EPT Monte Carlo: Full house! Oh.

April 30, 2009

Monster hands and monster pots are coming thick and fast today, and when two players turn full houses, nursing chip stacks of a similar size, the chances are the chips are going to fly. They did.

Marcel Luske and Denes Kalo got it all in on the turn. The board showed 9-J-A-A and each player had good reason to think they were ahead and trapping. Kalo had pocket nines, but Luske had found the perfect time to get dealt pocket jacks, and everyone’s least favourite hand became absolutely formidable in this context.

_MG_5641_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Luske started the day with fewer than Kalo, but had chipped up past the Hungarian by this point. The result of the inevitable car crash was Luske up to around 70,000 and Kalo on the rail. Last year’s runner up lasted a day longer than last year’s champion — Glen Chorny, who went out yesterday — but there will be no return to the final table.


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