EPT Monte Carlo: Lacay looms large

May 01, 2009

EPTWith that knockout of Andreas Hoivold, the French player Ludovic Lacay has assumed the chip lead.

On the latest official counts, Lacay has 1,275,000 and leads the Hungarian PokerStars qualifier Peter Traply by a single gold chip. Those things used to be the only chip that mattered, and yet they’re now rapidly becoming nothing but loose change.


Ludovic Lacay

Behind them both is Annette Obrestad, although she took a hit, before hauling herself back to 840,000 in the past few minutes. First up, she paid off Luca Pagano on a board of 3♦J♦2♠8♣7♠, when the Italian bet 100,000 on the river and showed pocket eights for a turned set. But Obrestad got back in it by eliminating the American player David Altrubin with pocket nines against A-J.

Altrubin’s seat, immediately to the left of the dealer, and sandwiched by Pagano and Obrestad, was an unenviable one, to be sure. But if anyone could occupy it to put the pressure on both of them it’s Lacay and, sure enough, the random table draw did its stuff. After Lacay’s table broke, he was seen carrying a huge pile of racks over to table seven, where he now occupies that seat. Railbirds and reporters alike continue to know where the action is.

Don’t forget, a list of prizewinners to date can be found on the prizewinners page.


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