EPT Monte Carlo: No mercy from Mercier

April 30, 2009


The laid-back Jason Mercier has upped his stack to around 70,000 after a well-timed four-bet. He had made a standard opening raise from late position and Eric Van Den Berg re-raised to 9,200. The action went back on the former EPT San Remo champion who now made it a chunky 48,000 to play, committing most of his stack. The Dutchman stared intensely at his Canadian opponent even as the break was called and some of the players left the table, but relinquished the pot leaving himself back with about 30,000.

A couple of tables down and Carl Pion has suffered a couple of setbacks as the English actor Michael Greco increased his stack to 170,000. Greco limped for 1,000 with aces and Pion made it 4,000 before another player re-raised to 14,000 and Greco re-re-raised to 29,000. Pion moved all-in and the third player passed, Greco quickly called and found himself in the perfect spot against Pion’s kings to double up. Pion lost more chips soon after with A-Q to A-5 on an A-5-2 board but made a slight recovery since and is now on about 60,000.


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