EPT Monte Carlo: Jozonias leads final 16; Akkari, Antonius, Mateos, Peters and Schemion still in the running

May 02, 2018

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

We’re not sure what Tomas Jozonis filled his belly with this morning, but he did start his tournament day off with a huge knockout and big load of chips. Jozonis started the day fifth in chips and knocked out Gary Miller, who started the day in seventh, in the first level of play.

Jozonis flopped a full house that hand and then moved all-in on the river after calling Miller on the flop and turn. Miller went for a big bet on the river too and then called off his tournament life with ace-high.

Tomas Jozonis

It was all uphill for Jozonis from there and now he leads the final 16 of the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event with 4.075 million.

And what a final 16 it is.

Aside from Jozonis, the final two tables will feature Ole Schemion (2.63 million), David Peters (1.675 million), Adrian Mateos (1.495 million), Patrik Antonius (1.505 million) and Davidi Kitai (825,000).

Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari was a bit short throughout the day, but he scored an elimination and a near-triple up when we got down to three tables. The Brazilian Team Pro managed to get another double up towards the end of the day and will start Day 5 with 980,000.

Andre Akkari

There are a few fresh faces in the field of seasoned poker vets. Krisztian Gyorgyi qualified to the Main Event for just €5. Now Gyorgyi and the rest of the final 16 are guaranteed a minimum of €27,900 with a chance to win €712,000, the trophy and a $30,000 Platinum Pass.

Krisztian Gyorgyi

What’s the last thing you got for €5?

We had 45 players come back for Day 4 and it was a quick-fire frenzy from the very beginning. Patrik Antonius kicked things off with a double KO and then players seemed to just run out of the tournament like they were handing out free ice cream and tacos outside. By the time the first level was done, we were down to just 32 players.

The pace slowed down a bit after that, but there was still a steady stream of players heading for the door. The stream finally stopped when Gavin O’Rourke was eliminated in 17th place and the clock stopped with 5 minutes and 26 seconds left in level 22.

It won’t start ticking again until 12:00pm CEST tomorrow and then it’ll take another break when we hit a final table of six tomorrow. For more details on all the action detailed above, scroll down and check out the day’s updates. If you feel like clicking for information, click on this to see the end-of-day chip counts and click here for payouts. And here is the Day 5 seat draw.

If you still haven’t gotten your fill of poker and the fantastic scribblings of the PokerStars Blog, click here for live updates from the €25K High Roller.


• PLAYERS: 16 (777 entries inc 201 re-entries)
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7:30pm: O’Rourke departs, day ends
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

We are down to our last 16 after Gavin O’Rourke’s vigil ends in 17th. He open-pushed for 230,000 and Davor Lanini, one of the other short-stacks in the tournament, called.

Gavin O’Rourke departs to end play for today

It was bad news for O’Rourke. His K♥J♣ was dominated by Lanini’s A♣J♦ and the board of 9♣2♥7♥3♣9♥ helped only Lanini.

That brings us to the end of the day and we’ll have a full wrap, with full chip-counts, very soon. — HS

7:25pm: Abouaf timely double
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

If there was ever a time for Dan Abouaf to find pocket kings, it was just now.

Dan Abouag

He was in the cutoff and moved all-in for 315,000. Honglin Jiang asked for a count from the big blind and then called.

Jiang: K♠J♠
Abouaf: K♥K♦

The board ran 8♥A♦9♠Q♣4♠ and Jiang dropped to 1.82 million. –MC

7:20pm: Abouaf digs himself a hole
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Dan Abouaf has now left himself super short in this tournament after a failed bluff (or even more failed value bet) in a hand against Honglin Jiang.

They only had about 200,000 in the pot by the time they reached the turn, with the 7♦10♥J♦2♥ out there. Abouaf checked and Jiang bet 125,000. Abouaf then check-raised to 280,000 and Jiang called.

The 4♠ completed the board and Abouaf led for 325,000, leaving just crumbs (relatively speaking) behind. Jiang was bemused and took a long while over his call, but eventually he did toss out a chip and indicate he would pay the price.

Abouaf turned over his 10♦8♥, which was second pair. Jiang had A♥J♥, which was top pair and better. Jiang is now in the top five with about 1.6 million, while Abouaf is picking up the pieces. — HS

7:10pm: Short stack doubles
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Davor Lanini was the tournament short stack, but not anymore after he sent Gavin O’Rourke to the bottom of the counts after doubling to 750,000 through him.

Davor Laninin holding on

The latter raised to 45,000 from the button and called after Lanini shoved for 340,000 from the big blind.

Lanini: A♣8♠
O’Rourke: K♥Q♠

The board ran 6♥5♥6♠2♣9♣ and O’Rourke wad left with just 280,000. –MC

7pm: Petruzzelli punished
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Federico Petruzzelli is out in 18th, leaving us one away from the end of the day. It hasn’t been fun for Petruzzelli today. He’s been on a bit of a nosedive since the start. And now that nose is crumpled.

Federico Petruzzelli busts the Main Event

On what turned out to be his final hand, he opened to 70,000 from a stack of around 180,000, and Krisztian Gyorgyi, in the big blind, put enough chips forward to set Petruzzelli in. Petruzzelli called it off.

Petruzzelli: 9♠8♣
Gyorgyi: Q♣K♦

Petruzzelli had live cards, but the board missed them. It fell 3♣5♣10♠A♦A♠. That was that for Petruzzelli, while Gyorgyi, who held himself to a muted celebration this time, now has 1.85 million. — HS

6:50pm: Demirdjian downed in 19th
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Day 1A chip leader Mark Demirdjian managed to ride his big stack all the way to 19th place, but not beyond.

Mark Demirdjian

He was down to 385,000 when he three-bet all-in from the big blind over a 45,000 opening raise from current chip leader, Tomas Jozonis. Call.

Tomas Jozonis

Demirdjian: A♥5♠
Jozonis: 8♣8♦

The board ran 10♣8♠K♠3♦7♥ to make Jozonis a set to move him up to 3.65 million. Demirdjian was already saying his goodbyes by the turn that had him drawing dead. –MC

6:40pm: Danchev flushed away
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Dimitar Danchev is out, getting a tiny bit unlucky in his final hand against Sadri Saleh. Saleh moved beyond 1 million for what I think is the first time in the tournament.

Danchev opened the pot with a raise to 40,000 from under the gun and Saleh was the only caller in the big blind. The two of them examined the 7♣A♦3♣ flop and Saleh bet 100,000. Danchev called.

Dimitr Danchev out in 20th place

The 3♦ turn brought a check from Saleh and a shove from Danchev, for his last 220,000. Saleh called and the two of them were told to wait for the TV cameras to come over before exposing their hands, to some evident frustration.

The crew duly arrived and Saleh showed his K♣4♣ for a flush draw. Danchev had A♣10♦ for top pair and a blocker to the ace-high flush.

There was one card left and, yep, out popped the J♣ meaning Danchev’s day was done. The former PCA champion takes €27,900 and leaves us with 19. — HS

6:38pm: Josip Simunic doubles
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

On a board of 7♠4♠10♦J♣ Josip Simunic moved all-in with 10♠8♠. Stefan Huber thought about it then called with 10♥9♥.

Josip Simunic

They waited for the river which finally came 6♠ to double Simunic to 1 million, while Huber dropped to 1.2 million. — SB

6:35pm: Jozonis opens up a bigger lead
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

In a field stacked full of very well known and respected poker pros, Tomas Jozonis is emerging as a real contender. He just won another pot to stretch clear at the top of the counts with 3.3 million.

What comes up must come down though, and it was more losses for Dan Abouaf, who moved down to 800,000. Abouaf opened from the hijack and Jozonis (SB) was the only caller to a 9♥5♦9♦ flop that was checked. Jozonis then led for 80,000 and 165,000 on the 6♣K♦ turn and river. Jozonis opened 8♦8♣ and Abouaf mucked. –MC

6:30pm: Kitai’s cuteness catches him out
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Davidi Kitai tried to get cute. It didn’t work. (But he also didn’t lose as many as he might have.)

Everyone folded to Kitai in the small blind and he just called from there, with the formidable David Peters in the big blind. Peters checked his option.

The two heroes saw the Q♠A♦3♥ flop and checked it, then taking in the delights of the 6♠ turn. Kitai now bet 20,000 and Peters called.

The 8♥ completed the board and both players checked. Kitai tabled a pair of pocket jacks–no raise pre-flop!–but they were now behind Peters’ Q♥7♥.

Never mind, Davidi. — HS

6:25pm: Jiang gets Mansouri
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

We’re down to 20 players courtesy of Honglin Jiang. Jiang opened the pot for 45,000 from the hijack and Dan Abouaf called from the button. Ouassini Mansouri was on the big blind and went along as well. The flop came 10♦9♦8♠ and Mansouri moved all-in for about 100,000. Jiang called, Abouaf got out of the way and we had another showdown.

Ouassini Mansouri

Abouaf tabled J♠5♠ for a straight draw while Jiang turned over A♠Q♦. The turn brought an 8♣ and a 10♠ completed the board to leave Jiang’s ace in the lead. Jiang chipped up to 1.4 million while Mansouri was eliminated in 21st place. –AV

6:22pm: Akkari doubles through Schemion
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Andre Akkari doubles through Ole Schemion, moving up to 1.6 million.

Andre Akkari

He got his chips in with 10♦10♣ and looked in trouble when Ole Schemion called with Q♥Q♣.

Ole Schemion

Akkari was saved by the river on a board of J♠8♣9♥K♠Q♦.

Akkari plays on. — SB

6:20pm: O’Rourke doubles
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

A double up for Gavin O’Rourke, who was made to sweat by some overcards in Davidi Kitai’s hand and a perilous flop. But O’Rourke dodged what he needed to dodge and survives.

Kitai opened and O’Rourke shoved his last 385,000. Kitai called with A♣K♦ and was racing O’Rourke’s 8♥8♦.

The flop of Q♠9♣J♥ was all over O’Rourke’s pair, and all around Kitai’s big slick, but the 2♣ turn and 9♠ river were more benign.

That puts O’Rourke up to about 800,000. Kitai still has about 750,000. — HS

6:15pm: Double for Demirdjian, 20 BB for O’Rourke
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Mark Demirdjian moved all-in for 170,000 and was called by Dan Abouaf in the next seat.

Demirdjian: A♠A♣
Abouaf: 7♣7♠

The board ran a blank 3♦Q♠Q♦5♣2♦ and Abouaf dropped to 1.2 million.

Mark Demirdjian

While that hand was finishing, Gavin O’Rourke dropped down to 405,000. He raised under the gun, bet 50,000 on a flop and 125,000 on the turn. Javier Fernandez was in the big blind and called all the way.

The final board read J♣10♥2♣7♥3♥ and both players checked the river. Fernandez opened J♥5♥ for a flush and his Irish opponent mucked. Fernandez moved up to 1.8 million. –MC

6:10pm: Same again for Jozonis
Level 22 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Tomas Jozonis didn’t wait long to win his first pot after the break. By his standards, it was small. But they all add up, and it hardly took more than about one minute.

Honglin Jiang began it with a raise to 45,000 and Jozonis called in the big blind. They saw a flop of 4♥K♣A♣ and Jozinis checked. Jiang bet 55,000, Jozonis raised to 175,000 and that was that.

There are a lot of short stacks congregating on that table. All of Federico Petruzzelli, Mark Demirdjian and Ouassini Mansouri are there, and that can only mean joy for Jozonis. — HS

6:05pm: Mateos minces Wilf
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

And the Adrian Mateos rampage continues. Saar Wilf moved all-in for 129,000 from the button and Adrian Mateos called from the big blind.

Adrian Mateos

Wilf turned over K♥J♣ and Mateos was in the lead with A♠7♣. The 10♦2♣10♣4♥6♦ board brought no help for Wilf and he was eliminated in 22nd place. Mateos on the other hand is now up to 1.77 million. –AV

6pm: Mateos outkicks, Antonius out of time
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Patrik Antonius was kicking himself over a fold, but now that it’s been revealed on the livestream he can rest assured he made the right decision.

Adrian Mateos started that hand off with a raise to 35,000 from under the gun and Stefan Humber called from the hijack. Antonius called from the big blind and the flop came 5♥7♦J♣. Both Mateos and Antonius had hit a jack, but Mateos had the better kicker.

Antonius had K♠J♥ while Mateos was playing with A♣J♠. Mateos continued for 65,000, Huber folded and Antonius called. The turn brought a 2♥ and Mateos upped the bet to 180,000. Antonius called and an 8♦ completed the board.

Mateos then bet 400,000 and Antonius thought for a while. He ended up using all his time bank cards and then folded. Antonius spent the next few seconds talking about how he shouldn’t of folded, but now he knows he was right.

He is out of time bank cards for the day though. The hand left Antonius with 1.24 million while Mateos is up to 1.64 million. –AV

5:45pm: Huge double, followed by huge cry from Gyorgyi
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

I don’t speak Hungarian but I wish I did, just to understand what Krisztian Gyorgyi was crying to the whole room after he spiked a river card to double through Federico Petruzzelli.

Dan Abouaf raised to 32,000 and was called by Petruzzelli in the next seat and Gyorgyi in the big blind. The flop spread K♠K♥A♥ and Abouaf continued for 26,000. Petruzzelli called but Gyorgyi had other ideas and check-raised to 140,000. Petruzzelli was the only caller to the 2♥ turn where he raised all-in after Gyorygi led for 200,000. Called off another 427,000 and the cards were flipped up.

Gyorgyi: K♦4♦ for trips
Petruzzelli: J♥10♥ for a flush

The 4♥ came on the river and Gyorgyi erupted. His chest-beating antics shocked the room to start with but then he got a splattering of applause. Petruzzelli dropped to 408,000. –MC

5:40pm: Demirdjian in a hole
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

It had all been going so well for Mark Demirdjian through the first three days of this tournament, but he’ll head to his break at the end of Level 21 with only 250,000 chips, or about 12 big blinds, a new low point.

In the last hand before the interval, Dan Abouaf opened to 32,000 from under the gun and Demirdjian called in the big blind. Demirdjian checked the A♦4♠10♠ flop but called after Abouaf bet 37,000.

They both checked the A♠ turn, then the 9♠ river peeled off. Demirdjian bet 125,000 from a stack of less than 400,000 and Abouaf tossed out a call.

Demirdjian showed down his K♣4♣. But Abouaf had hero-ed with 6♠6♦ and was right.

Abouaf now has about 1.35 million, but we’ll have full counts for the whole field soon. — HS

5:25pm: Fleur wilts
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Tomas Jozonis is absolutely ice cold, and he has just frozen Alexis Fleur out of this tournament too.

Fleur knew something was amiss and, it seems, very nearly folded a big holding on the river. But after burning through three time-bank cards he called off the rest of his stack and, well…

Alexis Fleur

If began with an open to 36,000 from Fleur under the gun and a call from Jozonis in the big blind. The dealer put the 7♥4♠A♣ flop out there and Jozonis checked.

Fleur bet 25,000 and Jozonis called.

Both players slowed to a check on the 6♣ turn and the dealer put the 7♠ on the river. Jozonis checked again and Fleur decided to have another stab. He bet 110,000.

Jozonis now moved all-in and his 2 million stack was way bigger than the 300,000 or so Fleur now had uncommitted.

Fleur was absolutely agonised, rubbing his temples in pain, and took ages to make a decision. But then he called and saw that his instincts were right.

Jozonis had 4♦4♣ and had slow-played a set of fours. Fleur’s A♥K♣ was done.

Jozonis moves up to 2.7 million, while Fleur is out in 23rd.– HS

5:10pm: Akkari axes pettersson
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari looked down at Q♠Q♥ from early position and moved all-in for 160,000. An even shorter Thomas Pettersson found himself with A♠K♣ from the small blind and moved all-in as well.

Thomas Pettersson

It would’ve been a flip, but Josip Simunic called with A♣10♦ from the big blind and took an ace out of play.The flop came 5♦7♦J♦ to give Simunic a flush draw, but the 9♣ on the turn and 2♥ on the river kept Akkari’s queens in the lead.

Pettersson busted in 24th while Akkari nearly triple to 432,000. Simunic on the other hand dipped to 432,000. –AV

5:05pm: Mansouri doubles
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Ouassini Mansouri was in need of a double up and got one on the first hand after the redraw. He got his remaining 207,000 in from the big blind against Federico Petruzzelli, who was on the small blind.

Mansouri showed 10♠10♦ while Petruzzelli was calling pretty thin with 9♦5♦. Petruzzelli did hit a nine on the K♠7♥2♥9♣Q♦ board, but it wasn’t enough to take down tens. Mansouri doubled to 450,000 while Petruzzelli dipped to 1.1 million. –AV

5pm: Last three tables
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Here’s how they line up on the new three-table arrangement:

Table 1 Table 2 Table 3
1 Andre Akkari – 160,000 Davidi Kitai – 750,000 Honglin Jiang – 1.35m
2 Ole Schemion – 3.029m Nicolas Dumont – 440,000 Mark Demirdjian – 471,000
3 Saar Wilf – 144,000 David Peters – 1.8m Dan Abouaf – 1,100,000
4 Patrik Antonius – 1.189m Javier Fernandez – 1.35m Federico Petruzzelli – 1.385m
5 Adrian Mateos – 1.284m Gavin O’Rourke – 520,000 Ouassini Mansouri – 237,000
6 Thomas Pettersson – 231,000 Sadri Saleh – 700,000 Tomas Jozonis – 2.33m
7 Josip Simunic – 864,000 Dimitar Danchev – 610,000 Alexis Fleur – 490,000
8 Stefan Huber – 1.65m Davor Laninin – 400,000 Krisztian Gyorgyi – 820,000

4:45pm: Down to 24

With 24 players remaining there is a pause for the redraw. We’ll have details shortly.

4:40pm: Quad aces for Peters, Saout out
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Seriously David Peters? Seriously?

Antoine Saout moved all-in for 327,000 from under the gun and Peters called from his immediate left. The rest of the table folded and Saout turned over 6♣6♠ only to be met by Peters’s A♣A♠.

Antoine Saout

Peters turned his pocket rockets into a set on the A♥8♠Q♦ flop and then they turned into quads after the A♦ came on the turn. A 7♣ completed the board and Saout was out. Peters chipped up to 1.7 million while Saout finished 25th.

We’re now redrawing to our final three tables. –AV

4:30pm: O’Rourke roaring back
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Irish hopes are pinned on Gavin O’Rourke here in Monte Carlo, and regs in Dublin and around know they have a decent horse there. Here’s some good news for them too: O’Rourke has built his stack to a day-high 730,000.

He picked up some of his new-found wealth after Adrian Mateos opened to 35,000 and Federico Petruzzelli called on the button, but neither of them were interested after O’Rourke moved all-in for 361,000 from the small blind. He got that one through.

Gavin O’Rourke

On the next hand, he and Petruzzelli played it through all the streets, building a pot of more than 300,000 by the time a board of 5♠A♥J♣A♣6♠ was out there.

At that point (and I had only been watching this from the corner of my eye, so apologies for vagueness) Petruzzelli used up a time-bank card before putting a tower of blue chips in the middle. O’Rourke didn’t ask for a count. He just called and forced Petruzzelli to show his busted straight draw with Q♥10♥. O’Rourke’s A♠8♠ was good.

It had looked a little bleak for O’Rourke earlier, but he’s roaring back into contention. — HS

4:20pm: Lanini doubles again
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Earlier in the level David Lanini asked why nobody could beat Ole Schemion. Then he beat him.

Schemion raised to 35,000 from the cutoff that hand and Lanini moved all-in for 207,000 from the small blind. Thomas Pettersson was on the big blind and thought for about two time bank cards and finally folded. Schemion turned over 6♠6♦ while Lanini tabled K♥9♣.

Davor Lanini

Action was delayed for a bit while the cameras finished filming Carl-Fredrik Tingvall’s elimination and Lanini eventually called the clock on the TV crew. While they went over and set up their shot, Lanini asked Thomas Pettersson what he had folded. Pettersson said queen-eight of clubs.

“I had a good feeling,” Pettersson said. Turns out his feelings were right.

The board ran 5♥9♠Q♠Q♦8♦ and Pettersson would’ve hit a full house. He didn’t though and Lanini took down the pot with queens and nines. Lanini doubled to 450,000 while Schemion is still in the lead with 2.8 million. –AV

4:15pm: Abouaf finishes off Tingvall
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

We’re down to 25, one away from a redraw, after Dan Abouaf has just felted Carl-Fredrik Tingvall. The pot began with a raise to 32,000 from Patrik Antonius and then a jam for about 330,000 in the button from Tingvall.

Abouaf didn’t ask for a count before re-shoving from the big blind and Antonius knew his participation should end here.

Tingvall: 10♦10♠
Abouaf: A♠A♦

The board bricked out with the 4♠7♣3♣8♥7♥ offering no help to Tingvall. He got up and said “Thank-you” to both Stefan Huber and Abouaf, his two nearest neighbours, as he shook their hands. He then said, “It was very nice. Win it all.”

It was the politest elimination we’ll see today. But it’s still an elimination. He’s gone, while Abouaf moves up to 1.15 million. — HS

4:10pm: The new Hube
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Stefan Huber is surely going to win a major event soon. He’s been deep in so many, including finishing runner up in the Aussie Millions in January, but has only lifted the trophy in side events so far.

He’s playing beautifully here again today, just picking up a pot from Carl-Fredrik Tingvall.

Carl-Fredrik Tingvall

Tingvall opened to 50,000 from the cutoff and Huber called on the button. Dan Abouaf called in the small blind and they saw the 9♠4♣8♦ flop. Abouaf checked, Tingvall bet 50,000 and Huber raised to 200,000.

Abouaf folded, but Tingvall called.

Both players checked the 5♣ turn and then Tingvall checked the K♣ river too. Huber bombed, all-in, covering Tingvall’s 375,000 stack. Tingvall made what looked like a frustrated fold.

“Show the bluff, show the bluff!” Abouaf implored Huber. “I know it’s a bluff.”

Huber slipped his cards away and is up to 1.6 million. — HS

4:05pm: Mateos making moves
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Watch out Main Event players, former champion Adrian Mateos is coming for you.

He just won a chunky pot off Dimitar Danchev to rise to 1.165 million. The loss dropped Danchev down to 668,00.

Adrian Mateos

Danchev had opened from the button and Mateos defended his big blind to face a 30,000 c-bet on a 7♥2♦5♥ flop. Matoes check-raised to 85,000 and Danchev called. The board ran out A♣9♠ with Mateos betting 170,000 and all-in for 561,000 on each street. Mateos used a time bank chip before making his move on the river, 30 seconds was enough for Danchev to decide to fold though. –MC

4:03pm: Akkari in action
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

A tense moment on the feature table as Andre Akkari had a decision to make – whether to call Honglin Jiang’s shove with A♠Q♦.

Honglin Jiang

Andre Akkari

Akkari had opened with A♣J♦ but opted to fold. – SB

4pm: Schemion sacks Morin
Level 21 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Ole Schemion was done toying with Pierre Morin, so he went for the kill.

Schemion raised to 35,000 from the cutoff right after we came back from break. Pierre Morin was on the big blind and moved all-in for 301,000. Schemion quickly called and showed a dominating A♥Q♣ to Morin’s Q♠2♠. The 9♥K♣9♦ flop left Morin hoping for a deuce, but the turn and river brought a 7♦ and J♥ instead.

Pierre Morin

Morin busted in 27th while Schemion rose to nearly 3 million.

“Nobody beats you,” said Davor Lanini. “Why does nobody beat you?”

If we knew the answer to that, we’d be as rich as Ole Schemion. –AV

3:35pm: Break time

Players are taking another break.

3:30pm: Schemion toying
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Ole Schemion is just toying with his table-mates this afternoon. He’s a class apart when he’s in this kind of mood.

Schemion just went to a flop with Pierre Morin, for just one raise and a call. Both players checked the 3♠K♦6♦ flop, then the 9♦ came on the turn.

Ole Schemion

Schemion now led 75,000 at it, about a pot-sized bet, and Morin made the call.

The A♥ fell on the river and Schemion pushed all in. He had more than 2 million, so the decision was on Morin for his 300,000 stack.

Pierre Morin

Morin tossed out a pre-emptive time-bank card, buying himself a minute to make his decision. But he let the clock tick down to about 2 seconds only on his first countdown and then mucked.

Schemion casually picked up his cards, as though he was as interested as anyone in finding out what he actually had. He had 7♠5♠, which he hesitantly allowed to fall face up. Morin at least now has the 20-minute tournament break to gather his thoughts. — HS

3:25pm: Lanini doubles
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

A little bit of patience went a long way and Davor Lanini got his double up. Ouassini Mansouri raised to 25,000 from under the gun and Lanini, who’d been left short after doubling up Antoine Saout, moved all-in for 119,000.

Davor Lanini

Action folded back around to Mansouri and he called. Mansouri showed A♣6♣ while Lanini tabled A♥A♠.

“Six, six eh?” Mansouri suggested to the dealer, but the 9♣4♣9♠10♥8♠ board wasn’t about to be bossed around. Lanini doubled to 250,000 while Mansouri dipped to 400,000. –AV

3:20pm: They were suited!
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

“They were suited!” smiled Dan Abouaf to neighbour Stefan Huber after he won a pot with 10♠2♠ to move up to 870,000.

Mark Demirdjian

He defended his big blind to a 25,000 hijack raise from Mark Demirdjian. The flop spread A♠6♠8♠ and he check-called another 20,000. The 10♥ turn was checked to the 3♠ river where Demirdjian had a 40,000 bet called. Abouaf opened his hand and Demirdjian mucked to drop to 660,000. –MC

3:15pm: Gruissem runs into kings, busts
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

It was a case of bad timing for Philipp Gruissem, four-betting right into the kings of Nicolas Dumont.

Nicolas Dumont

The German pro opened to 27,000 and then four-bet jammed for 330,000 when Dumont three-bet him to 75,000. Call.

Dumont: K♣K♠
Gruissem: 7♣7♠

Philipp Gruissem: Out

The board ran 4♥A♠Q♣6♦A♥ to see the kings hold and Dumont moved up to 830,000. –MC

3:10pm: Saout out-flips Lanini
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

The two short stacks on Table 1 just went at it, with Antoine Saout scoring a double and leaving Davor Lanini in a lot of trouble.

Davor Lanini

Saout open pushed for 159,000 and then, after action made its way to Lanini in the small blind, he re-shoved for about 250,000. The rest of the table got out the way and this was a flip.

Saout: 9♠9♦
Lanini: K♠Q♠

The flop probably put Lanini ahead. It came J♠J♥8♠. But neither the flush draw nor the over-cards hit as the turn 3♣ and river 4♣ were good for Saout.

He got a fist bump from Pierre Morin and then most of Lanini’s chips. SAout now has about 330,000 while Lanini is down to around 90,000. — HS

3:05pm: Koplimaa succumbs
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

There was no fairytale comeback for Markku Koplimaa.

Saar Wilf opened 35,000 and was called by Mark Demirdjian in the hijack before Koplimaa called all-in for 31,000 from the big blind. The board rolled out 9♥J♣9♠]8♠Q♣ with Wilf check-folding to a bet on the river.

Markku Koplimaa headed to the rail

Koplimaa opened A♥6♥ but was destroyed by Demirdjian’s J♠J♦10♥ for 204,000. Honglin Jiang made the call with 7♠7♥.

The flop helped him out, landing as it did: Q♠10♦3♠. But the A♠ turn spelled trouble. It gave Jiang 11 outs on the river, one of which was the 7♣.

Grieco out. – SB

3pm: Koplimaa left on fumes
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Markku Koplimaa doubled up through Patrik Antonius not long ago, but now he’s lost a big chunk back to him and is down to a few big blinds.

Koplimaa started that hand off with a raise to 26,000 from middle position and Antonius called from the hijack. Mark Demirdjian did the same from the small blind and Carl-Fredrik Tingvall called from the big blind.

All four players checked the 2♥K♣Q♥ flop and a J♥ came on the turn. Tingvall bet 25,000, Koplimaa called and Antonius raised to 100,000. Both Demirdjian and Tingvall folded, but Koplimaa called and a 9♠ completed the board. Antonius then bet another 100,000 when checked to and Koplimaa used a time bank card before calling.

Antonius turned over A♥10♠ for a broadway straight and Koplimaa mucked, leaving himself with just about 40,000. –AV

2:55pm: An acrimonious disintegration
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Players under the gun raised three hands in succession. There were mixed results.

First it was Philipp Gruissem who put 27,000 forward and got folds all around the table.

Next it was Federico Petruzzelli, who made it 27,000 to go, only to then see Nicolas Dumont raise to 72,000 from a couple of seats around. Action passed back to Petruzzelli, who moved all-in, covering Dumont’s 335,000 by about a million and Dumont folded.

The third hand was a bit more complicated. Gavin O’Rourke opened to 26,000 and Dumont called. Gruissem called in the small blind and Petruzzelli now made this a reunion tour of all the four players featured in the two previous hands.

The Fab Four saw the A♠J♦Q♦ flop and, after both Gruissem and Petruzzelli checked, O’Rourke bet 35,000. He managed to shed only Gruissem, who left the band like a disgruntled bassist with “musical differences”.

The 2♥ fell on the turn and both Petruzzelli and O’Rourke checked. Dumont took over, like a controlling Svengali, and bet 70,000. Petruzzelli had now had enough. He stormed out and is litigating over loss of royalties.

O’Rourke took a little longer, hanging around in the attempt to reconcile with his domineering band-mate, but ultimately combusted too like a Spinal Tap drummer. That pot went to Dumont, who now has about 500,000.

O’Rourke has 360,000 and Petruzzelli has 1.1 million. — HS

2:50pm: Kraus crumbles in 31st
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Anton Kraus busted in a battle of the short stacks over on Table 1.

He was down to 130,000 when he made his move from the hijack. Davor Lanini was in the big blind and sat behind a stack worth 185,000. He needed to use a time bank chip before he called.

Lanini: A♥9♣
Kraus: K♥Q♥

The board ran a blank 6♦6♥3♠J♣2♠. Lanini leant over and shook his downed opponent’s hand, who headed off to collect his €17,500 winnings. –MC

2:45pm: Gruissem, hippos, Juanda, Sinclair double up
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

There’s always an additional bit of colour when Philipp Gruissem is involved in a pot, and here’s a great example. It was helped by the fact that the €25K High Roller tournament went on its break just as the hand played out, meaning Gruissem was railed by a handful of his friends from the other side of the tracks.

Philipp Gruissem

Adrian Mateos, who would also be playing the High Roller had he not been doing so well in the Main Event, opened the pot from the button, making it 25,000 to go.

Gruissem then jammed for 134,000 from the small blind, but it was Federico Petruzzelli in the big blind who looked most interested. Indeed he was. He four-bet to about 230,000.

Federico Petruzzelli

There wasn’t time or the necessity to determine exactly how big the four bet was because Mateos folded and Gruissem was covered. Gruissem leapt from his seat, reached for his lucky hippo card protector and said, “We might not need it” as he placed the trinket on top of A♣A♠.

“You have aces?” John Juanda, one of the high roller stragglers, said. “No f***ing way.”

Petruzzelli’s K♦Q♥ was in trouble, but his 1.4 million chip stack meant it wouldn’t be too bad whatever happened.

Juanda hung around to see the flop actually put Gruissem in a bit more danger than he had been. It was the A♥3♦10♥. Though Gruissem had flopped a set, Petruzzelli had a straight draw.

The 6♦ was safe for Gruissem. And so was the 8♥.

All of Juanda, Gruissem and Jack Sinclair celebrated and Petruzzelli chuckled along with them. Gruissem now moves up to around 300,000 and may well delay his high roller entry further. — HS

2:40pm: Pettersson pulls one off Peters
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

“It’s a lot,” Thomas Pettersson told David Peters after Peters asked him for a count.

It really wasn’t though, it was just 172,000. Pettersson moved it all-in from the hijack and Peters called from the big blind after getting the count. The rest of the table got out of the way and Peters tabled 7♥7♦ to Pettersson’s 9♦9♠.

The board ran 8♦5♦10♥J♥4♣ and Pettersson doubled to 400,000 while Peters dipped to 1.6 million. –AV

2:35pm: Koplimaa scrapes a double
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Too many outs on the turn? It turned out just to be enough for Markku Koplimaa to draw to on the river.

Markku Koplimaa

He moved all-in for 144,000 from the cutoff and Patrik Antonius successfully isolated with a reraise from the next seat.

Koplimaa: K♥7♥
Antonius: A♦Q♦

The J♣8♥A♠ flop was pretty bad for Koplimaa but he turned one of two perfect cards when it came 10♥ and he made a flush as the river came A♥. Antonius dropped to a million. –MC

2:30pm: Schemion slicks one off Peters
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Ole Schemion was pretty happy he got one off of David Peters.

Things started off simple enough. Peters called from the small blind and Schemion checked from the big blind. The flop came down 8♠4♠5♣ and Peters bet 14,000. Schemion raised it up to 53,000 and Peters called, bringing a Q♠ on the turn.

Ole Schemion

Peters made it 100,000 and Schemion called, bringing a J♦ on the river. This time Peters upped the bet to 280,000 and Schemion thought for a while, used a time bank card, and thought some more. Then he called. Schemion turned over A♣3♠ for ace-high and clapped his hands together in celebration after Peters turned over 10♦7♠.

Then he said something to Philipp Gruissem in German about Peters one table over and Gruissem smiled. Schemion is now up to 2.6 million while Peters dipped to 1.7 million. –AV

2:25pm: More for Morin
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)


Pierre Morin has just scored a voluble double-up, shouting the roof off of the Salle de Etoile after getting his jacks to hold against Davor Lanini’s pocket sixes.

Pierre Morin

The hand began with a raise to 31,000 from Morin under the gun and then a call on the button from Ouassini Mansouri. Lanini then shoved for 360,000 from the big blind and Morin under-called all-in for 235,000. Mansouri folded.

On their backs:

Morin: J♥J♠
Lanini: 6♠6♥

The board was a brick wall: 9♥5♥3♣10♥3♥ and the jacks held for jubilant Morin. He now has about 600,000 while Lanini is in real trouble with 125,000. — HS

2:20pm: Huber building pretty towers
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Trapping? Bluffing? Markku Koplimaa will never know as Stefan Huber will never tell.

Te latter opened to 28,000 from second position and was only called by Koplimaa in the hijack. Huber checked over every street, facing bets of 36,000 on the turn and 106,000 on the river. The final board read 4♦2♦4♣9♦8♣ and Huber called the turn before raising all-in on the river. Koplimaa had committed all but 149,000 of his stack.

Stefan Huber

“Wow!” he whispered before using up three time bank chips and folding.

Huber relaxed, allowed himself to swallow and let a wry smile spread across his face. He’s almost up to a million chips now, all stacked in beautiful fashion. –MC

2:15pm: Grieco lives!
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Grieco moved in for 190,000 with A♣10♣ and looked to be in trouble when Javier Fernandez called with A♠Q♠.
But the board would bring help:


Grieco looked surprised, then relieved. He’s up to 33 big blinds. – SB

2:10pm: Schemion felts Sfez
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Eric Sfez was one of the most active players in the first level of the day, even if not that many of his hand histories made it to the reports. He was seeing a lot of flops, even if he often had to fold.

Eric Sfez

He was particularly enjoying what looked like a personal battle with Ole Schemion, although personal battles with Schemion tend to end only one way. And, yes, that’s the way it just ended for Sfez too. He is out in 32nd place.

The hand began with Schemion opening to 25,000 from early position and Sfez calling in the hijack. The short-stacked Thomas Pettersson clearly thought about squeezing from the small blind, but then folded. And Anton Kraus, also with a short stack, seemed to be considering the same in the big blind. Kraus opted to call from a 150,000 stack.

So, three players to the Q♠5♥4♠ flop and a quick check from Kraus. Schemion then continued for 44,000. Sfez called and Kraus backed down, meaning the old adversaries saw the 9♦ on the turn.

Schemion bet 130,000, and Sfez called, leaving himself 250,000 back. This was turning into a big pot.

The river was the 3♠ and now Schemion moved all-in, putting Sfez to a decision for his tournament. He used up one time-bank card, but then decided to call. That was a mis-step.

Schemion showed his A♥A♣. He can get that hand too. Sfez’s 7♣7♠ never had a prayer.

Schemion now chips up to around 2 million. Sfez has now cashed in his tournament equity for €15,400. — HS

2:05pm: Demirdjian doubles Wilf
Level 20 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Mark Demirdjian started things off with a raise to 25,000 from early position and Patrik Antonius called from the small blind. Saar Wilf was on the big blind and called as well, prompting the 10♣Q♠J♠ flop.

Saar Wilf

Action checked to Demirdjian and he bet 45,000. Antonius let it go but Wilf called and we got a Q♣ on the turn. Wilf moved all-in for 96,000 and Demirdjian thought for a little over a time bank and called.

Wilf turned over K♠4♠ for a flush and straight draw while Demirdjian showed 8♠8♦ for an underpair.

“Nice call,” Wilf said. Then he asked for a ten to counterfeit the eights. The K♦ on the river didn’t comply, but it did give him a pair of kings for the double up.

Wilf doubled to 363,000 while Demirdjian dipped to 770,000. –AV

2pm: Play restarts

Players are back in their seats for Level 20.

1:50pm: Break time

Stephen Chidwick is on top of the poker world right now. We spoke to him earlier this week about topping the GPI, his career so far, and what’s still to come.

Read the full interview here.

1:40pm: Break time

Players are taking their first break of the day.

1:35pm: Chaieb busts on the last hand before break
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Dimitar Danchev opened to 22,000 from middle position and called after Ali Chaieb three-bet all-in for 95,000 off the button.

Danchev: 6♣6♦
Chaieb: K♠Q♦

The K♦4♣10♣ flop saw Chaieb take the lead. Danchev put a finger on the 6♣ and just edged in forward an inch.

After the turn was the A♣ Dachev edged the same card forward another inch and then the subtle moves turned into a fist-pump as the 2♣ river completed his flush. That put the former PCA champion close to a million chips. We’ll have the full counts coming up very soon for you. –MC

1:30pm: Abouaf sacks Sheshukov
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Dan Abouaf got another one.

Josip Simunic started that hand with a raise to 23,000 from the button. Abouaf called from the small blind and Aleksandr Sheshukov did the same from the big blind.

Action then checked to Simunic on the 7♥A♠5♥ flop and he bet 32,000. Abouaf called and then Sheshukov moved all-in for 249,000. Simunic got out of the way but Abouaf called.

Abouaf turned over two-pair with 7♠5♦ while Abouaf showed a flush draw with 10♥8♥. Abouaf got his flush after the J♥ came on the turn and the river was a gratuitous 2♥. Sheshukov busted in 34th while Abouaf is now up to 700,000. –AV

1:25pm: Tingvall rings the bell
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (ante 10,000)

Carl-Fredrik Tingvall was plotting something, and he delivered it on the turn. He opened the pot from under the gun and picked up only one caller: Mark Demirdjian in the big blind.

Demirdjian led out for 35,000 on the 3♦7♥9♦ flop, and Tingvall silently called. The J♦ turn prompted another bet from Demirdjian, who put 115,000 forward.

Tingvall, who is from Sweden but doesn’t quite fit the typical mould of an aggressive-seeming Scandi (on account of the fact that he’s over 18), then channeled his inner nordic with a shove. “All-in,” he said, loud enough to beckon the cameras over.

Demirdjian wanted a rough count. The dealer told him precisely. Tingvall had 535,000 in the shove. Demirdjian tossed his cards away.

With that, Tingvall moves up to to around 730,000. There are two minutes left on the day’s first level. — HS

1:20pm: Morin doubles through Peters
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Pierre Morin couldn’t look at the board runout after he found himself all-in, but he was soon fist-pumping two friends on the rail after his hand held.

David Peters

David Peters had opened to 23,000 from early position and the short-stacked Morin defended his big blind. The flop fanned 3♣Q♠8♦ and Peters continued for 23,000. Morin check-raised all-in for 76,000 and Peters made a reluctant looking call.

Morin: Q♥9♣
Peters: 6♣6♥

The board ran out a blank 10♣10♠ and Peters dropped to a still huge 1.98 million. –MC

1:15pm: Saleh & Sheshukov double
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

It’s been a polarising day of poker so far, with bust outs and double-ups dominating. Sadri Saleh and Aleksandr Sheshukov both doubled within seconds of each other at adjacent tables.

Sadri Selah

Saleh three-bet all-in for 128,000 with A♥Q♥ and was called by Mark Demirdjian behind him. The latter opened 10♠10♥ but couldn’t hold as a board ran Q♠K♥5♠9♣K♠.

Then Sheshukov called all-in for 82,000 from the big blind when Dan Abouaf shoved from the small blind.

Abouaf: A♣Q♣
Sheshukov: K♥4♦

The board ran a Russian flavoured 7♥3♣Q♠K♠]2♥ to see Sheshukov make a winning pair on the turn.

Saleh – 305,000
Demirdjian – 1.1million
Abouaf – 295,000
Sheshukov – 174,000

1:11pm: Abouf whacks Wang
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

There goes another one. Dan Abour raised to 21,000 from the button and a short-stacked Chaofei Wang moved all-in for 2,000 from the big blind. Abour called and turned over J♣4♣ to Wang’s A♥5♥.

Chaofei Wang

Wang was in the lead until the river of a K♦3♣6♠10♣J♦ board gave Abour a pair of jacks. Wang was out in 35th while About chipped up to 440,000. –AV

1:10pm: Tingvall takes out Karakousis
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Carl-Fredrik Tingvall raised to 20,000 from the cutoff and Georgios Karakousis moved all-in for his remaining 200,000 from the small blind. Tingvall called and turned over A♥K♥ for a flip against Karakousis’s 3♣3♥. Tingvall hit an ace on the A♦9♣Q♦4♥2♣ board and Karakousis hit the rail in 36th. –AV

1:06pm: Gyorgyi doubles
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

A double up for Krisztian Gyorgyi, the PokerStars qualifier.

He raised with pocket jacks. Davidi Kitai then re-raised all-in with ace-king. Gyorgyi thought for a minute before calling all in.

The board ran 7♦4♣2♦9♥8♠. He was pretty happy about it too. – SB

1:05pm: Little double for Chaieb
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Right after Tomas Jozonis won the monster pot, he lost a little one to Ali Chaieb.

Ali Chaieb

Jozonis was on the small blind, Chaieb was on the big and Chaieb’s remaining 97,000 went in the pot. Jozonis showed K♥J♥ while Chaieb tabled A♦7♠. Chaieb got an ace on the 9♣A♠6♥3♦6♦ board and he doubled to about 200,000 while Jozonis dipped to 2.2 million. –AV

1pm: Jozonis fills up on Miller
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Tomas Jozonis is now near the lead after taking out Gary Miller in a huge pot.

Jozonis started the pot with a raised to 22,000 from under the gun an Miller made it 82,000 from the button. Action folded back around to Jozonis and he called, bringing a 4♦Q♣4♦ flop. Miller then bet 64,000 when checked to and Jozonis called.

A 5♣ came down on the turn and this time Miller made it 115,000. Jozonis called and a 6♦ completed the board. Another check led to a bet of 257,000 from Miller and then Jozonis moved allin. Miller thought for a while. He ended up using three time bank cards while he thought about the hand.

“Why do I think you have queens?” Miller asked. It was probably because Jozonis had queens. Miller called and turned over ace-king offsuit while Jozonis tabled Q♥Q♦ for a flopped full house. Jozonis’ stack rose to 2.35 million while Miller was eliminated in 37th. –AV

12:55pm: Gruissem grinding
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (ante 10,000)

Tomas Jozonis opened to 22,000 from the hijack, sitting with a monstrous stack now of around 2.3 million. Philipp Gruissem, who has significantly less, three bet to 77,000 from the small blind. After that, he had only 270,000 left.

Jozonis asked Gruissem if he wanted to play for the lot and announced he was all-in. Gruissem decided he didn’t. He folded.

On the next hand, Antoine Saout opened to 22,000 and now Gruissem did want to get it all-in. He pushed and Saout was the one to back down without a fight. — HS

12:50pm: Bad river actually a saver for Antonius
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

“Bad river!” said a frustrated sounding Patrik Antonius at the end of a hand. But it was actually a river that saved him a bunch of trips.

Nicolas Dumont had opened from under the gun and was only called by Antonius in the cutoff. Both players checked the J♣K♣A♠ flop before Dumont check-called 20,000 on the A♣ turn. Dumont checked a third time on the 2♣ river and opened his monster with K♠K♥ when Antonius checked back.

Antonius then saw he was very lucky as the hand could’ve cost him so much more as he held A♥Q♦ for trips. He dropped to 1.2 million and Dumont rose to 400,000. –MC

12:45pm: Grieco doubles
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Francesco Grieco doubles up on the feature table against Davidi Kitai. Grieco was in for 115,000 with pocket fives against the A♥Q♥ of Kitai.

The board ran out 9♠6♣3♠10♣8♠ to the delight of Greico. – SB

12:40pm: Sanioglu joins rush to the exit
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (ante 10,000)

It’s all over now for Ekrem Sanioglu, who has joined the recent rush to the door.

This played four-handed pre-flop, with all of Davor Lanini, Eric Sfez and Sanioglu calling Ole Schemion’s open to 22,000 from the hijack. They were on button and in small blind and big blind, respectively.

“Good luck,” Schemion said as the dealer drew their chips into the pot.

The 10♣3♣7♣ flop had potential, but three players checked it. Lanini bet 30,000 and only Sanioglu called. The 7♥ came on the turn and Sanioglu now moved all-in for about 95,000.

Lanini got a count, and then called, tabling his K♣10♣. Sanioglu’s K♥3♠ was in a spot of bother and the 2♣ river couldn’t dig him out of it.

Sanioglu departs in 39th, I think. Though that’ll need to be confirmed. — HS

12:35pm: Kerignard out in 40th
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Another departure from the feature table.

Yorane Kerignard

Yorane Kerignard departs in 40th place. He shoved for his last 60,000 with pocket sixes but ran into Andre Akkari with pocket kings. The board brought nothing to change that, and he leaves for the rail. – SB

12:30pm: Franco toast
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (ante 10,000)

Federico Petruzzelli enjoys riding the highs and the lows, and this hand had both for him. It ended in the elimination of Sonny Franco, though he was a good deal less animated throughout.

They got it all in pre-flop with Petruzzelli on the button and Franco in the small blind. Franco’s 110,000 stack was comfortably covered.

Franco was in trouble with the A♥2♣ against Petruzzelli’s A♦7♦, and Petruzzelli shouted his happiness with the situation at a friend on the rail.

But then the flop brought the 2♠4♠2♦, which was obviously spectacular for a silent Franco. Petruzzelli again shouted the update to his friend.

But the 3♦ turn gave Petruzzelli hope of a re-draw, and it was quickly followed by the 10♦ river, which was gin for him. Petruzzelli’s runner-runner flush sent Franco home and kept the ebullient Italian smiling. — HS

12:28pm: Chisu departs
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

We lose Danut Chisu in 42nd place. He was all in with A♥10♥ against the pocket queens of Javier Fernandez. The board ran 4♣3♣J♦Q♥7♦ to send Chisu to the rail. – SB

12:25pm: Petruzzelli pummels Panyak
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Maxim Panyak was taken out seconds later, falling to Federico Petruzzelli. The Italian opened from under the gun and called the short stack shove from Panyak in late position.

Maxim Panyak

Petruzzelli: A♦K♦
Panyak: A♥Q♦

The ran 4♦2♦7♣7♦3♥ to make Petruzzelli a flush. He moved up to 1.1million –MC

12:25pm: Bednar taken out by Schemion
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Ole Schemion made a good call preflop and then breathed a sigh of relief as his hand held to bust Jan Bednar.

The latter moved all-in for 103,000 from the cutoff and Schemion made the call from the big blind.

Schemion: K♠10♠
Bednar: Q♣J♥

The board ran 4♠4♥5♣4♦]2♦ and Schemion leant over and shook Bednar’s hand. His stack grew to 1.218 million. –MC

12:21pm: Double shot for Antonius to start the day
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Good start so far for Patrik Antonius.

Patrik Antonius

He raised to 20,000 from the cutoff and Said Butba moved all-in for about 100,000 from the button. Ville Tapio Sissonen the rejammed for 141,000 from the big blind and Antonius called.

Ville Sissonen

Antonius: 9♣9♠
Butba: A♦7♠
Sissonen: A♣K♥

Said Butba

Antonius improved to a set on the 9♥2♠8♣Q♣2♣ board and he scored the double KO. Butba finished 45th while Sissonen was eliminated in 44th. Antonius on the other hand is up to 1.1 million. –AV

12:15: Early boost for Schemion
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (ante 10,000)

Ole Schemion just got a very early boost to his stack thanks to a kindly flop and a disbelieving Eric Sfez.

It was the very first hand of the day and Schemion opened from the hijack to 21,000. Sfez called in the small blind and then Jan Bednar also called in the big blind.

Ole Schemion

The three of them looked at the 8♠9♠9♣ flop and both players in the blind checked it. Schemion continued for 25,000. Both opponents called.

The turn brought the 5♦ and Sfez took over with a bet of 65,000. Bednar folded, but Schemion wanted to stay involved.

The 10♦ fell on the river and Sfez now bet 101,000. Schemion double-checked he size of the bet, but didn’t need to check his hand again before calling.

Sfez had A♦8♥ but couldn’t shift Schemion’s 9♦7♣.

Sfez dips to 530,000 now, while Schemion is boosted to 920,000. — HS

12:10pm: Ace high start for Huber
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Stefan Huber got off to a winning start, taking down a four-way pot with just ace high.

Four players saw a 3♥K♦5♦ flop that Huber bet for 38,000. He was only called by Saar Wilf before the two players checked the K♣4♣ turn and river through. Wilf had missed his flush draw with 9♦7♦ so the point went to Huber who opened 7♦9♦. –MC

12pm: Riffing and readying
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Almost all of the players are now seated and last-minute preparations are under way. They will get started any minute now. — HS

11am: Can anyone stop Peters’ charge?
Level 19 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Good morning from the French Riveria everybody and welcome back to our coverage of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo©Casino EPT Main Event. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally tuned into the Day 2 or 3 coverage, but you’re in the right place for Day 4 and yes, David Peters starts the day as leader for the third day on the bounce.

We mentioned how consistent Peters is in our wrap last night, the American’s reward for mixing a ton of hard work with oodles of natural talent. A player who shows no signs of slowing down despite over $20 million won in a 12-year career. Motivation this week will not be a problem for him though. One, because winning this event will be his greatest achievement and two, he has unfinished business on the EPT. Peters was in this position at EPT Prague 18 months ago but wasn’t able to close out the deal, eventually falling in third.

Focusing in on the final table in Monaco

As ever, the completion is fierce come Day 4 of an EPT, all the big stacks will be feeling in the zone. Here’s how the top ten look at the beginning of the day:

Name Country Chips
David Peters USA 1,839,000
Javier Fernandez Spain 1,605,000
Josip Simunic Austria 1,547,000
Mark Demirdjian Lebanon 1,190,000
Tomas Jozonis Lithuania 1,141,000
Davidi Kitai Belgium 1,020,000
Gary Miller UK 1,020,000
Federico Petruzzelli Italy 963,000
Patrik Antonius Finland 778,000
Dimitar Danchev Bulgaria 753,000

Just the three EPT champions chasing Peters then!

The aim for today is to play from 45 down to the last two table of 16 players. In the unlikely event that we get through five full 90-minute levels, play may also end at that juncture.

The Main Event is not the only coverage for you to enjoy today as one of the best High Rollers on the planet kicks off at 12:30pm. We’ll be bringing you full coverage from the €25k buy-in event right here. Join us back here at midday when cards will be in the air. –MC

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PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €5,000 Main Event: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Alex Villegas. Photography by Joe Giron/PokerPhotoArchive and Neil Stoddart.


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