EPT Monte Carlo: Naujoks roaring

May 01, 2009

What a day already for Sandra Naujoks, the EPT Dortmund champion, who has bust three players on her way to a stack of 650,000. There are so many ShootingStars going great guns at the Grand Final this week that it’s very difficult to keep track of them. But the word is that Naujoks destroyed the hopes of Fabrice Soullier, Sylvain Taddei and Vlado Sevo to threaten Obrestad’s position as leading woman.

(Obrestad, for the record, seems undaunted. She is up to 850,000.)


Sandra Naujoks

The French player Ilan Rouah continues to attract the most attention. He’s been all in about four times already, each of them accompanied by a roar and a bang on the table. The first time, he cracked aces with 6-4, but the next time he saw aces in an opponent’s hand, he couldn’t make his kings outdraw them, and was crippled.

Steven Silverman had the aces that time, and another player, Gaetano Mazzitelli, was also in the pot with A-K. Silverman’s aces held, tripling him up to 210,000.

Ilari Sahamies’ day is done. He pushed on the river, looking at a board of 10-10-4-7-8 and ran into K-10 in the hand of a tournament big stack. No worries for Ziigmund, who went straight across the tournament room to the high roller tournament and bought in for €25,000. More of Sahamies to come.


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