EPT Prague: A round with the Mattern, Luske and ElkY

December 03, 2009


The “A Round With…” format has served us well. This is the post where we choose a single table and log all the action for an entire orbit. It offers more of a complete picture of the way a poker tournament works, away from the big hands and bust outs that ordinarily dominate most coverage.

It’s not always thrilling, and sometimes next to nothing actually occurs. But, as the tired old expression goes, that’s poker.

Today’s table choice was a no brainer. The overnight draw threw up this gathering on table three:

Seat one: Dominko Markovic 46,200
Seat two: Marcel Luske 54,200
Seat three: Luc Greenwood 150,000
Seat four: Ramin Henke 70,400
Seat five: Empty
Seat six: Americo Spinozzi 65,600
Seat seven: Arnaud Mattern 86,000
Seat eight: Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier 159,800
Seat nine: Claus Uhrskov 9,300

ElkY and Arnaud Mattern had spent some of their morning in a text conversation after they realised they were sitting next to one another. ElkY was boasting about his position to Mattern’s left, but Mattern had insisted that he’d simply be check-raising his countryman all day. “Then I’ll just seven-bet you all in,” claimed ElkY, upping the trash-talk stakes. We would see.


Arnaud Mattern, left, and ElkY

That empty seat was previously occupied by the Italian pro Luca Falaschi, who was eliminated by Luc Greenwood within the first orbit of the day (reported in the 12.20pm update in the level one and two post).


Luc Greenwood

We pick up the action immediately after.

Hand one
Button: Dead (Falaschi’s former seat)
Small blind: Spinozzi
Big blind: Mattern

From mid-position, Marcel Luske opened to 2,600 and Arnaud Mattern re-raised to 7,700. Luske called and the two Team PokerStars Pros saw a flop of A♣8♣10♠. Mattern bet 10,600 and Luske instantly moved all in, for about 45,000 in total. Mattern sighed and folded, exposing pocket kings. Luske returned the compliment and showed J♣9♦ for an up-and-down straight draw. But it was the pre-flop action that concerned Mattern.

“Jack-nine off-suit, huh?” Mattern said. “No respect, huh?”
“I know you fold queens or kings,” Luske replied, neatly jumbling foresight and hindsight.


Marcel Luske

Hand two
Button: Spinozzi
Small blind: Mattern
Big blind: ElkY

Ramin Henke raised to 2,300 from mid position and ElkY defended his big blind. The two of them were alone to a flop of A♣6♣6♥ and ElkY check-called Henke’s 2,700 bet. They both checked the K♥ turn and the 9♣ river and Henke’s A♠Q♠ was good.

Hand three
Button: Mattern
Small blind: ElkY
Big blind: Uhrskov

Folded to him on the button, Mattern raised to 2,400 and that was good.

Hand four
Button: ElkY
Small blind: Uhrskov
Big blind: Markovic

Folded to him in the cut-off, Mattern raised to 2,300 and Uhrskov moved his micro-stack all in from the small blind. Mattern made the mandatory call and Uhrskov showed 9♣9♦. “Ah, two unders,” shrugged Mattern, as though that might have been a surprise. He tabled 3♠4♠. The board came K♣8♦5♣3♣A♥. “I’m back,” muttered Uhrskov, although with less than 20,000, he still has some way to go.

Hand five
Button: Uhrskov
Small blind: Marcovic
Big blind: Luske

Henke raised to 2,400 from early position and Mattern called from a couple of seats to his left. The flop came 10♣10♥8♠ and after Henke checks, Mattern hasn’t even counted out the size of his raise before Henke tosses his cards to the muck and the pot is slid to Mattern.

Hand six
Button: Markovic
Small blind: Luske
Big blind: Greenwood

It’s folded to Marcovic on the button, who seizes his opportunity to raise to 2,600. He takes the blinds and antes.

Hand seven
Button: Luske
Small blind: Greenwood
Big blind: Henke

Mattern raises to 2,300 from early position and Luc Greenwood calls from the big blind. The flop comes 4♦Q♦K♣ and Henke checks. Mattern bets 3,600 and wins it.

At this point, Giovanni Cantonati and his stack of about 85,000 joins the table in seat five.

Hand eight
Button: Greenwood
Small blind: Henke
Big blind: Cantonati

Uhrskov has enough chips now that he doesn’t have to open shove, and raises to 3,500 to start the action. But that’s actually all that happens and everyone else folds.

Hand nine
Button: Henke
Small blind: Cantonati
Big blind: Spinozzi

Luske raises to 2,800 from the cut off and Henke makes it 7,100 from the button. Everyone else folds, but Luske calls. The flop comes K♥Q♦J♦, which could be of some interest to pre-flop aggressors, but Luske checks. Henke bets 6,700 and Luske believes him, getting out the way.

That concludes the round in which there wasn’t actually all that much betting and raising, and certainly none of the seven-betting all in that was threatened by ElkY and Mattern in their breakfast text battle. Let’s wait until after lunch, huh.


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