EPT Monte Carlo: No worthless Pion

April 30, 2009


Although there are big names at the top of the chip counts not everyone falls into the category of ‘instantly recognisable’. For instance Canadian PokerStars qualifier Carl Pion who returned today with 102,700 – a good start but hindered by a topsy-turvy day full of swings, sucks and re-sucks. When asked how his day one went, the 47 year-old clothing company owner replied, “Have you got enough time?”

His day didn’t start well. An overpair of nines to the board against two pair dropped him down to 15,000 before he recovered, climbing back to 44,000.

“I then got jacks in my big blind and raised against several limpers and just the under the gun plus one called. The flop came A-K-J and I bet 2,500 and he moves in for 14,000.” said Pion. “I call, he has ace-queen… and hit running kings.”

Despite this setback Pion recovered, then played a crucial hand in the 400/800 level, which he recounted…

“I raised to 2,500 from under the gun with K♥K♠ and I get one caller before the next guy re-raises to 8,000. I make it 28,000, the caller folds and he says, ‘there’s no way you have aces here,’ and moved in for his last 9,000 on top. Of course I call and he has 7-6 offsuit. The board comes 2♥8♥9♦10♥ and I’m about to throw up but the 6♥ on the river makes my flush…”

When asked how his table had faired Pion said, “It was fairly soft, I did have Joe Beevers there and he’s pretty tight and also Kasey Castle who is a little looser.”

Today Pion sits next to the right Team PokerStars Pro Ivan Demidov, but 20 years of poker playing experience does not phase him although Pion describes Demidov as “the hottest pro around at the moment.”

Instead he replied with a smile, “I’m going to show him…”


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