EPT Monte Carlo: Level 28 (contd.) and level 29 updates

May 03, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 28 and 29 of EPT Monte Carlo are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table.

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Blinds: 50,000-100,000 (ante: 10,000)

2.43pm: Last hand of the level.
Mikkelsen bets on the button to take the blinds. Players take a 15 minute break.

2.35pm: Daniel Zink from Germany, eliminated in seventh place
Zink opened for 250,000 which Mikkelsen raised to 700,000. Zink moved all-in and was called instantly. Zink showed A♥J♥ but Mikkelsen was ahead with A♦K♥. He was further behind on the 8♦K♠2♦ flop. Zink called for the J♦ on the turn which dutifully arrived but not the other one on the river. Six left.

_MG_7052_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Daniel Zink

2.30pm: Anyone?
De Korver moves all-in. No takers.

2.25pm: Tit for tat
A raise, re-raise, shove situation – Zink doing the shoving against Mikkelsen. It’s 1.7 million to call which Mikkelsen doesn’t do.

2.20pm: Long big hand
Qu opens for 200,000, Zink calls as does Tulchinskiy in the big blind. The flop comes A♠10♦4♦. The all check for an 8♠ turn. Tulchinskiy makes it 275,000 and Qu calls. Zink passes before teh 2♥ river. Tulchinskiy checks before Qu bet 700,000. For several minutes Tulchinskiy thinks while Qu pulls a series of facial expression. Tulchinskiy calls and Qu mucks. Tulchinskiy showed 10♣3♣.

2.15pm: Taking turns
De Korver’s turn to move all in, no takers.

2.12pm: Qu v Zink
Qu to 250,000, Zink all-in for 2.2 million. Qu thinks, looks annoyed and eventually folds.

2.05pm: Qu in form
Zink leads out again for 235,000 and Qu calls. The flop comes 7♦3♥2♠. Both check for an 8♣ turn. Qu bets 200,000 says a few things and Zink passes.

2pm: Peter Traply from Hungary is eliminated in eighth place
Woodward opned for 250,000 which Mikkelsen raised to 625,000. Traply then shoved for 4.5 million forcing Woodward out. Mikkelsen was in no rush. After several minutes he announced “call”, showing Q♠Q♦. Traply showed A♦K♥ for a coin flip. the board ran out 2♥5♣8♥10♦6♣. Traply, a surprise elimination in eighth place.

1.56pm: More re-raising
A De Korver bet pre-flop of 275,000. Woodward re-raises to 625,000. That did it. De Korver folds.

1.52pm: Battle of the blinds
Woodward limps on the small blind but Mikkelsen isn’t having any of it, raising to 350,000. Woodward mucks.

1.48pm: Qu all-in
Mikkelsen makes it 250,000 which Tulchinskiy called before Qu moved all-in for 2.1 million. Good for the pot.

1.45pm: Shah shoves again
Shah moves in again, this time behind a 300,000 bet from Qu. Qu thinks and folds.

1.42pm: Another re-raise
Mikkelsen made it 250,000 pre-flop and Traply re-raised to 675,000. Mikkelsen leaned over to check on Traply’s chips but eventually passed.

1.40pm: Enough words. A picture


1.38pm: Shah all-in
Short stack Alem Shah moves all-in for 1.3million. Traply looks interested but then not. Shah picks up the blinds and antes.

1.35pm: Qu raising again
Qu makes it 250,000 pre-flop. Woodward goes to his chips and re-raises to 600,000 total. Qu asks how much, but folds.

1.32pm: Still no showdowns
Qu rasies 250,000 pre-flop and Woodward calls in the small blind. The flop came A♠J♠8♥. Woodward checks and Qu makes a bet of 500,000. Woodward passes.

1.30pm: Heads up pot
Tulchinskiy bets 250,000 and is called by Matthew Woodward. On the flop of 5♠10♣5♥ Woodward checks to the Russian who makes it 350,000. Woodward passes.

1.27pm: Same again
Another pot for Zink after a pre-flop raise.

1.25pm: Level up
We’re into level 29, with blinds at 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante.

1.22pm: Zink in action
Daniel Zink takes his first pot of the day. He made it 200,000 pre-flop which was called by Tulchinskiy and De Korver in the big blind. the each checked the 3♥3♦K♦ flop before a turn card 10♠. De Korver checked before Zink made it 185,000, enough to make both opponents pass. De Korver has lost a million so far.

1.16pm: Normal service is resumed
Dag Martin Mikkelsen takes a pot worth 800,000, re-raising Alem Shah’s bet before the flop.

1.11pm: The first flop of the day.
Mikhail Tulchinskiy made it 210,000 pre-flop which Peter De Korver called for a flop of 8♠8♥2♦. Tulchinskiy bet 350,000 more which Korver called before the turn card A♦. Another 550,000 form Tulchinskiy which this time induced the fold from Korver. A 1.8 million pot for the Russian.

1.05pm: First all-in
Four hands in and the first all-in. Eric Qu made it 205,000 from the button and Alem Shah pushed all-in for 1,495,000. Qu thought, then passed.

1.02pm: And again
Taply on fire, two pots in a row, a pre-flop raise being enough.

1pm: Underway
All set, introductions done, cards are in the air. Peter Traply takes the first pot.

12.50pm: Ready to go.
The final table players are getting themselves seated and having their photos taken, not necessarily in that order. In fact, it’s the other way round. But it’s written now. There are 20 minutes left in level 28 (where the blinds are 40,000-80,000) before we move up to the new level.



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