EPT Monte Carlo: Moments of sheer Obrestad

April 30, 2009


All sorts of things have been described as being made up of long periods of boredom, punctuated with moments of sheer terror. Combat missions perhaps, yearly tax returns and trips to the dentist. Add to that list playing on the same table as Annette Obrestad.

Just as there are many examples of the above, you could fill books with adjectives used to describe Obrestad, a polite, well spoken 20-year-old when off duty, a chilling axe- wielding poker slayer on the baize.

After a period of consolidation*, her ruthless efficiency was demonstrated in two hands coming one after the other** against a player I’ve granted anonymity.


Annette Obrestad earlier today

With three players seeing the flop of 9♣J♠5♠ each checked for a turn card 3♦. Obrestad’s bet from late position was good enough.

On the next hand Obrestad led the betting pre-flop, 14,000 which again the seat three player called for a Q♠4♦8♦ flop. Each checked to the K♣ turn, Obrestad again checking before facing a 15,500 raise. Slowly she picked off the different coloured chips from her stack, a careful almost hypnotic display you can’t quite keep your eyes off, and threw in the call. The river 5♠ and more betting from seat three, 25,700 in total. Obrestad called, up against 10♥10♦, which was easily swept aside by her own A♥K♥.

That would normally be enough to prove how Obrestad can turn a game on it’s head, but heading into the break she was up to 270,000 with people gathering round to take a picture of her stack. “I just won another 50,000 in the last hand” she said by way of explanation. Ace-queen vs king-deuce, Obrestad making a straight on the river. She has the chip leaders in sight.

* the boredom
** the sheer terror


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