EPT Monte Carlo: Hevad Khan, Negreanu Khan’t

April 30, 2009


An early bath for the Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu here in Monte Carlo. Returning with a round 30,000 – his precise day one starting stack – he found himself on the same table as Hevad Khan, who had an even smaller stack of 25,000, but the same double-up-or-die mentality as the Canadian.

Early in the first orbit, Khan made it 2,500 from the button and Negreanu called in the big blind. They saw a flop of K-5-7 and both checked. The turn was a 3 and Negreanu bet 3,300, Khan made it 8,500 and Negreanu called. The river was a 4 and Negreanu moved all in. Khan called pretty sharply and showed 5-3 for two pair; Negreanu mucked and was down to less than 8,000, while Khan scaled the dizzy heights of 50,000+.

_MG_2370_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Daniel Negreanu, pictured on day 1a


Hevad Khan, pictured on day 1b

Negreanu didn’t hang around to get the remainder of his chips in. He shoved from the button behind K-6 and the big blind woke up with aces. That was that for Negreanu, who continues to search for his first cash on the EPT.


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