EPT Monte Carlo: Full Nelson

April 28, 2009

EPTWith a chip count of around 57,000, the Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson is one of those leading the way, although he has not actually knocked out anyone yet. “I called a big bluff,” he told me, “I raised preflop from the small blind with K-5 and he made the call.

“The flop was 7-5-4 rainbow and I check-called his bet. Turn was a nine and I check-called again and on the blank river he made a massive bet and I just could not figure out what hand he could have other than a bluff, so I called and he quickly mucked.”

Further along the top tier of tables, Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker is sharing a table with the winner of EPT London, Michael Martin. Having spotted the latter, Martin quickly wiped his hand before offering a handshake to me: “I’ve just come from Mexico, I’ve got swine-flu,” he joked. Both players though have had encouraging starts and are on 41,200 and 38,800 respectively.

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