EPT Monte Carlo: Palovic pole-axed

May 01, 2009

EPTDag Palovic’s day is done – and he’s not happy. “How could you call 80,000?” he said, referring to some pre-flop action in a battle of the blinds.

It went like this: Mikhail Tulchinskiy opened from the button – 30,000 to go, with blinds at 5,000-10,000. Palovic, in the small blind, raises to 85,000 (the bet Palovic later referred back to) and, in the big blind, Bart Spijkers made it 200,000. This was not before Boris Becker had swung by, tennis bag slung over shoulder, and had a brief chat with Palovic.


Dag Palovic, in happier times on day two

Whether or not that affected Spijkers decision is difficult to say, but Palovic’s conversation with the German sports star happened as Spijkers was considering that pre-flop raise. Anyway, Palovic called Spijkers’ re-re-raise and they saw a board of 5♥K♥2♠. Palovic insta-shoved all in, and Spijkers insta-called.

Palovic had pocket tens, but Spijkers had K♠J♠ and it stayed good through turn and river.

“How could you call?” Etc., etc., and so forth.


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