EPT Monte Carlo: Same as it ever was?

April 28, 2009

EPTConstant Rijkenberg isn’t exactly picking up where he left off in San Remo. Or is he? After pre-flop bets from the seat five player of 450 and then a call from Moritz Kranich on the button, Rijkenberg raised from the small blind to 1,450. It put neither of the others off and it was three to the 3♣5♠8♦ flop.

The action was on Rijkenberg who made it 2,225. He was flashing signs of the same aggression that served him well at times in Italy but that also got him into deep water. Whether or not the other guy had seen the video clips wasn’t clear but he re-raised to 7,000 as Kranich got out of their way.

Rijkenberg then plonked a 35,000 re-raise in the pot that was called all-in by his opponent. Pocket eights for him, deep trouble for Rijkenberg who in a unique moment folded his hand before seeing the turn or flop. Instead he simply handed his cards to the dealer, down now to 14,000.


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