EPT Monte Carlo: In need of spark

April 30, 2009


It’s not uncommon here for players to be experiencing almost a complete lifestyle change – emerging from a long dark internet winter and into the real life spring sunshine of Monte Carlo and live poker. At least that would have been the case had the sun not been so bright. Plans to open the curtains of the tournament room had to be reconsidered as the sun not yet cleared the cliffs over looking Monaco. We remain under the fluorescent lights.

A blast of vitamin D might have been just what the doctor ordered on table 31. This is where Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari calls home, along with EPT Dortmund winner Sandra Naujoks. It seems everyone here is showing the effects of 11 full levels of poker. Weary eyes, heavy heads and slow movements just about describes everyone.


Andre Akkari

Three players saw the 9♥3♦A♠ flop. Martial Blangenwitch acted first, making it 6,200 which Andre Akkari called but no one else. A 7♣ on the turn and another bet from Blangenwitch, 12,600 this time. Akkari looks at the board, at Blangenwitch, back at the board and then his stack, never moving his head which is resting against his hand. But as if the effort of calling is too much Akkari folds, his stack dropping to 55,000.

As this played out a voice on the loud speaker just reminded players of the lost property office, now chock full of sunglasses, sweaters and other assorted ownerless treasures. Arnaud Mattern, Michael Watson, Richard Ashby and Joe Beevers are among those who could legitimately claim to have lost ten grand.


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