EPT Prague: Day 1b, level five and six updates

December 02, 2009


Updates from day 1b, levels five and six of EPT Prague, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc “The Conv” Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest selected chip counts are on the chip count page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page.

Level 5: 150-300 (25 ante)
Level 6: 200-400 (50 ante)

6.40: Just two more level to go
That must mean we’ve reached the end of level 6 and we have.

6.35: The Nords head north
Prior to his exit he had raised four times only to fold to three-bets by opponent’s who then showed him pocket aces. When a player raised from early position he moved all in for 7,800. A player in the small blind then flat called and the original raiser folded. Lodden opened A♠9♥ but yet again a player had aces behind him in the shape of A♥A♦. The board ran J♦8♣9♠K♠5♠ and the ever philosophical Lodden packed up and left.

6.30pm: Well that was fun while it lasted
Ilari Sahamies, having caused such a stir a little earlier – scroll down to the 5.30pm post – is now out! So he’d turned up more than five hours late, tripled up within ten minutes, lost half of it a couple of hands later, and has now lost the lot.

The final hand saw Ziigmund get it all in with A♥5♥ against Katalin Jerney’s Q♣J♣ – and she flopped a flush. Thanks to our photographer Neil Stoddart for spotting that one, and to ElkY who was at the table for confirming it to me (not that I don’t trust info from a photographer, of course).

6.25pm: Big stacks
There are still 277 players remaining in this day 1b field, making it nigh on impossible to pick the player with the most chips. The Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is right up there – he has about 130,000 – but Tomas MacNamara (110,000), Rifat Palevic (110,000), Jan Boubli (90,000) and Adolphe Ariche (100,000) are also going to be happy with their day so far.

6.20pm: Battling bridesmaids
An update on some of the bridesmaids. Alexander Dovzcenko is out. He played the day in unfamiliar mufti – a green hoody – and he was wearing that same disguise as he peered pensively at the side event schedule posted in the lobby.

Alfio Battisti, on the other hand, has been moved to the chair vacated by Carter Phillips and now has ElkY and Ilari Sahamies for company. Bueno.

6.05pm: All about one man right now
As soon as Ilari Sahamies felted Carter Phillips he sat out and went for lunch or breakfast or dinner. It all depends on his body clock right now. It didn’t take long for him to get back in to the action, I fact it took exactly two hands before he was involved in a 60,000 plus pot.

There was a raise to 1,100 from mid position that Kristoffe Edberg called before Sahamies three-bet to 4,700 from the small blind. The original raiser folded but Edberg moved all in for 30,575. Sahamies took his time, counted his stack, looked up at the clock and then called with A♥K♦. Edberg tabled 7♥7♣ and the board ran 4♦J♥8♠3♥Q♦. Sahamies down to 30,500.

5.55pm: Kravchenko ups
Alex Kravchenko just crept back above his 30,000 starting stack, taking a 15,000 pot off Baloi Dan Gabriel, the satellite qualifier from the PokerStars Romanian Poker Championship. The board had run A♣9♦Q♥Q♠2♣ and Gabriel had bet 4,000. Kravchenko thought for a while and then re-popped to 9,000. That sent the Romanian into the tank, and, despite peering over to see how much Kravchenko had left, he folded.

5.50pm: “Damn”
On a flop of 3♣10♣10♦ Praz Bansi made it 2,500 after a check from Eric Kliper. Daniel Rudd was waiting on the button and called. Kliper did the same for a A♦ on the turn. Kliper and Bansi checked before Rudd bet 5,600. Kliper called fast, Bansi called slow, all the while watching a Rhianna video on his iPod. The river card came 7♦. Kliper checked, so too Bansi. It was up to Rudd who eventually moved all-in for 27,000. Kliper folded but Bansi toyed with the idea of calling, flicking his cards to take a few more peeks. He had 16,000 left but didn’t want to risk it now, folding.

5.42pm: Blinds up
That’s the level, we’re now into level six.

5.40pm: Chess player update
For those who have just read Czech-check chess champs:
Marc Naalden – 75,000
Pavel Blatny – 66,000
Jeff Sarwer – 30,000

5.30pm: Ziigmund, you couldn’t make it up
Ilari Sahamies, better known as the online tearaway Ziigmund, was asleep for the first five levels of today. Literally. He only just woke up, and then turned up to the tournament where his 30,000 starting stack still stood at a relatively workable 24,300. He sat down, filled out and signed his release form, then doubled up on the first hand. And what a cruel blow it was to Carter Phillips.


Ilari Sahamies: It’s only money

It was a tough enough table already, with ElkY also sharing the same felt. On this hand ElkY bet out 725, Sahamies re-popped to 2,150 and now Phillips went into the tank. He came out and fired 5,775. ElkY got out of the way of something that looked like it could get very messy. And that’s exactly what happened.

Sahamies, perhaps thinking that returning to bed was a viable option, decided to push all-in and Phillips, already in deep, called. On their backs, and Sahamies looked like he had been caught out dreadfully:

Sahamies: A♣4♥
Phillips: A♥J♣

But before he had time to think about getting some more shut eye, the flop dropped Q♠Q♦4♦, giving Sahamies the magical two pair. The 6♠ turn and 7♥ river changed nothing, and Sahamies doubled up on what was his first hand of the tournament to around 50,000.

Phillips, meanwhile, who had been grinding his way throughout the afternoon, now found himself on only 10,000 and need to regain his composure.


Carter Phillips, seat 1, gets the bad news

But just a couple of hands later he was out – destroyed by that man Ziigmund. Sahamies re-raised pre-flop and Phillips pushed, but he walked his queens straight into Sahamies’ kings. That sent the high-stakes Fin up to more than 60,000.

“So you’ve just got up, then?” I asked him.
“Easy game isn’t it?” I suggested.

You couldn’t make it up.

5.25pm: Ruthenberg roasted
Sebastian Ruthenberg is another player who will – and frequently does – play
any two cards. But it’s when he’s got a real hand that he’s in most danger.
Ruthenberg is on the rail: jacks into aces. Auf Widersehen.

5.20pm: Where you from?
The fascinating nationality breakdown of our 584 players is with us. France
is the best represented country, followed by Italy and Germany. The home
nation has 26 players and Singapore has one. Scroll down for the complete

France 80
Italy 75
Germany 55
Russia 46
UK 28
Czech Republic 26
USA 22
Slovakia 21
Sweden 21
Romania 20
Denmark 19
Finland 19
Netherlands 19
Norway 16
Ukraine 16
Hungary 13
Lebanon 11
Israel 10
Canada 9
Greece 9
Austria 8
Ireland 4
Portugal 4
Spain 4
Switzerland 4
Brazil 3
Bulgaria 3
Serbia 3
Belgium 2
Estonia 2
Poland 2
Slovenia 2
Argentina 1
Azerbaijan 1
Croatia 1
Hong Kong 1
Latvia 1
Lithuania 1
Singapore 1
Turkey 1

5.15pm: You do the math
(Andrew Seden + pocket kings) + (Dragan Galic + pocket queens) = Galic out + Seden on 70,000.

5.05pm:Brecard baked
Julien Brecard has been eliminated. Four players saw a 7♦6♠8♠ flop where Brecard’s 5,100 bet was raised to 13,000. The other two players folded but Brecard called to see the J♥ turn where he moved all in for 21,675. His opponent thought until a clock was called on him and then used nearly every second of that before calling with 8♦8♣ for a set. Brecard had a pair and a big draw with 10♠7♠ but missed on the Q♣ river.

4.55pm: Nice turn of events for the Frenchman
Tristan Clemencon opened the pot with a raise to 800 and was called in one spot before a J♣9♠9♣ flop came down. Clemencon continued with a 1,300 bet here, a 3,325 on the 10♣ turn and a 8,000 bet on the Q♦ river. His opponent called every bet but mucked upon seeing Clemencon’s 10♦10♠ for a turned full house. He’s up to 40,000 as a result.

4.50pm: Back-to-back chance nearly snatched away
Salvatore Bonavena was all in for 10,525 on a 7♣K♣3♥8♦. His opponent had led for 2,075 from the small blind but he knew better than to mess with Sal-Bon and folded. The back-to-back record is still there to be broken by the dynamic Italian. He’ll need to work on his 15,000 stack though.

4.45pm: Back again
Cards are in the air once more. This is level five. Here’s a picture of ElkY…



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