EPT Monte Carlo: Level 25 updates

May 02, 2009

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Blinds: 20,000-40,000 (ante: 4,000)

4.35pm: Morroccan moves
Roger Hairabedian moves all-in, is called by Johannes Strassmann. It was Q-3 vs A-J and Hairabedian hit another ace to double up.

4.30pm: Time please
The time Zima is taking to make his decisions is starting to irk Obrestad but she didn’t need to complain for long. Rossiter makes it 90,000 pre-flop which prompted Zima to move all-in. Rossiter called with pocket queens to the Russian’s pocket fives. There was a flush draw to give Zima some hope on the river but nothing else. 3♦9♥A♥J♥4♣. Zima out in 18th place.

4.25pm: Double Dutch
The short-stacked Pieter De Korver just doubled up after open-shoving from under-the-gun for 470,000 with K♠10♠, getting a call from Mikhail Tulchinskiy with pocket nines and rivering a flush. De Korver now has 900,000 and change.

4.20pm: Calling and calling
Woodward makes it 95,000 pre-flop which Zima calls. On the 2♥7♦2♠ flop, Woodward makes it 115,000 which again Zima calls. On the 10♠ turn it’s checked a third time to Woodward who bets 225,000. This time it’s too much for Zima, he folds.

4.15pm: Silverman gives up a few
Mikhail Tulchinskiy raised from the button and Steven Silverman calls from the big blind. The flop comes 3♦10♥4♣ and both players check, then seeing a Q♥ turn. Silverman bets 170,000 and Tulchinskiy delays before calling. The river is K♣ and after Silverman checks, Tulchinskiy makes it 250,000, which is cheap enough for a good long tank from Silverman, but too rich for a call. Silverman has about 1,400,000 after the hand; Tulchinskiy is close to four million.

4.10pm: All before the flop
Obrestad moves up to more than 1,000,000 after re-raising all in behind Zima’s 100K raise. He folds.

4pm: Sun sets on Somerville
Zink pushes Obrestad around a little, re-raising all-in when she bet pre-flop, and then leaving when the table draw sent him packing. The reason for that is Jason Somerville’s departure in 19th place, an A-Q vs A-T bad beat.

3.55pm: Double elimination on outer tables
Almost simultaneously two players are all in, called, on the outer tables. In the first hand, it’s Ludovic Lacay all in with Q♣J♣ against the A♥K♣ of Johannes Strassmann. The pot is for the last of Lacay’s 600,000-odd chips. The board gives a king for Strassmann and even though there’s a jack for the Frenchman, he is out the door.

On the other table, Bart Spijkers plays for his tournament life, and loses. Sergio Castelluccio raises to 105,000 from early position and Spijkers moves all in over the top. He doesn’t have much more than about 400,000 and Castelluccio calls. The Italian has J♠A♥ and the Dutchman has J♦10♥ and never improves. Two down.

3.40pm: And again
Rossiter moves all-in again behind a raise from Zink. It’s 840,000 total, too much for Zink.

3.33pm: Qu on the move
Eric Qu just took a decent sized pot from the Italian player Sergio Castelluccio. There was a good couple of hundred grand in the pot when he bet 325,000 more on a board of 4♠7♦9♦, which forced Castelluccio to fold.

3.30pm: Naalden Zinked
Naalden bets 110,000 but when the action reaches Daniel Zink he re-raises all-in for 1,005,000 making it an easy fold for Naalden.

3.10pm: Level end, level begin
That’s the end of level 24, but don’t fret because another one is coming right along. It’s called level 25. The full chip counts were updated at the table consolidation a few minutes before the end of the past level. They can be found by clicking here, here, or here. But not here.


Mikhail Tulchinskiy, the probable chip leader heading into level 25


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