EPT Prague: Back to majestic Prague

December 01, 2009


For three years, the European Poker Tour trundled along as if the city of Prague did not even exist. But as soon as the stop was added to the calendar in 2007, it instantly became one of the most popular destinations: like a new kid rolling into school half-way through the term and instantly grabbing all the attention.

It’s easy to see why.

Broadly speaking, EPT destinations fall into two categories: the beach and harbour stops or the chilly Eastern European city break. Prague is the Monte Carlo of the latter division. It is without peer as a city of immense architectural beauty, nestled in a tight labyrinth of streets either side of the Vltava River, the spiritual, cultural and political capital of the Czech Republic.


Spires and cobbles jostle with bridges and gables. And at this time of the year, Christmas markets awash with mulled wine and good will emerge at the end of the winding passageways, down which once scurried the paranoid beetle Franz Kafka and the gleeful, boozy lunatic Good Soldier Svejk.


The place these days has forgotten none of its troubled past, but has reclaimed its prosperity and is now one of the most visited cities in the continent. That’s why the EPT is expecting another humdinger of a tournament in the function suite of the Hilton Prague. There will be 500-plus players paying €5,000 apiece, for a first prize in the high six figures.

The six days of intense competition begin shortly.


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