EPT Monte Carlo: Stacks for dinner

May 01, 2009

EPTPlayers have gone on a 90-minute dinner break, allowing us to catch up with the full list of prizewinners to date and also the accurate chip counts of the 43 remaining. They will appear on the chip count page as soon as we know them.

On a quick trot around the room just before the break, the biggest of the big stacks seemed to be in the possession of:

Ludovic Lacay: 2,100,000
Matthew Woodward: 1,600,000
Marc Naalden: 1,300,000
Bart Spijkers: 1,300,000
Peter Trapley: 1,400,000
Johannes Strassmann: 1,200,000


Every stack, however, seems massive, especially in relation to the 8,000-16,000 blinds they will play during level 21. All this is vindication of the tournament director Thomas Kremser’s decision to play down to 24 tonight, ensuring that tomorrow – when we will have to get down to a final table of eight – finishes some time before breakfast.

We’re looking for 19 more eliminations this evening before we can bag and tag at the end of another day.


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