EPT Monte Carlo: The state they’re in

April 28, 2009


Dario Minieri is in usual form, making a good call after having the clock called on him for excessive thinking. Minieri had king-nine on a flop that featured T-J-K. His opponent made a big bet with ace-ten but after much talk and deliberation Minieri’s call was good.

Elsewhere Daniel Negreanu is napping between hands but still playing a few. Also on his table is Frenchman Patrick Bueno. He just sent another to the rail, calling an all-in of A♠Q♦ with his own K♥K♦. A third king hit the flop and that was that.

Three tables along sits Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker, or at least he used to sit there.

_MG_2194_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Chris Moneymaker

Calling a bet by Robin Paulsen of 1,200 three players saw a flop of 6♠Q♠5♠. The action was checked to Moneymaker in the cut off who bet again, 2,200 leaving just Paulsen in the pot against him. The turn comes 4♣. Again the action is checked to Moneymaker who makes it 4,400 this time, leaving himself just 6,000 left. Paulsen called for a 5♣ river. Paulsen checks to Moneymaker one last time. The 2003 World Champion announces “all-in”, pushing in 6,200 in total. Paulsen calls at which point Moneymaker turned over his 3♠3♣ with a “good game guys” as he left. Paulsen showed his A♥Q♣ for the pot. Moneymaker out.

STOP PRESS: From the table of doom Alex Gomes was just seen striding away, the latest elimination. Dennis Phillips’s king-high flush, beating the Brazilian’s seven-high flush.

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