EPT Monte Carlo: Williams, Phillips slow down. Mizzi, Sahamies speed up

April 30, 2009

EPTDavid Williams had a really good rush earlier, putting him among the chip leaders with more than 200,000. Recently, however, he has dropped back to less than 100,000. The former World Series Main Event runner-up has been playing a lot of hands but without much success in the past hour. Most recently, he check-called two streets of a J♥4♠2♥7♥A♣ board for bets of 3,500 and 10,000 before giving up to a 20,000 bet on the river.

Dennis Phillips is another seemingly stationary stack. He was just chatting to Chris Ferguson about a lack of hands (Ferguson is also still in) and how they both have been forced to wait to make their moves. As Ferguson returned to his seat, Phillips shouted after him, “Of course, now that I’ve said all that, I’ll probably find queens and bust!”


Ilari Sahamies, on the same table as Dennis Phillips and Sorel Mizzi

Two players that aren’t missing any action on Dennis Phillips’ table though are Sorrel Mizzi and Ilari Sahamies, who are continuing to spar frequently. The latest victory went to the Finn who bet 20,000 on the river of a 8♦10♥6♣2♦5♠ board, getting a fold from his Canadian opponent that he may or may not have wanted.


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