EPT Monte Carlo: Out of the frying pan…

April 29, 2009


EPT Budapest winner Will Fry raised to 1,150 before PokerStars Shooting Star Benjamin Kang called in the big blind, saying with a smile, “I always give him action…” but this time it’s only pre-flop action as he check-folds to a 1,450 bet from Fry on the K♥2♠10♥ flop.

Fry is an unconventional player, a factor that plays a part in the next hand when he raised pre-flop to 1,150 again, getting a caller. Fry fired 1,450 on the 10♥3♠10♣ flop and was called. He then made a minimum bet of 400 on the 3♣ turn, called again, and another 500 on the 7♠ river, after which his opponent raised to 3,500.

_MG_5862_Neil Stoddart.jpg

William Fry

“I guess…your pair is better than mine,” said Fry, rechecking his cards once more before folding.


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