EPT Monte Carlo: Move along please, nothing to see here

April 30, 2009

We don’t like rail-birds on media row – partly because we’re a bunch of inveterate misanthropes at odds with the outside world, but also because we would rather they were home at their computers reading our coverage, giving our soulless lives some meaning through their clicking on our links.

That said, we’ve learned to live with them and it’s just as well, because yesterday we were seated close to Boris Becker, who always attracts a massive crowd, and today we’re only a narrow aisle away from the undisputed table of prime interest, featuring Dennis Phillips, Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi, Liya Gerasimova, Illari “Ziigmund” Sahamies and Sebastian Ruthenberg.

Looked at another way, that’s a World Series final table player and Team PokerStars Pro; a Canadian PokerStars qualifier with one of the most feared live and online games; a PCA High Roller final table-ist and girlfriend of a Team PokerStars Pro (Ivan Demidov); a highest-stakes online game regular and all round poker sensation; and a German ShootingStar, bracelet winner and EPT Barcelona champion.

For once, I think we can forgive the railbirds, even if they continue to tread on our toes, steal our chewing gum and ask us difficult questions. Who wouldn’t want to watch that table.


Ivan Demidov is missing, presumed out. The World Series Main Event runner up made his debut in Team PokerStars Pro colours here in Monte Carlo, but is now missing from his seat. He didn’t have a huge overnight stack and it’s likely he’s now sampling the delights of Monaco.

_MG_2889_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ivan Demidov, pictured on day 1b

Or is back to sleep.


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