EPT Monte Carlo: The latest

May 01, 2009


And the beat goes on. All-ins, double ups, bitter sweet eliminations, sweet because at least they take something away with them. Bitter because it’s only a “min-cash” being one of the first to leave. But like we said, some are happier than others, like Michael Greco, who when the number of players clicked down to 80, knew that he’d just made another two grand.

It’s difficult to tell which side of that fence Dag Palovic is on. The Slovakian, who has taken to wearing a Slovakian football scarf around his head Banzai style, just shoved with pocket threes in the small blind, giving PokerStars player Rod Grierson a bit of back chat. Grierson, who had raised from the button, didn’t take any bait and folded his ace-ten.

Norman Gautron is out, having had his pocket tens crushed by pocket kings. Phil Laak on the other hand is pleased with his performance on the whole. Earlier he discussed his delight at having been three percent above average for three full orbits and believed himself to be in the top 20 percentile for seven per cent of the day. Brilliant he said. Laak in good form.


Phil Laak

That doesn’t disguise the slight trouble he’s in as a short stack, but the American plays it like a fortress, ignoring size, choosing instead to believe it’s what you do with it that’s important. Matthew Woodward has no need to worry about such things, his aggression has netted him a stack of 700,000.

Another all in across the Salle des Etoiles, this time Swiss player Andreas Flury, a modest 31,500 which Patrick Sacrispeyre called with a flop showing 8♦2♥3♣. Flury showed A♥8♠ for the lead over Sacrispeyre A♦10♠. All looked fine on the turn 6♥ but the river 10♣ sent Sacrispeyre into ballistic joy, oblivious to Flury’s attempted graceful exit, trapped as he was in his seat while Sacrispeyre leaned across to exchange tribal chants with a buddy on the rail.


Ludovic Lacay

So just 76 players remain, down one thanks to Ludovic Lacay. He bet 20,000 pre-flop which Hoivold raised to 55,000. Lacay then re-raised to 180,000 which Hoivold pushed in on with pocket eights. Lacay called with aces for a pot worth 1.2million – and the chip lead.


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