EPT Monte Carlo: Will fried

April 30, 2009

EPTPokerStars EPT Budapest champion Will Fry has been knocked out of the tournament after admitting: “I’ve been grinding all day.”

First he lost chips when Ami Barer called his 8,400 turn bet on a Q♣7♠10♠2♦ board before both checked the K♥ river. Fry flipped his missed draw of 9♦8♣ while Barer showed J♥J♦ to scoop the pot. “You weren’t folding” said Fry.

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Will Fry

Barer, “If you push the river, I fold.”

Fry disagreed, “You’ve been calling 10,000 bets on the river with fourth pair!”

“So you think I’m a hero calling-station? The biggest here?”

“Second biggest probably.”

Fry then lost more firing a 13,100 bet on a 7♠2♠Q♣3♠2♦ board but was called by Jean-Paul Pasqualini’s A♦J♦ which pipped Fry’s A♣6♦.

After he eliminated shortly after, Fry said, “Never mind, I freerolled here, it cost nothing.” And with that, he dashed off to chase Phil Laak to get a photo.

Elsewhere Johnny Lodden has been eliminated. The Team PokerStars Pro called a short stack’s push with nines but found himself committed when another player pushed behind him. He was up against kings and the short stack’s A-4 but was unable to improve.


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