EPT Prague: Day 2, levels 13 and 14 updates

December 03, 2009


Updates from day 2, levels 12 and 13 of EPT Prague, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc “The Conv” Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest selected chip counts are on the chip count page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. Full details of the payout structure and prizewinners is on the payout structure and prizewinners page.

Level 13: 1,200-2,400 (200 ante)
Level 14: 1,500-3,000 (300 ante)

That your lot The end of the day’s play has arrived. Official chip counts will be up shortly and you wont have to wait long for for a full wrap of today’s play.

8.55pm: Leo slayer
Leo Margets busted shortly before the end of the night. On a 6♥6♠K♦ flop, Nicolas Levi bet 17,200, called by Bruno Launais, but Margets re-raised to 55,000. While Levi got out of the way, Launais moved all-in and Margets, who was covered, called off her last 50,000 or so. She tabled K♥9♣ but was well behind Launais’ K♣Q♥, and the 7♠ turn and 10♥ river changed nothing.

8.50pm: Pickled Kabbaj
Into the last five hands of the day and Gustav Ekerot raised to 7,000 from the cut-off before John Kabbaj moved all in for 43,600. The big blind called but very quickly Ekerot moved two yellow stacks of chips in to isolate and it worked as the big blind folded. Kabbaj’s A♠5♦ was in deep trouble against the young Swede’s Q♥Q♦ and he failed to hit on the 2♦Q♣8♥4♦K♦ board. Ekerot up to 385,300.

8.40pm: Five more hands
It’s reached that time of the day when the clock is disregarded and we count the hands until the end. Today we’ll play five more hands until it’s all over.

8.30pm: #@%&^ ^&%$#- German expletives
There was a raise from early position that over night chip leader Marc Gork three-bet to 16,500. When folded back around to the raiser he immediately put Gork all in. Gork stood up, thought for a while and then quietly made the call for his 90,000 stack. The call was good as his J♠J♣ was dominating his opponent’s 10♦10♥. Gork liked the 7♣8♣5♣ flop but hated the 4♦ turn and 6♥ river as it put a straight on the board. He hated it so much that he tore off across the room venting his frustration with German expletives.

8.20pm: Losses
The past hour has been a bad one for Team PokerStars Pro. ElkY has departed: his A♥J♥ was going nowhere fast against Rui Cao’s pocket rockets. Then Noah Boeken’s grind also came to an end. He was spotted heading to the exit, stopping for a brief chat with Joep van den Bijgaart on the way.

The EPT sensation (yes, sensation) Luca Pagano remains very happy indeed, however, with comfortably more than 200,000. And Pieter de Korver, Florian Langmann, Sandra Naujoks, Marcin Horecki and Jude Ainsworth are looking good to return tomorrow.

8.15pm: New chip leader?
Kristoffer Edberg has edged up to close to 500,000, and looks likely to be our new tournament leader with 108 players remaining. There is 30 minutes left to play today, and then it’s goodnight.

8.10pm: No, no, Neuville
Pierre Neuville bet 7,500, but ran into the chip monster that is Yann Brosolo on the button. He calmly looked down at his stack, picked up 20,000, and tossed them in to the middle. That was too much for Neuville, who mucked, showing the A♦

8.00pm: 200 chips down
There will be 200 fewer chips being bagged up tonight after this mishap. The dealer on Luca Pagano and Marcin Horecki’s table collected the blinds and ante, and upon moving them into the middle discovered there was 200 to much, or two black 100 chips.
Nobody knew who the 200 belonged to, so the floor was called and the decision taken to remove the two chips from the table altogether. “No, put them in the pot,” pleaded Horecki, but the decision was made.

7.50pm: ‘I’d love know your hand
The turn was out and reading as 3♠7♠10♣Q♣. Dutch PokerStars Team Pro Pieter de Korver was heads-up with the big blind and facing a 12,200 bet. He raised to 31,500 and after a long tank he made the call to see the 5♣ river. The big blind checked to face a 45,000 bet but it was too much and he folded.

“I’d love to know your hand and I’d bet you’d love to see mine” said De Korver “I had a flush” he continued as he also flashed 3♣4♣. De Korver going great on 350,000.

7.45pm: De Korver flying
Pieter de Korver doesn’t fly under the radar deliberately. He’s as flamboyantly dressed as any (give or take a Gork) and he’ll happily chatter away to railbirds and media. But somehow he’s amassed about 315,000 chips today, ten times his starting stack, and we’ve scarcely seen how he’s done it. Still, that’s the news. The EPT Grand Final champion is right up there again.

7.35pm: We’re back
The last 75 minute level has begun

7.25: Break time
The last ten minute break of the day for one and all.

7.25pm: Good call for a chop
Everyone else had left for break but Leo Margets was left pondering a difficult call for all her chips. She led out for 20,000 on a J♠6♠8♣ flop only for an opponent to put her all in. She looked to be in real pain at the decision that lay ahead but she ended up making a great call with J♦10♣. What did her opponent have? Exactly the same hand! Phew for Margets who ended up giving a TV interview during her break.

7.20pm: Another Swede
It’s been a while, but the Swedes are returning to the top of the EPT pops. With Gustav Ekerot still going strong, the new kid on the block is Kristoffer Edberg. He looks like this:


Kristoffer Edberg

7.15pm: And Florian wilts
That didn’t last long. Florian Langmann is back down to about 80,000 after doubling up Pierre Neuville. They got involved in a raising war pre-flop and when the cards were exposed, Langmann’s pocket queens were no match for Neuville’s kings. Neuville has about 140,000; Langmann back down to 80,000.

7.10pm: Florian flowering
There was a raise from under-the-gun that was called before Florian Langamann three-bet to 18,200. The original raiser then moved all in before the caller passed and Langmann called all in. A♠A♣ for Langmann and A♥K♥ for his opponent. The flop brought a sweaty Q♥6♦6♥ but the A♦ on the turn ended the hand. Langmann doubled to 170,000.    

7.05pm: With friends like these…
Darus Suharto is an official Friend of PokerStars, although he’s probably feeling somewhat less than wholly friendly towards the Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano right now. Pagano flopped a set of sevens and Suharto ended up doubling him up: it was worth a total of 225,000 and left Suharto with only 2,500. He made his way to the rail soon after.

7pm: Don’t show don’t tell
On a flop of Q♥A♥J♦ both Juha Lauttamus and Rui Cao checked for an 8♦ on the turn. Now Lauttamus made it 9,200 to go. Cao called for a 7♦ on the river. Lauttamus made it another 17,700. Cao tanked for several minutes, eventually calling. Lauttamus mucked immediately without showing. Cao has nearly 300,000 now.

7.00pm: Huge pot
The pot was worth over 330,000 and it all went in pre flop with Kristoffer Edberg holding pocket kings to Cyril Andre’s ace-king. The board ran 9♣K♣Q♦3♠6♥ busting Andre and sending Edberg to second place in chips with 400,000.

6.55pm: The brother Greenwood
Kristoffer Edberg opened for 6,600 form middle position which Luc Greenwood raised to 16,500 in the cut off. Back on Edberg he thought for a while before re-raising, 100,000 on top. An easy pass for Greenwood.

6.55pm: Suharto drops one
Friend of PokerStars Darus Suharto has had a seemingly quiet and steady rise through the chip rankings today and is up to around 150,000, although he just lost a chunk on a 6♣A♦10♥2♥5♥ board when he called a 35,000 bet on the river, only to be shown a set of sixes.

Suharto famously came sixth at the WSOP Main Event in 2008, winning $2.4million.


Darus Suharto

6.50pm: More from the features desk
What’s an EPT leaderboard without the name Antony Lellouche on it. I’m not sure it’s ever actually existed. He’s back at it again in Prague.

6.45pm: Update
The big tournament board shows 135 players remaining from our starting field of 586. We’re officially calling off the charge for the money tonight: the money bubble at 80 players is out of reach for the level and a half we have left.

The chip count page has recently been updated with some more notable stacks and movers. As ever, we’ll be pincer-moving towards the biggest stacks as the day draws to a close.

6.15pm: Video
Pierre Neuville had a chat with the video blog team. The general consensus these days on media row is that he’s a top man. Proof?

Watch EPT 6 Prague Pierre Neuville on PokerStars.tv

6.10pm: Two left
After a 20 minute break, the 144 players have returned for level 13. This is the penultimate 75-minute stretch of the day, and it’s likely to separate the men from the boys as we inch nearer the money.

That said, Sandra Naujoks is also still in the hunt:


Sandra Naujoks


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