as a result.

3.55pm: All in bluffing
Jerome Zerbib raised to 16,000 from the hijack seat, Fabrizio Baldassari called on the button and Tomas Macnamara also came along from the small blind. The flop came A♥2♦10♦ and Macnamara checked. Zerbib bet 20,000 and after Baldassari folded, Macnamara called. The turn was 3♥ and Macnamara checked again, then was faced with another 45,000 from Zerbib. On the 3♥ river, Macnamara checked for a third time, and for a third time Zerbib bet. It was an all in move, covering Macnamara’s stack. The young British player thought about a call, counting his chips, but then folded. He was shown 7♠9♠ for the stone-cold nothing, drawing approving coos from the crowd.

3.50pm: Squeezing
Juha Lauttamus opened for a standard late position raise but George Secara, from the button, bumped it up to 46,000. That awoke Voitto Rintala in the small blind who announced he was all in for about 170,000. Lauttamus let it go, as did Secara. Rintala showed A♠Q♣ and it’s probably fair to assume that was good.

A couple of hands later another small blind’s stack was over the line. This time Josef Gulas had made it 19,000 from the cut-off and Rui Cao moved all in for about 160,000. “You want gamble?” said Gulas. Then folded.

3.45pm: Pagano again
Luca Pagano bets out 16,000 and calls a raise of 35,000 more from Sebastien Boyard. They both check the 3♥2♦A♣ flop, and on the J♣ turn Boyard calls Pagano’s 40,000 bet. Both then check the Q♦ river. Showdown:

Pagano: A♦K♥
Boyard: A♠5♣

That little lot sends Pagano up to more than 450,000.

3.40pm: Want I want….
…for Christmas. Team PokerStars Pros tell what’s on the Christmas list this year…

Watch EPT 6 Prague: Team PokerStars Pros Christmas Lists on PokerStars.tv

3.35pm: “Wow. Two hands and it’s over”
That was Marcin Horecki on the sudden departure of Arnaud Mattern. The Frenchman had re-raised after Eyal Avitan raised pre-flop and they saw a flop of J♥10♣9♥. Avitan check called the K♠ on the turn for a K♦ on the river. Another check before Mattern made it 86,000. Avitan thought for several minutes before calling. Mattern knew he was beaten. Ace-jack for Avitan and the pot, leaving Mattern with 130,000.

On the very next hand Avitan opened for 18,000. Mattern moved all-in and while Luca Pagano thought about calling it was left to Avitan again who turned over A♥J♦ once again, to Mattern’s Q♠K♥. Mattern stood up after the 2♦5♣6♣ and was gone after the 6♠ turn and 2♠ river. It leaves Pieter de Korver as the last remaining former champion.

3.30pm: Lost Lusso
A pre flop all in confrontation just occurred that saw the demise of Italian Alessandro Lusso. His executioner of sorts was the Swede Apo Arslan who held A♣Q♣. Lusso held 6♥6♦ but it failed to hold on the A♠9♦3♣8♥10♠ board.

3.25pm: Germany v France
Daniel Drescher opened the pot with a 13,500 raise from the cut-off and was called by Antony Lellouche in the big blind to see a K♣10♥3♦ flop. Lellouche check-called a 18,000 bet before they both checked through the Q♦ turn and 9♣ river. Lellouche opened up K♥J♣ for the pot as Drescher’s A-Q went quickly into the muck.

3.20pm: Back again
And the players are back. We’re into level 17, with 68 players remaining. That’s still some way to go until we reach the required 24 today. Here’s a pic of record-breaking EPT casher (is casher a word? Ed.) Luca Pagano…


Luca Pagano


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