EPT Monte Carlo: Thrills, agony, and numbers

March 08, 2006

Chip counts swing her like a monkey on hallucinogenic drugs and Red Bull. Even bi-hourly checks of the stacks do no good to keep accurate track. One thing, though, is fairly clear. Kristian Ulriksen has emgerged from the pack with the early chip lead.

Kristian Ulriksen, sitting on more than 32,000

Elsewhere in the room, the EPT producers have kick-started the featured table. No surprise, they picked a table with one of the prettiest ladies in the room, Liz Lieu, in the four seat.

Surinder Sunar has been playing a solid game in the back of the room and has built a nice chip stack, as well.

Surinder Sunar

Rob Hollink, Season 1 Grand Final Champion, is in static mode today and is sitting on a stack that had neither grown nor shrunk in any great way.

Rob Hollink

Perhaps the greatest noise in the room is coming from Brian Wilson. His stack shrunk to near nothing as the day began. Just moments ago, he got all in. From across the room I could hear, “No king, no king, no king! Yes!” I just checked his stack and he is back near his starting chips again.

Brian Wilson, before the double-up

Finally, in case you missed it, the payouts for the tournament have been listed below and linked in the bar on the right. First place will leave here with 900,000 euros. Also, I’ve recently been told that buy-ins and prize pools are up 54% since Season 1 of the EPT. Not bad for a fledgling poker series, I’d say.

Players have about half an hour until the dinner break, then back for three more levels before ending Day 1.


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