EPT Monte Carlo: Level 26 updates

May 02, 2009

EPTLive updates from level 26 of EPT Monte Carlo are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table.

The latest chip counts are available on the chip count page.
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Blinds: 25,000-50,000 (ante: 5,000)

6.35pm: Dinner break
With 13 remaining, players take a 90 minute dinner break. Play resumes just after 8pm local time. Peter Traply is now the leader and the full chip counts are available on the chip count page.

_MG_8327_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Chip leader Peter Traply

6.30pm: Another departure
Johannes Strassmann exits after pushing all in against Peter Traply. He showed A♦9♦ against Traply’s A♠K♦. No help on the board takes us down to 13.

6.25pm: Mikkelsen with the upper hand
Woodward bets and Mikkelsen re-raises to 285,000. On the flop J♣5♣J♥ Woodward checked to the Norwegian who bet again, 325,000. It makes it a 1 million pot but the hand goes no further.

6.20pm: Bet and take it. Or don’t.
With 110,000 in the pot before a card is even dealt, this has become very much a pre-flop raise and take it kind of game, especially on the outer table where a lot of the stack are of a similar size. In two recent orbits, we did not see a single turn card, and scarcely even a flop. Marc Naalden raised twice, both times to 125,000, but winning only once. The other time, Chris Rossiter reraised to 325,000 and it ended there. Rossiter took another couple of those pots, raising to 110,000 from early position. Of the pots that went to the flop, Pieter De Korver took one by betting out on an ace high board, forcing a fold from Naalden. Then Eric Qu took down two more, both times by continuation betting ace-high flops.

6.10pm: A real tournament changer
Traply raised 125,000 under the gun and Strassmann called. On the flop of Q♥9♠5♦ Traply bet again, which Strassmann called for a Q♦ on the turn. Traply now pushed 665,000 forward sending Strassmann into the tank. After five minutes of twitches and chip re-arrangin he called. Traply showed pocket fives for a full house as Strassmann mucked. A huge pot that sends nearly 3.7 million to Traply. Strassmann down to 520,000.

5.55pm: Big pot brewing
Zink raised 125,000 pre-flop and Strassmann calls for a flop of 6♣2♠A♣. Strassmann checked before Zink made it 175,000. Strassmann called for a turn card 2♣. Strassmann checked again and Zink slid a stack of orange chips across the line, 425,000 total. Strassmann backed out.

5.50pm: Video video
Johanness Strassmann is the final remaining of the German ShootingStars in the Main Event (although Florian Langmann is leading the High Roller). Anyway, back to Strassmann: he talked to the video blog team earlier in the day.

Watch EPT Monte Carlo S5: Interview with Johannes Strassmann Day 4 on PokerStars.tv

5.45pm: Double up for Shah
Alem Shah just got it in bad but flopped good against Marc Naalden to double up. He moved in with Q♠4♠ and was up against Naalden’s A♠2♥. The flop came Q♦5♣9♦ and no ace came on turn or river, meaning Naalden was forced to count out 740,000 and slide them to the German. Shah is on about 1,500,000, while Naalden has around 2,200,000.

5.40pm: Traply out of the gate
Dag Martin Mikkelsen raises to 125,000 pre-flop but is re-raised out of the hand by Peter Traply.

5.30pm: Down to 14
Despite tripling up it still left Morozov with just 120,000. He pushed in with K-9 but he was up against K-Q. A queen on the flop and turn saw Morozov head for the rail in 15th place.

5.25pm: Three way action
A three way all-in and Morozov triples up when his Q-3 hits a queen on the flop and another on the turn. The hand costs Sergio Castelluccio his stack, out in 16th place. Pieter de Korva took the side pot.

5.15pm: Back
The players are back from their break and are down to two tables. The revised line up is:

Featured table (action available on EPT Live)

Seat one – Peter Traply, 2,295,000
Seat two – Steven Silverman, 1,300,000
Seat three – Alem Shah, 820,000
Seat four – Daniel Zink, 1,555,000
Seat five – Matthew Woodward, 2,700,000
Seat six – Johannes Strassmann, 2,106,000
Seat seven – Grayson Physioc, 1,025,000
Seat eight – Dag Martin Mikkelsen, 2,175,000

Outer table

Seat one – Eric Qu, 1,275,000
Seat two – Pieter De Korver, 1,600,000
Seat three – Alexander Morozov, 35,000
Seat four – Marc Naalden, 306,000
Seat five – Chris Rossiter, 1,895,000
Seat six – Mikhail Tulchinskiy, 4,005,000
Seat seven – Sergio Castelluccio, 630,000
Seat eight – Annette Obrestad, 1,810,000

4.50pm: Quick break
Players take a ten minute break while tables are redrawn.

4.45pm: Annette nets chips
Annette Obrestad bets 100,000 under the gun and Merozov pushes all-in. Obrestad calls with K♠Q♥ which dominates the Russian’s K♦10♦. The board runs out 8♦A♠3♥8♠9♥ doubling up Obrestad and taking her stack to 1,798,000.

Meanwhile on the other table, Roger Hairabedian is eliminated, kings against pocket nines. “Good luck everyone” he says and heads for the rail.

4.40pm: As surely as day follows night…
…level 26 follows level 25. And it’s already started.

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Annette Obrestad


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