EPT Monte Carlo: Hope for Hoivold

April 30, 2009

EPTWith all the remaining players now coming back to continue the tournament, one of those who has hurtled upwards today is former EPT Dortmund winner Andreas Hoivold, who started the day with around 19,000 but now proudly sits with an above-average 165,000.

“I got a bit lucky early on,” he admitted, I had A-Q vs A-K and hit to put me up to about 32,000 and then hit two kings with A-K vs Q-Q a bit later and suddenly I was on 70,000. I have been playing pretty tight although I did do a lesson in how to not to play Q♠9♠. I raised preflop and fired three barrels on a A♠5♠3♦K♦J♦ against Ludovic Lacay and he folded the river. That was worth about 40,000 chips, it was a big pot.”


Andreas Hoivold

When I asked him about the Frenchman Lacay, he said, “He’s a pretty crazy guy you know, very dangerous. I really don’t want to play against him without a hand from now on though.”

He also is a fan of the new structure, “It’s great, perhaps even too good, there’s lots of time to play, I didn’t play very tight yesterday and did not do to well, but today I have and have done much better.”

With 194 players remaining and only 88 players being paid though, he still has some work to do before reaching the money.


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