EPT Prague: Yann Brosolo ahead with money on horizon

December 04, 2009


Day two at an EPT main event is always good for some action. The pace of eliminations is always frenetic with more players busting than anyone ever anticipates, with high- and low-profile casualties along the way. For them an immediate future of side events and hotel bills, for the rest, a pat on the back and a return tomorrow to play into the money and beyond.

The title of chip leader was hard fought tonight and ended at the door of Yann Brosolo. The previously unheralded Frenchman bagged up 574,000, which was very good for the lead.


Yann Brosolo

Rui Cao was just behind, the second day he’s been with the leaders. He finished with 522,500, ahead of the leading Team PokerStars Pro Pieter de Korver, who rollicked his way to a stack of 465,800, a more than ten-fold increase on his starting stack.

The full and official chip counts are on the chip counts page. Czech them out.


Pieter de Korver

Sweden’s Kristoffer Edberg, who screeched up the chip list in the space of a few hands, finished on 442,800. Part of that success was owing to the demise of Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, who was knocked out by the Swede in the last hand of the penultimate level. Also gone were his Team PokerStars Pro teammates Marcel Luske, JP Kelly, Katja Thater, Alex Kravchenko, Thierry van den Berg, Noah Boeken and Rino Mathis.


Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier

Jeff Sarwer made an uncharacteristic day two departure, suffering in some critical hands against Nicolas Levi and Bruno Launais that could otherwise have left him with the chip lead. Of the 328 who started today 233 were dealt the same fate, including Peter Hedlund, Rifat Palovic, Jon Kabbaj, Darus Suharto, Leo Margets and Marc Gork, who arrived this morning as chip leader but crashed out within sight of the close.


Jeff Sarwer

But fear not for others, who made their way through the day by cunning, or craft, or both, booking their return for day three. The ranks of Team PokerStars Pro were boosted by the survival of seven of its number: Luca Pagano, Marcin Horecki, Arnaud Mattern, Jude Ainsworth, Sandra Naujoks and Florian Langmann. They all live for another day, as do Stefan Mattsson, Nicolas Levi and Antony Lellouche.


Sandra Naujoks

And of course, so do we. The best coverage of EPT Prague continues on the PokerStars Blog tomorrow at noon. We’re only 15 places off the money and the flurry of payouts that will follow. All hell will break loose and it’s not to be missed.


A Christmas tree, today

In the meantime you can peruse the links below to re-live the events of the day. Once you’ve done that, well, do it again.

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The official chip counts are available on the chip count page and will be official just as soon as tournament officials do their officialling. Our thanks to the fine efforts of the video bloggers whose work can be found on PokerStars.tv, and to Neil Stoddart who not only got us that picture of a Christmas tree but braved zero degrees in shirt sleeves to get this one as well.


Till then, good night from Prague.


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