EPT Monte Carlo: Not this one time

May 01, 2009

EPTSteven Silverman is one of a handful of players now to pass the one million mark, and he did it in fantastically bombastic style. The hand featured cracked aces, rivered quads, the deployment of a PokerStars Blog One-Time Chip™ and a double bust out: the poker equivalent of a soccer game with a last-minute winner, a couple of red cards and a missed penalty.

It played out fairly simply: Ismael Bojang, from Germany, and a player whose number ID card has gone missing (details to follow) were all in pre-flop and Silverman came along too with his pocket nines. The unidentified player showed A♣K♦ and Bojang flipped A♥A♦. He also immediately played his PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™, saying: “Please let them hold up. One time!”


As the detailed terms and conditions of PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™ make perfectly clear, the deployment of the PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™ does not guarantee that this will be your one time. And unfortunately for Bojang, this turned out to be Silverman’s time, despite his reluctance to play his own PSBOTC™.

The flop came 9♦2♠Q♥, giving Silverman trips, and the turn came 10♥, which gave jack outs to the A-K player, and only an ace to win it for Bojang. However, the 9♣ on the river was as emphatic as it could possibly get for Silverman – quad nines, the cracking of aces, and the bold refusal to yield to the power of the PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™.


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