EPT Monte Carlo: Level 28 updates

May 02, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 28 of EPT Monte Carlo are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table.

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Blinds: 40,000-80,000 (ante: 5,000)

10.40pm: Rossister roasted, down to eight
Chris Rossiter becomes our final table bubble boy and is desperately unlucky to be sucked out on by Dag Martin Mikkelsen. They get it all in pre-flop — Mikkelsen is well-covering Rossiter, which kind of explains his move with 6♠8♣. Rossiter has A♣Q♠ and the flop is good for the British player. It comes: 5♥8♠A♠. The turn, though, is 4♥ which gives some extra outs and the 7♥ is one of them, filling Mikkelsen’s straight. Rossiter departs and we have our final eight. A full wrap is imminent.

10.30pm: You don’t get this online
Shaun Deeb has assumed commentary duties on EPT Live and is amazed by the style so far adopted by our final nine. He mentioned one hand in particular, where Eric Qu raised from under the gun, Pieter De Korver min-re-raised to 300,000 and Eric Qu min-re-re-raised to 700,000. De Korver folded. “Four bet without ever getting above ten big blinds,” observes the tournament tyro Deeb. “You’d almost never see that online. It shows how valuable each of these chips are to these players.”

10.10pm: Pseudo final table
We’re down to our final nine and they’re all around one table. But there are only eight seats around the “real” final table and these guys are the ones chasing down a chair:

Seat one – Peter Traply, Hungary, 4,155,000
Seat two – Mikhail Tulchinskiy, Russia, 3,170,000
Seat three – Eric Qu, France, 2,495,000
Seat four – Pieter De Korver, Holland, 3,040,000
Seat five – Alem Shah, 1,640,000
Seat six – Daniel Zink, Germany, 1,710,000
Seat seven – Matthew Woodward, USA, 4,870,000
Seat eight – Dag Martin Mikkelsen, Norway, 5,510,000
Seat nine – Chris Rossiter, UK, 1,595,000

9.55pm: Naalden out
Dag Martin Mikkelsen just finished off what he started in the previous hand by eliminating Marc Naalden. Naalden shoved under the gun for his final 625,000 and Mikkelsen, with Peter Traply to act behind him, stalled and pondered before shipping all in. It turned out to be a ruse to get Traply involved as Mikkelsen showed pocket kings, crushing Naalden’s 4♣7♣. The miracle outdraw did not materialise and that was that for Naalden.


Dag Martin Mikkelsen

9.50pm: Mikkelsen charging, Naalden clipped
Dag Martin Mikkelsen has moved into the chip lead when he flopped a set of fives on a board of 6♠5♥3♦ and got it all in against Marc Naalden. The Dutchman insta-called with his 7-8, an open-ended straight draw, but the 6♦ on the turn gave Mikkelsen the house and about 4.5m chips. Naalden is now the short stack with less than 500,000.

9.40pm: Order restored
Rossiter started this one. 160,000 from the button which was called by Qu on the big blind. The flop came J♣J♠9♥ which was checked to Rossiter who made it 180,000. Called. then the turn, 7♦, checked to Rossiter, 380,000 this time, called. The river 4♠. Qu now moved all-in for another 700,000. Rossiter put a chip on his cards, his hand over his brow, thought about things and then folded.

9.25pm: Physioc out
Grayson Physioc has just been eliminated in 11th, beaten by Matt Woodward. They got it all in pre-flop – Physioc had marginally the smaller stack at something like 1.3million. He was ahead at the start of the hand with pocket sevens against Woodward’s A♣9♣ but the flop came 10♠K♠A♠ to put Woodward into the lead, and the chop draws missed, even if it looked like they could split it with a royal. The turn was J♠ but the river a less pretty 6♦.


Grayson Physioc

_MG_8352_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Matt Woodward

9.20pm: “Three volunteers please, we’re looking for three volunteers
There are 11 players remaining as we enter level 28. If three of them would volunteer themselves as self-sacrifice, we’d have a final table. Let’s see if they go for it.*

*They won’t.



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